15 Everyday Foods That Are Killing You Slowly But Steadily. Why? And How?

Foods give us energy for daily activities, but if we do not choose the right foods, we will be in danger. Everyone understands that a healthy diet equals a healthy life, but are we clear about all the surrounding foods? Do not worry. This article will reveal to you top 15 everyday foods that are killing you slowly but steadily. So, you should think about cutting and removing from your consuming list.

15 Everyday Foods That Are Killing You Slowly But Steadily

1. Pizza

Pizza is a familiar food to people all over the world. According to statistics, the consumption of pizza in New York is the largest in the world with 30 million units a month – an enormous number for a fast food product.[1] However, you should know that this food is extremely high in fat, starch, and sugar. Due to those characteristics, pizza imposes various adverse effects:

  • The saturated fats in pizza will elevate blood cholesterol levels, leading to cardiovascular disorders.
  • The high-calorie content of pizza can contribute to weight gain and obesity.
  • The sugar contained in pizza can cause fluctuation in blood glucose.
  • Pizza is also rich in salt that gives rise to fluid retention and increased risk of high blood pressure.

To minimize the harmful effects of pizza, you can make it at home with healthier ingredient options. For example, use whole-grain instead of white flour for the crust, replace the original pizza crust with half a bagel or a tortilla, choose homemade tomato sauce in lieu of prepared pizza sauce, add more vegetables and less meat on the pizza, and so on.

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