21 Most Effective Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy That Work Naturally

Bringing a baby into this world is an excellent responsibility and you must be ready, both mentally and physically to take this great thing. A baby is your responsibility and then you have to plan it. However, sometimes these plans are unsuccessful and you want to receive it at another time because now you aren’t ready for pregnancy. In fact, an unwanted pregnancy, at an unwanted time, can be a nightmare for some couple and thereby, they often tend to finish this pregnancy or abortion. Actually, many women want to abort in their privacy or their homes, because going to a doctor can be more troublesome and expensive. For this, they may use some home remedies for abortion or get an abortion pill. In some cases, abortion pills can cause some side effects, or be unsuccessful. In order to avoid this problem, it would be better for you to use natural and safe home remedies that do not cause any adverse effect.
You may abort your unplanned pregnancy by using the following simple home remedies that neither have any major side effect nor are expensive. You should preferably use these methods within the first weeks of your pregnancy and if it has any complication, you have to seek immediately medical help. In this writing, Effectiveremedies.com will introduce to you 21 most effective home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy that work naturally without any side effect. This article listed the best methods to treat this problem from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Continue reading this article to understand more!

21 Most Effective Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy – Natural & Safe

I. Must-Know Tips To End A Pregnancy

must-know tips to end a pregnancy

1. Extreme Exercises

Doctors allow women to do light exercises and heavy exercises can lead to a miscarriage. Extreme exercises are Sit-ups or Crunches, Overhead Shoulder Presses, High-Intensity Interval Workouts, Deep Squats, and High Impact Sports, etc. You should focus on high-intensity exercises such as lifting weights and running upstairs to help induce abortion.

2. Massage To Induce Abortion

Massage is a very relaxing activity, which relieves the body completely. But during pregnancy, abdominal massage can be dangerous. If you’re pregnant and looking for natural methods to end it, then you can opt for the massage. For this purpose, take any oil of your choice and during your initial trimester, massage frequently around your abdomen. Massage in the direction of downwards to help release the fetus.

3. Laxatives

Using laxatives is a useful way to induce abortion. Just add the intake of laxatives to your daily schedule. It’ll result in increased stomach trouble, and your belly conditions won’t be friendly for the growth and development of fetus causing the abortion naturally

4. Take Aspirin Pills

Taking aspirin pills is highly banned for a successful and safe pregnancy. So, consider using it if you want to end an unwanted pregnancy. All you need to do is consuming around 5-6 Aspirin pills daily between initial two to eight weeks of pregnancy together with the inclusion of warm elements such as cinnamon, ginger, figs, coffee, etc. It’ll assist you in aborting your child.

II. Facts About Abortion

  • Medical abortion is an effective and safe choice for stopping a pregnancy in the initial trimester.
  • Postabortion syndrome isn’t a valid psychiatric diagnosis.
  • Emergency contraception inhibits pregnancy, it doesn’t lead to abortion. Emergency contraception does not have impacts on the pregnancy and won’t cause an abortion if a female is already pregnant.
  • There is no causal relation between abortion (induced or spontaneous) and an increase in the risk for developing breast cancer in women.
  • The excellent way to decrease abortions is to decrease unintended pregnancies via prevention of gender-based violence, comprehensive sexuality education, along with access to woman-centered & effective contraception.
  • Abortions performed by a trained provider under good hygienic conditions are often safer than pregnancy & childbirth.
  • Women who don’t have information and access to reliable birth control methods usually face higher rates of unintended pregnancy and can use abortion to end the pregnancy.
  • When females have access to legal, affordable, and safe abortion, injuries and maternal death due to unsafe abortion reduce dramatically.

III. FAQs For Abortion

a. Is Having An Abortion Safe?

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Getting an abortion is possibly safe, and very few females experience complications. It also poses fewer risks to a female than going through pregnancy & birth. During birth or pregnancy, it is estimated that around 9 out of 100,000 women in the United States die. Complications including infection, hemorrhage, and mental health conditions are more common among females giving birth than among those having abortions.

b. Does Having An Abortion Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer?

According to many experts in the world, induced abortion is not related to an increased risk of breast cancer.

c. Will Have An Abortion Reduce The Chance Of Getting Pregnant In The Future?

Numerous studies show that uncomplicated abortion poses no risk to the future reproductive health of a woman. Very rarely, a severe pelvic infection can lead to damaged fallopian tubes that can raise the risk of fertility problems or ectopic pregnancy. You can lower this risk by looking for prompt treatment if the infection symptoms occur.

d. Do Females Who Have Had An Abortion Experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, “Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome” Or “Post-Abortion Syndrome”?

