Revealed: 12 Best Solutions How To Tighten Face Skin Fast At Home

Updated: 07/09/2019

Do you want to tighten your facial skin, and get rid of sagging skin fast and naturally? Do you want to know which ingredients you can use to tighten your facial skin at your own home? If the answer is “yes,” then you should read this feature. In this article, you will learn the top 12 ways on how to tighten face skin naturally and fast at home.

12 Good Ways On How To Tighten Face Skin Naturally & Fast At Home

The recipes we've focused on are traditional home remedies, so always consult your doctor and check out your health condition regularly to know if a remedy is working for you.

I. Causes Of Sagging Skin

Here are several factors that cause your supple skin to look tired and droopy.

Aging Process

Collagen and elastin are very important for your skin because they make it look plump, soft, and youthful. However, with age, your skin gradually loses these supportive connective tissues[1]. Facial muscles also become weak with age, which causes sagging skin.

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Sun exposure

As you may know, sun exposure is a common cause of losing skin’s elasticity. The powerful sun rays damage your skin cells, which increases the effects of skin aging over time. Unluckily, it isn't good news for girls who want to get the perfect tan because the UV radiation they soaked up also breaks down their collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging and wrinkle formation.

Weight loss

If you lose weight too rapidly over a short time, you can get sagging skin. This condition is very common in people who undergo bariatric surgery as their skin is unable to tone back. People who lose lots of weight fast with exercise and diet may be disappointed by their skin that is sagging after their discipline and hard work.

Inactive lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle can help tone and strengthen the muscles that support your skin. Cardiovascular exercises along with weight training help to keep your skin away from sagging. Inactive people tend to get sagging skin, while people who work out regularly often have firm, younger-looking skin.

Bad diet

Eating a balanced diet is a simple way to help keep your skin healthy. However, people who consume too much fatty, sugary, processed food and don’t get enough vitamins might have sagging skin. A poor diet contributes to premature cell damage and skin inflammation, which causes the skin to sag[2] [3].

II. How To Tighten Face Skin

A. Homemade Skin Tightening Face Masks

1. Papaya And Rice Flour Face Pack

Vitamin C in papaya boosts collagen production and promotes skin firmness and elasticity. Papain[4] found in papaya helps to reduce the sagging. It also promotes skin regeneration and has an anti-inflammatory agent that heals conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. Besides, it lightens skin tone and reduces mottled pigmentation.

You will prepare:

  • One papaya
  • 1/4 cup of rice flour
  • Two tablespoons of honey


  • Take one skinned papaya and mash it finely. Add the rice flour. Mix them well to create a paste.
  • Add the honey and mix well.
  • Apply this paste to the face. After 20 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.
2. Fuller’s Earth And Milk Face Pack

how to tighten face skin - fuller’s earth and milk face pack

Fuller’s earth helps improve skin elasticity to tighten and keep the skin smooth. It also helps to remove excess oil from the skin and encourage blood circulation in your face[5]. Milk is useful for long-term skin tightening because it is rich in calcium, Vitamin D, selenium, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). It also aids the production of elastin and collagen, thereby combating wrinkles and remaining elasticity of the skin. This pack will cleanse the face and make it soft after tightening your pores[6].

You will prepare:

  • ¼ cup milk with cream
  • Fuller’s earth


  • Take milk containing cream and add two tablespoons of fuller’s earth.
  • Blend this solution well and apply to your face.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to tighten face skin - apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar[7] can combat the signs of aging such as age spots and freckles due to its high amount of sulfur[8]. Plus, it tightens your skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has astringent properties that help to cure skin conditions such as psoriasis and inflammation.

You will need:

  • 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of water


  • Mix the apple cider vinegar with water.
  • Anoint your face with the solution.
  • Let it dry naturally and wash it off.
  • Alternatively, after you bathe, you can wash your face by using vinegar mixed with water to make your facial skin feel tighter and look softer.
4. Lemon And Olive Oil Face Pack

how to tighten face skin - lemon and olive oil face pack

Olive oil contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and E that can render anti-aging advantages[9] [10]. Plus, it will help keep the skin well moisturized. Lemon juice in this recipe acts as a facial skin pore cleanser. It is also rich in vitamin C that improves the production of collagen[11]. Collagen is a protein that helps to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles.

