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Hi, my name is Hang Pham and welcome to my site – Effectiveremedies.com, the site which features tips plus advice for readers, who are interested in finding natural treatment in curing many problems related to health, beauty, hair & skin, etc. I have seen the power of natural treatments and remedies at work for the past 5 years in a natural healing clinic where I worked for. I believe that anyone also want to heal themselves in an effective & safe way – something this desire is becoming more and more difficult to do with modern medicine’s drugs & pills. 2 years ago, I was in accident and my legs were broken down. My parents used natural plants to heal them. Surprisingly, my legs healed completely within 2 weeks. I believe that some of certain natural ingredients are able to treat some health problems in particular. Certainly, in some case, these natural remedies will be very effective and also help you save money. I studied and searched a lot of natural remedies to discover their benefits on health, beauty, etc. My desire is to introduce best ways without using drug to treat some problems related to health, skin, hair, etc to many readers in my country, in particular, and around the world, in general. Therefore, I put together this Effective Remedies site in order that you can make your informed decisions on the greatest way to deal with your illness using effective & safe natural home remedies. Why can you trust me? I not only provide you with guaranteed natural home remedies, but I also have got experience plus training that you may feel confident in…

I am always going to push the limits and also keep inspiring and entertaining my audience, whether you are seeking tips and advice on how to treat a few health troubles such as back pain, chest congestion or finding the healthy foods to help you in losing weight, effectiveremedies.com is the safe place to find the informative articles and answers for your common needs! Everything from the natural remedies to treat some diseases, such as diabetes, tonsillitis pain, gout pain, high blood pressure, to interesting and effective tips on how to take care of your body, skin, hair… you can totally find what you need to know on a wide range of articles dedicated to health, beauty & style, diet & fitness, food as well as any health concern you may have.

The information presented on effectiveremedies.com is not in any way meant to replace the professional healthcare experience or the doctor-patient relationship. My aim is to empower and guide my readers with relevant and responsible information to foster better communication between patients and doctors. I always encourage my readers to consult their doctors prior to applying any remedy seen on Effective Remedies or any other health websites. In addition, ER’s biggest goal is to become the safe source of effective and interesting solutions for readers around the world. I and my coworkers also spend huge amount of time on making this site become a sleeker, faster, simpler-to-use, and readers-friendly site as well. However, I all probably know that nothing is perfect. ER will learn everything and complete itself from mistakes together with readers’ suggestions. Readers’ opinions play an important role in contributing my site become more perfect. Thus, please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts about this site and its content as well. Hope that ER will become a reliable place for you whether you meet health problems or any other troubles.

Thank you for your concerns!

Hang Pham