Women who have had an abortion most regularly report decreased stress and positive emotions after an abortion. A few women feel loss and sadness after an abortion, and anger, confusion, guilt, and shame, even when they know they have made the best determination. Abortion is not linked to long-term psychological distress.

IV. Diet After An Abortion

diet after an abortion

Following a surgical or medical abortion process, you may experience heavy or prolonged bleeding, decreasing your body levels of vitamins B12, B9 and B2, and iron. To lessen your risk of osteoporosis and anemia, you should include foods rich in iron, calcium and B vitamins in your diet.

  • Dairy: Low-fat dairy products keep your calorie intake low and satisfy lots of your critical needed from abortion. Two to three a-cup servings of milk aid in supporting the calcium stores in the teeth and bones and increase your consumption of vitamin D for absorption of calcium and all of the B vitamins.
  • Protein: The body needs dietary protein to create new blood cells. Thankfully, protein foods consist of many nutrients that are useful for increasing your blood count after having an abortion. 3 ounces of shellfish, fish, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and cooked dry peas and beans all give high protein and remarkable amounts of B vitamins and iron. It is recommended to eat 1-2 servings daily of protein foods containing less fat, such as tuna, cod, skinless chicken and beef sirloin to keep at a healthy weight. According to The National Women’s Health Information Center, eating fish may help relieve depression during & after pregnancy.
  • Vegetables And Fruits: Fruits and vegetables help supply the remainder of your mineral and vitamin requirements, and dietary fiber to encourage nutrient absorption and improve your digestive quality. Eat 4-5 servings each of vegetables and fruits in ½ to 1-cup portions. Red, green, and orange vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes, and are rich in nutrients.
  • Grain: Unlike mineral and vitamin supplements, a few brands of fortified cereal offer 100 % of the daily values of vitamin B, iron, dietary fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients. Whole-grain cereals with low-sugar such as wheat bran flakes are low in calories to enhance weight control. Extra grain foods to consume for similar nutrition are brown rice, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread. Follow the portion instructions on package labels for 6 to 8 daily servings.
  • Food Rich In Iron: An abortion can cause heavy bleeding and depletion in the quantity of iron on the body.  Plus, you may even suffer from anemia and related symptoms caused by abortion. A feeling of fatigue and weakness are also common after an abortion. Thus, you need to include iron-rich foods in your diet. You can find the rich source of iron in seafood, red meat, chicken liver, dairy products, and veggies such as Squash/Pumpkin seeds, beans, spinach, raisins, lentils, sesame butter, and whole grains.

V. Boost Recovery After An Abortion

Although you can return to your normal routine within several hours of abortion, it’s advised to take rest for 2-3 days for your mind and body to cope with exhaustion.

  • Don’t engage in exercises such as biking, aerobics, and running to avoid risks.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects because they can aggravate bleeding and cause life-threatening complications.
  • Use hot compress including a heating pad or a hot water bottle on your belly to eliminate cramping and pain.
  • Avoid intercourse because your cervix is still tender and won’t close fast. Avoid sex to reduce the risk of infections. Before returning to sexual activity, consult your practitioner.
  • Don’t use anything inside your vagina, such as contraceptive implants, tampons, etc. for at least fifteen days.
  • Avoid tub bathing and swimming for a minimum of 15 days unless it may lead to irritation and infection in your vaginal area.
  • After abortion, it’s suggested to see your doctor within one month to check if the healing is com

VI. Effective Natural Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy

1. Papaya

Doctors in some countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, advise pregnant women to stay away from papaya during pregnancy [1]. Papaya contains two enzymes, named chymopapain and papain. Both these enzymes are teratogenic and abortifacient. Abortifacient means papain will lead to abortions while teratogenic implies that these enzymes will affect the fetus’ physiological growth. In addition, papaya can lead to miscarriage due to its rich amount of vitamin C.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also one among the spices, which helps to abort at home. It helps to enhance the uterus, which can induce abortion easily and also lower the pain related to it. You need to avoid cooking it to deactivate the active element that helps drive your abortion process to one successful completion. Instead, taking cinnamon supplements successfully help complete the miscarriage without any complications. It also helps prevent bleeding and promote the healing process because of its strong effects on your blood platelets.