You will prepare:

  • 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice


  • Mix the olive oil with the lemon juice.
  • Apply this mixture to your face.
  • Leave it for half an hour and wash by using the warm water.
5. Egg White And Gram Flour

how to tighten face skin - egg white and gram flour

Egg white is a great way to tighten face skin thanks to its skin firming and skin tightening properties[12]. Gram flour, on the other hand, has skin tightening effects and deeply cleanses the sagging skin. It also has skin firming benefits.


  • Mix some gram flour with egg white properly.
  • Apply the mixture to the face.
  • Let it dry and wash off with water.
  • Follow this pack three times in a week. This pack can be used on your arms, neck, and breasts too.
6. Aloe Vera

how to tighten face skin - aloe vera

The malic acid of aloe vera gel can help improve the elasticity of facial skin and improve skin sagging. It is also a natural moisturizer for the skin. It additionally helps to reduce sagging skin on the neck and face and atopic dermatitis. It will tighten and firm your loose skin, decreasing the size of the skin pores[13].

  • Take the gel from one aloe vera leaf and apply it to your neck and face. Leave it on about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off with tepid water. Follow this way several times per week.
  • Mix one spoon of aloe vera gel with one teaspoon of mayonnaise and honey. Apply the paste to your neck and face. Keep it on your face for 15 minutes. Wash your skin off with tepid water and then splash with cold water. Do this way once per week to see results.

B. How-to Tips And Tricks

1. Facial Massage

how to tighten face skin - facial massage

Regular face massage before going to bed helps to increase the circulation to your face. Furthermore, massage in upward strokes and a circular motion helps to slow up fine lines on your face and the development of wrinkles. Always use a natural quality moisturizer and remember to massage the neck too. A lot of women tend to neglect their neck skin, which is highly vulnerable to increase wrinkles and lines because of pressure and emotional stress.

2. Regular Exercise

how to tighten face skin - regular exercise

Many women develop sagging skin when they lose weight rapidly. In these cases, moderate physical activity can help to improve your skin tightening by boosting muscle tone and stimulating the production of connective tissue matrix.

You can also try headstands or inversion exercises (certain yoga poses) to change the influence of gravity and reverse the sagging of your skin.

3. Eat Raw Foods

Eating more vegetables and fruits in their purest form can be very beneficial for the skin. Fruits and vegetables provide our body with essential vitamins and minerals, which help promote the growth of the healthy skin and make the skin look beautiful and tightened. You should make vegetable and fruit smoothies to consume for breakfast daily.

A great way to eat raw foods is to try juicing, a fast way of serving fresh produce. You should also use a wide range of green vegetables such as kale and spinach to get the best results.

4. Proper Diet

how to tighten face skin - proper diet

You consume a high-quality diet containing proteins, omega- fatty acids, and essential amino-acids to rejuvenate or remodel your skin. You should increase your intake of vegetables and fresh fruits to supply minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for younger, bright, and healthy looking skin. You also need to drink plenty of water daily to help remove chemicals, toxins and waste products, which may affect to the remodeling and freshness of skin. Water also helps to keep the skin moisture and elasticity that can delay the sagging of skin.

5. Avoid Sun Rays

how to tighten face skin - avoid sun rays

Limit your exposure to harmful sun rays by using creams, lotions, and sunscreen, which may help you stop the damage to your superficial skin layers. It’s important to use sunscreen on your skin because the intense sun can rob moisture and the natural oils from your skin, boosting collagen destruction. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed.

6. No Smoking

how to tighten face skin - no smoking

One of the irritants, which affects the growth and development of skin cells and interferes with the manufacture of collagen, is smoking. Quitting smoking not only promotes your physical health but also prevents you from the variety of neoplastic, metabolic, and other medical disorders. You can also get back your youthful facial skin without any cosmetics.

These above skin tightening tips and home remedies can help you in preventing and tightening the sagging skin. Also, following a healthy and regular skin care regime can help you to maintain your youthful appearance.

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