70 Tips on How to Whiten Skin Fast & Naturally at Home

3. Exfoliate

how to whiten skin fast

Maybe you have heard about the dead skin cells as well as how they love to keep on your face. Just by exfoliating your skin once a week, you can remove dead & dark skin cells and let the new, lighter ones come out on the skin surface. When the new skin is revealed due to exfoliation, you may finally get the lighter skin tone.

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4. Keep It Moisturized

how to whiten skin fast

 Making your skin be moisturized can prevent the dead cells from building up & sloughing off so fast. To get the brighter skin, you can use a natural moisturizer daily after getting out of your bath or shower. You can choose a creamy moisturizer, which does not contain alcohol, because alcohol may actually dry out the skin.

  • Option 1: choose coconut oil that is a great moisturizer, which keeps the skin looking glowing & youthful. You spread a little of coconut oil onto your legs and arms after getting out of your shower. Then, you wait about 10 minutes in order that it can absorb into the skin before you wear your clothes on.
  • Option 2: jojoba oil has moisturizing properties, so it also is a great moisturizer for the skin. In addition, you can choose almond oil or olive oil that can work wonders.

III. How To Whiten Skin Fast – Natural Treatments For Skin Whitening

1. Aloe Vera

how to whiten skin fast

One of the best ways how to whiten skin fast is aloe vera. Aloe vera gel can reduce hyperpigmentation and regenerate your skin’s original color. One of the main reasons of uneven skin tone is hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, the cooling property of aloe vera helps rebuild damaged tissue, and restore new cells, which is very important for beautiful skin. Using aloe vera gel not only whitens dark spots, but also improves your overall skin complexion.

  • Firstly, you cut the outside layers of one aloe vera leaf. Then you squeeze out the thick.
  • And you apply the gel on your skin.
  • You keep it on for about half an hour
  • Finally, you rinse it off with water.
  • You should repeat this at least twice per day for two weeks.

You can also buy aloe vera leaves in the market, if you do not plant aloe vera at home.

2. Oranges

how to whiten skin fast

Vitamin C is the most important element in skin care that you can receive in abundance from oranges. In addition, oranges have bleaching properties, which can whiten your skin tone.

In fact, if you drink fresh orange juice regularly, it can greatly improve the whole texture of your skin and supple it. To whiten your skin, you can use the following way.

  • You make a paste by mixing orange juice (2 tablespoons) with powdered turmeric. And then you apply this paste on your neck and face before bedtime. You can also use it on your legs and hands. Finally, you rinse it off in the next morning. You should do this daily.

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3. How To Whiten Skin Naturally With Honey

how to whiten skin fast

Honey helps whiten and moisturize your skin. Dry skin, which is a common factor, leads to your uneven skin tone. Antibacterial properties in honey can help fade age acne scars and spots. Regularly applying honey on the face can help to whiten the skin naturally by decreasing acne spots on the face.

  • You use raw honey to your face; keep it on for about a few minutes. Then you rinse it off with tepid water. This simple way will help eliminate your dead skin cells, make your skin whiter than before. You should practice this once daily.
  • To make a skin-whitening mask, you mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of powdered milk, ½ tsp of almond oil, and lemon juice. Then you mix them together and apply it lightly on your skin. You keep it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, you rinse it off with cool water. You should repeat this every other day.

There are many healthy and effective ways on how to whiten skin fast and naturally at home, keep reading to learn more!

4. Yogurt

how to whiten skin fast

Yogurt has many nutrients, which are good for your skin. It also has lactic acid that has whitening properties. Plain yogurt contains moisturizing agents residing that will hydrate the dry skin. In addition, it comes with exfoliating agents that act as a face scrub to remove dead cells and other impurities from the skin. Moreover, yogurt consists of anti-aging agents that can thwart free radicals causing fine lines and fading wrinkles. The following ways are suitable for all kinds of skin.

  • You rub yogurt onto your skin gently. You keep it on for about a few minutes. Then you rinse it off with tepid water. You should practice this once daily for some weeks to notice a positive change in your complexion.
  • Another way, you can mix fresh yogurt (one tablespoon) and ½ tbsp of honey. Then you use this mixture on your neck and face. You keep it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, you rinse it off with water. You should repeat this daily to make your skin tone better.
  • You can also combine some tsp of oatmeal and a little lemon juice to yogurt to create a thick paste. Then you use it as a face skin mask. This way will also help make your skin supple.

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