3. Black Cohosh

home remedies for abortion - black Cohosh

Black cohosh is one of the effective home remedies for abortion because it can make your uterus ready for this action. Native Americans have been used Black Cohosh for more than 200 years, after they discovered the plant’s root helped alleviate menstrual cramps as well as symptoms of menopause. Today black cohosh is still used for removing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes/flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances and irritability as well. It also has been indicated for decreasing inflammation related to osteoarthritis, neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. James Duke, Herbal researcher says that black cohosh owns sedative and anti-inflammatory property, which can aid with hot flashes as well as other symptoms related to the dramatic change of life named menopause. Nevertheless, it must be followed by the consumption of red cohosh. In fact, this will not help to abort completely but it will still lead to it. Moreover, using black cohosh can also reduce your heart rate quickly. There may be certain side effects (nausea, faintness, vomiting, and diarrhea) that are associated with this herb, but that is only a temporary problem. You should try and adhere to this remedy and consult a known herbalist for the dose [2].
Furthermore, you can also make a concoction of this herb and then consume this solution along with either water or honey to speed up the chances to bleed.

4. Take A Hot Shower

home remedies for abortion - hot shower

Another natural and simple home remedies for abortion is to take a hot shower. This will become better for you when you combine it with the consumption of the herbs or natural products mentioned in this writing. It will surely aid in a safe way in order to get the best results.

5. Sesame Seeds With Water And Honey

Sesame seeds With Water And Honey

Looking for the natural and safe home remedies for abortion, sesame seeds are one of the best choices for you. Sesame seeds are categorized as one of miscarriage causing foods. Especially when these seeds mixed with honey, this is dangerous. This will lead the pregnant females to the spontaneous abortion.

Remedy 1: Sesame seeds and water


  • Sesame seeds – a handful
  • Water – 1 bowl


  • At first, you add these seeds into the bowl of water.
  • Then, you allow them to soak for overnight.
  • Finally, you drink this water in the next morning.

Remedy 2: Fried sesame seeds and honey


  • Fried sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon


  • At first, you take the equal quantities of honey and fried sesame seeds.
  • Then, you consume these seeds along with honey slowly.
  • Another option, you can add sesame seeds into your dishes and consume them for the same result.

6. Pineapple Juice

Author Rana Conway writes in her book, “What to Eat When You’re Pregnant”, that eating pineapple will result in a miscarriage.

Pineapples have vitamin C & protease enzyme bromelain that can cause many miscarriages in women.

In addition, bromelain can also aid in softening the cervix that will lead to miscarriage. Moreover, this will also affect to your health. Hence, pineapple is another remedy in the list of top 15 successful and safe home remedies for abortion that you should try.


  • A fresh pineapple
  • 1 glass of water
  • A blender


  • At first, you remove the skin of this pineapple completely.
  • Then, you chop it into medium pieces.
  • Now, you add water along with these pineapple pieces into the blender.
  • Next, you blend them to make a smooth mixture.
  • Finally, you consume the fresh pineapple juice.
  • You can have it every day to reach your purpose.
  • Also, you can consume a bowl of this fruit daily.

7. Angelica Sinensis And Warm Water

home remedies for abortion - angelica

Angelica sinensis is another name of dong quai. Angelica contains a powerful action over the reproductive system of a woman.[3] Colonial women used American and European Angelica to terminate pregnancy and to promote menstruation. A noted herbalist Susun Weed says, “Angelica will bring on delayed menstruation 60% of the time, if menstruation is no more than two weeks over due”. Moreover, it also has a few common names such as dang gui, Chinese angelica, and tang kuei. Being an emmenagogue herb, angelica sinensis can activate the contractions as well as your monthly periods. Moreover, angelica sinensis also contains the essential oils, which will relax your uterus. Hence, it is one of other strong and safe home remedies for abortion.


  • Angelica sinensis powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Warm water – 1 cup


  • At first, you take the powder of angelica sinensis.
  • Next, you add this powder into the cup of warm water.
  • Then, you mix them well and drink this mixture.
  • You may take it for at least 3 times per day.

8. Parsley And Water


The parsley leaves are used for abortions all over the world and are considered among the most successful natural home remedy. The parsley leaves loosen the cervix causing abortion. High amounts of this herb can induce abortion in the first stages of pregnancy [4]. In addition, it is also the main regulator of your menstrual cycles. As you know, parsley is usually recommended to start a missed period as it will initiate the contraction of your uterus walls which will result in menstruation.

Remedy 1: Parsley juice


  • Parsley – a handful
  • A blender
  • Water – 1 cup


  • At first, you wash the parsley with clean water thoroughly.
  • Then, you add them along with water into the blender.
  • Next, you blend them finely to make the juice.
  • Finally, you pour it into another clean cup and have it.
  • You may consume this fresh juice for about 2 or 3 times per day.

Remedy 2: Dried parsley and hot water


  • Dried parsley – 1 tablespoon
  • Hot water – 1 cup


  • At first, you take the dried herb.
  • Next, you add them into the cup of hot water.
  • Then, you cover this cup and let it steep for around 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Finally, you strain this tea and drink it.
  • You can drink parsley tea for at least 2 times a day.

