Everything You Need To Know About Hair Loss: 11 Truths & Myths

4. Hats Make You Go Bald

While hair thinning is largely genetic, there’s such one thing as Traction Alopecia. It is a gradual hair loss type due to psychological problems resulting in hair pulling or specific hairstyles like tight buns, ponytails, and braids as well. However, wearing a hat is a very unlikely reason of this condition. Unless you are wearing extra tight caps constantly, if someone has ever speech you that wearing one hat can leave you to go bald, probably they just did not like your headwear.

5. Stress Reduces Strands

Everything you need to know about hair loss

Dermatologist Piradi Mirmirani speaks this is not completely wrong. It all relies on the stress kind of you’re experiencing. Everyday events such as running late, deadlines, or minor spats with your partner or spouse probably will not cause the hair to fall out. But, traumatic experiences can lead to hair loss because of psychological conditions, and can cause habits like hair pulling. The problems that make you lose the appetite and experience sleepless nights can cause hormonal imbalance and, therefore, the hair to fall out.

6. Hair Loss Happens In “Patches”

Generally, men do not go bald as one result of losing hair in clumps or patches. Rather, baldness happens when ordinarily thick hairs are gradually replaced by thin, fine hairs. Doctors call the process miniaturization. It’s time to see a doctor if your hair starts to fall out in clumps.

7. Poor Circulation Is to Accuse

Growing hair does need healthy circulation in your scalp. As hair loss happens, scalp circulation declines – as less blood is needed. However, decreased blood flow to your scalp is not the cause of hair loss. It is the result.

8. Frequent Shampooing Makes Your Hair Fall Out

Everything you need to know about hair loss

Males sometimes see hair in their tub and think that the shampooing is to blame. Basically, baldness is not about hair falling out, yet about normal hair slowly giving manner to fine hair.

9. Clogged Pores Cause Hair Thinning

Clogged pores are linked to acne but not hair thinning. If baldness were a result of pore troubles, vigorous shampooing could keep a complete head of hair. That is not the case.

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