15 Amazing Tricks I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do


Toothpaste is not strange to everybody. People usually use it to brush their teeth every day. However, you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out these 15 amazing tricks on our page Effective Remedies right now! You may be surprised at what your toothpaste can do.

15 Amazing Tricks You & I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do!

1. Silver Polish

As you can see, silver is not only favorite jewelry which both men and women wear every day but also a good material that is used to make a lot of household equipment. However, what do you often do to clean silver things when they are blotchy and dirty? Of course, you have to buy special cleaning products if you want to clean them. But now, you don’t need to do that. Why? Your toothpaste will help you in this case. What you need to do now is going to your bathroom and taking your toothpaste. Then you rub the toothpaste on your silver. After a few minutes, your silver will be the same as the first time you bought it.

2. The Car Headlamps

When we have a dirty car, what will you do? We have to have the car cleaned, don’t we? However, not only do the metal parts of our car need to be cleaned but the car headlamps need cleaning as well. The fact shows that toothpaste is one of the best choices for you in this case. What you need to do is putting some toothpaste on the cloth or the sponge. And then you rub it on the car headlamps. Finally, you wash it with water. You may see that your car headlamps are perfectly clean.

To be honest, you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out more amazing tricks with toothpaste below.

3. Whiten The Old Piano Keys

tricks i never imagined that toothpaste could do - whiten the old piano keys

For a lot of little girls, having a piano is the best gift on their birthday or in any special occasion such as Christmas. Nevertheless, when it becomes older, your piano looks so ugly because the white keys turn to yellow. It is very pity, isn’t it? But now don’t worry about that. Just let your toothpaste help you. It can help to make the yellow keys on the piano white like the way which it makes your yellow teeth turn white. What you need to do right now is putting some toothpaste on the brush which you don’t use to brush your teeth anymore. Then you rub on the piano keys. After a few minutes, your piano can look so new.

4. Clean Your Shoes

What will happen to your shoes when you go under the rain or when you go to the muddy soil? What will happen to them if you do not use it for a long time? The answer may be that your shoes are so dirty. And if you want to make your shoes clean, you can use washing-powder to wash them. However, your shoes can’t last long. Why don’t you try using toothpaste? It will give you a fantastic result. What you need to do now is place some toothpaste on your sponge and then rub on your shoes.

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5. Clean Goggles

If you are a pilot or a swimming athlete or a diver, goggles are one of the necessary things that can’t be lacked. What do you do when your goggles are dirty? Cleaning them is what you need to do, right? But how can you wash them? You just need to apply a very thin layer of toothpaste on your goggles. After a few minutes, you remove the toothpaste.

Honestly, you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out more amazing tricks with toothpaste below.

6. Remove The Stains From The Tables

Sometimes, you may see that there are some stains on your table by glasses or cups. Cleaning these stains is not easy if you use water alone. But now, don’t worry about them. Toothpaste will help you to deal with this problem. You just need to place some toothpaste on the stains and use a sponge to rub it. You will see a positive result after 2 seconds.

7. Remove Ink Stains On Your Shirt

One of the most stubborn stains which cannot be cleaned easily is the ink stain. Imagine that one day, you see that your favorite shirt, especially white shirt, has an ink stain. How do you feel? You may feel a little disappointed, right? Your thinking now is throwing it away, isn’t it? Don’t do that! There is a wonderful solution for you. You need to take some toothpaste and apply to the ink stain. After that, you allow it to sit for a day. In the next day, you wash it as usual. Your shirt will become as clean as before.

8. Take Dye Stains Away From The Towels
tricks i never imagined that toothpaste could do - take dye stains away from the towels

When you are dyeing your hair, suddenly the dye color drops to your shirt or your towel. Don’t be anxious! You can count on your toothpaste. It will help you in removing these stains after you apply it to them.

9. Treat Insect Bites

You and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out this amazing trick with toothpaste when you are bitten by the insects such as ants. It may be uncomfortable, right? Just forget it! Toothpaste will help you in relieving itching, together with removing the red spots, after you apply a little toothpaste on the skin areas bitten by the insects.

10. Clean The Thermos

Thermos is also an essential thing in every house. But when you have used it for a long time without cleaning, it may have an unusual smell. So how can you clean it? Let’s consult this instruction and follow it. You may be surprised at the result.


– Firstly, pour hot water into your thermos which needs cleaning.

– Then take a little toothpaste and add to it.

– After that, close it.

– Next, leave it on for a few hours.

– Finally, you clean it.

When you do this, your thermos will not only be cleaned but also be disinfected.

Honestly, it is said that you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out other amazing tricks below to find out more different uses of toothpaste.

11. Repair DVD & CD Scratches

When talking about the amazing tricks with toothpaste, repairing the DVD and CD scratches is one of them. Why is it said like that? As there are some scratches on your DVD and CD, you can’t enjoy your songs smoothly. You may not like it, right? To get rid of these scratches, you just need to rub a little toothpaste gently on the DVD and CD. Your disks now can run smoothly.

12. Eliminate Scratches On The Car

Sometimes, you are accidental to get some scratches on your car. Now, your car may look older and uglier than before. How can you deal with this problem? Bringing it to repaint is a good idea. But it may cost so much. Why not try using another method which is much cheaper? Besides that, you can do it at your house. That is toothpaste. Here is the detailed direction for you to follow.


– Firstly, take enough amount of your toothpaste.

– Then apply it on the clean cloth.

– Next, gently rub it over the scratches.

– Finally, use a different clean cloth to remove the toothpaste.

13. Attach Envelopes

tricks i never imagined that toothpaste could do - attach envelopes

Attaching envelopes is one of the amazing tricks with toothpaste. There are only a few people who are still sending letters. After you put your letters into the envelopes, you need to stick the envelopes. But what can you do if you do not have the glue? Don’t be worried! You can use toothpaste instead. Even though toothpaste is not as sticky as glue, it is not too weak to attach two thin papers well together. Nevertheless, it is a suggestion in case you don’t have the glue. If you have the glue, please use it.

14. Hang Posters

To be honest, you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Check out this trick to see the different use of toothpaste.

In fact, when you need to hang the posters on the wall, you may need to stick it with glue or the hanging hook. However, as you don’t like hanging the posters and you take it out, there will be a hole in the wall, or it will damage the wall. In this case, why not try using toothpaste? It may work as the glue. What you need to do is applying enough amount of toothpaste to four sides of your poster. And then you put your poster on the wall.

15. Pimples

Pimples are one of the common problems that happen to both men and women.
There are a lot of natural remedies which you can use to treat pimples. However, there is a cheaper and easier remedy which you can follow at home. Do you want to know what it is? That is your toothpaste. In this situation, you just need to apply a little toothpaste to your affected skin areas. And then, you let it sit for half an hour. Finally, you use soap and warm water to wash your skin off. Now you can say goodbye to the pimples.

After reading this article, it is true that you and I never imagined that toothpaste could do so many things. Plus, we all hope that you can broaden your knowledge as well. Toothpaste is an important thing in every house. So besides using it to brush teeth, you may know more ways to use it in your life. If you know more tricks with toothpaste, can you let us know by leaving us a comment below? We will respond your comment as soon as we can. To get more articles on News & Facts, keep reading on our page!

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