Remedy 3: Parsley sprigs


  • Parsley – a few sprigs


  • At first, you wash a few parsley sprigs with clean water thoroughly.
  • Next, you place them into your vagina for overnight.
  • To get the best results, you had better change them for 3 or 4 times a day.
  • It will help you by loosening your cervix and inducing the uterine contraction.
9. Vitamin C

vitamin c

If you use vitamin C or also called Ascorbic acid with a high dose, it can stimulate the production of estrogen as well as prevent the production of progesterone. In fact, progesterone will be required for the eggs into your uterus wall and estrogen is very necessary to facilitate menstruation. Hence, vitamin C which may control these hormones creates a hormonal imbalance in the women’s body, resulting in abortion.

For the best results, you have to begin consuming this vitamin after you get a pregnancy. It will commonly be effective within 2 to 6 weeks. You must make sure that you are having the pure kind of this acid, not rose hips and bioflavonoid. Moreover, if you suffer from kidney stones or other health-related problems, you had better refrain from this way because vitamin C can make these problems worse.

Ideally, you only should consume 10 or 12 grams of vitamin C daily till the bleeding starts. Nevertheless, its requirement may vary in different women. Actually, in most successful cases, this bleeding will start within 3 to 6 days of after the day you consume vitamin C. If your bleeding doesn’t occur within 6 days, you may look for other safe and effective home remedies for abortion.

10. Aspirin


People often keep many aspirin tablets at their house for using when they feel necessary. Besides, in case of conception, you may also use these tablets in order to begin menstruation.


  • Aspirin tablets – 4 to 10
  • Water – 1 cup


  • At first, you have to buy many tablets of aspirin.
  • Then, you take 4 to 10 tablets anywhere along with the cup of water.
  • To get the best results, you should support them with your daily diet that consists of cloves, coffee, parsley, avocados, ginger, and figs.
11. Dried Chamomile With Hot Water

Dried Chamomile

When you are pregnant, you can also have chamomile tea. Nevertheless, if you abuse the drinking of this tea, it may lead to abortion. Chamomile is considered to be one abortifacient – a substance that can induce abortion. Therefore, you can prepare chamomile tea at home and drink it for your purpose.


  • Dried chamomile – 2 to 3 teaspoons
  • Hot water – 1 cup


  • At first, you add the dried chamomile into the cup.
  • Next, you pour hot water into this cup.
  • Then, you let it steep for at least 3 minutes.
  • Finally, you strain it to another clean cup and have it.
  • You may take 2 or 3 cups per day.

Because this herbal tea is also recommended for pregnant women; thereby, to induce miscarriage, you must consume a lot of cups of this tea per day.

12. Banana Leaves And Acacia Pods

acacia pods

This remedy is not a very popular for abortion but this has been checked by a few people and has demonstrated to be successful. To get your target, you can follow the directions below.


  • Unripe acacia pods
  • Shoots of banana leaf
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Water – 1 glass


  • At first, you take equal quantities of unripe acacia pods along with shoots of banana leaf.
  • Next, you add them into a bowl and mix them thoroughly.
  • Then, you dry them by placing this bowl under the shade.
  • Now, you add sugar into this mixture to create a fine powder.
  • Finally, you add this dried powder (6 grams) to the glass of water and drink it.
  • You may take it daily till the bleeding starts.
13. Have Sex

have sex

Actually, having sex or having an orgasm too many times will also lead to abortion. This method is one of other interesting and effective home remedies for abortion that you should not skip.

You had better have sexual intimacy and penetration during the initial two to three months, particularly during the first month to have an effective and safe abortion.

14. Pennyroyal


Mentha pulegium or hedeoma pulegioides is other biological names of pennyroyal. Besides, it has some common names such as mosquito plant, squaw mint, and American pennyroyal tickseed. This herb may make your uterus more impatient and then produce contractions in it. However, you should not use these essential oils of this herb internally as it is very fatal.

Actually, pennyroyal is one of other herbs that can result in natural abortion.

You had better take 25 to 40 drops of pennyroyal tea or pennyroyal oil or 3 to 5 pills every day.

This can make some women feel nauseated, tired, and sweaty.

Precaution: Those who are suffering from urinary disorders have to avoid this herb.

If you want to know more about natural home remedies for other diseases and conditions go to our main Home Remedies page. After reading the article of 21 most effective home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy that work naturally, we hope that it can help you find out the best solution for abortion in early pregnancy simply and easily. However, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your doctor to get advice before applying any natural home remedy. If you have any question, or you know other effective natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy, please leave them below.

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