9 Unexpected Tips To Increase Height Faster Before & After Puberty

Everyone wants a nice body with the ideal height, especially teenagers. Though height depends much on genetic factor, if you just let your height increase naturally, you are skipping a big chance to improve your body form. In these days, our interventions contribute as a big part to the physical development. People have found many home tips to increase height. So, why don’t you make use of them in order to achieve your ideal height?

This article conducted by Effective Remedies would like to recommend you 9 unusual tips to increase height faster before & after puberty.

9 Homemade Tips To Grow Some Inches Taller

1. Have A Proper Sleep

Do you hear someone talking about the importance of a proper sleep? Actually, a good and deep sleep is considered as a big factor affecting your body growth because it contributes largely to the regeneration of tissues while we rest. Scientifically, researchers believe that the Human Growth Hormone is, actually, generated naturally during slow, deep, and sound wave sleep. In a study published in 1990, researchers proved that a shorter duration of slow wave sleep could affect the increase of height in children, actually.[1]

It is best for growing kids and teenagers to sleep for eight to eleven hours. As important as sleeping hours, sleeping environment also needs to be insured properly. Understandably, a proper sleeping environment should be serene without any disturbing noises and strong lights.

Besides, you can increase the quality of sleep by following some easy tips. For example, before going to bed, you can take a warm bath. It would be great if you can dilute some essential oils or scents in your bath water because they would bring you the extreme relaxing effects, which in turn can enhance your sleep. In another way, you can enjoy a cup of hot chamomile tea before going to sleep. It is also a good way to induce your sleep, actually. Personally, I prefer drinking tea than taking a bath because tea also helps us improve the overall health. Anyway, please bear in your mind that having a proper sleep could help you increase your height naturally and support your body growth.

2. Take Ashwagandha
tips to increase height - take ashwagandha

It seems so strange that nobody knows what Ashwagandha means but this is, basically, a good way to increase your height. Ashwagandha is an Indian ginseng that contains a range of minerals needed to broaden the bone skeleton and its density as well. And you know, as a result, the Indian ginseng can help to increase your height effectively. This natural remedy is popular in herbal store so that you can easily get it for your own use. Here is a suggested way to use this remedy for height improvement.

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  • Ashwagandha powder: 2 tablespoons
  • Warm cow’s milk: a glass
  • Sugar or jaggery: optional


  • Simply mix ginseng powder in milk and add sugar or jaggery to taste
  • Drink it before going to bed night after night and maintain for 45 days
  • Avoid fast food during the schedule
3. Drink Milk

As you know, milk and dairy products, generally speaking, are rich sources of essential minerals for bone growth. Among them, calcium plays the most important part, which acts as the main height booster. Additionally, vitamin A and protein included in milk also contribute mainly to the overall body growth. However, the effect of milk is not as significant as that of physical activity, actually. But to increase your height only by a few inches, two or three glasses of milk per day can help. As mentioned, other dairy products such as cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese are also helpful; but you need to pay attention because they might cause you to gain weight if not having a proper diet.

4. Do Exercise And Play Sports Regularly

Despite many home tips to increase height, doing exercises and playing sports are always two priorities. Being known as theoretical recommendations, regular exercise and sports always play an important role in our body growth. In fact, doing physical activities promotes metabolism, which creates demand for more healthy nutrients. Logically and scientifically, an increase in the intake would result in growth.

In addition to doing regular exercise and sports, you can actively select the activity that especially helps to increase your height such as swimming, basketball, aerobics, cricket, tennis, and so on. Stretching activities can be seen as useful ways to improve your body growth. A direct relation between human bone development and physical activity was found by a group of Spanish researchers whose study was published in 2006. That contributes to prove the important role of regular exercise and sports in increasing height.

5. Indulge In Yoga

If you don’t really want to engage in intense physical activities, yoga is a perfect suggestion.  Recently, people often discuss the benefits of yoga for health and fitness. In particular, doing yoga can improve your fitness in overall, which is viewed as a good foundation to boost your height as well. It will be the next tip to increase height that we are going to recommend to you.

Actually, certain poses in yoga lessons can facilitate and promote some growth-inducing hormones to be released. Moreover, yoga also strengthens your muscles and improves your body posture as well [2]. It would be out of focus if we consider benefits of yoga too much here but to conclude, yoga is a very good solution for your height and your health, by the way.

6. Enjoy Sunlight

tips to increase height - enjoy sunlight

Don’t misunderstand that exposure to sunlight always makes you tanned and darkens your skin. These are merely side effects of extensive sunlight exposure. Actually, our body needs sunlight to absorb vitamin D better. It is also known as the best natural source of vitamin D. Frankly, vitamin D plays a key role in our body growth because it builds and strengthens your skeletons and increases your height, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2009 [3]. To avoid harmful sun rays from skin, you should go out and enjoy the sunlight in the early morning for 20-30 minutes. Spending time with sunlight will increase the ability to absorb vitamin D and in turn, contributing to improving your height effectively.

7. Drink Water

Water is the vital source of living. Drinking plenty of water is always recommended for everyone. We are sure that you all know the benefits of drinking water, don’t you? In this article, you would know another of them, which is a new tip to increase height.

You are supposed to drink at least 2 liters of water per day to help your body function well. Water flushes out different types of harmful toxins and contributes to improving your digestion. Moreover, drinking plenty of water would help increase the metabolism rate that, according to scientists, has a direct effect on your height.

8. Have A Balanced Diet

No matter what you want to improve, the diet would be absolutely part of your consideration. That’s why we would like to recommend you a balanced diet as another tip to increase height.

In a diet for height, there are several foods you need to avoid at any cost and some others you need to add to your daily menu. First of all, you should stop eating junk food; avoid carbonated drinks, saturated fats, and excessive sugar-contained food items. Instead, try to provide a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of your body. Please bear in your mind following things to achieve healthy eating goals:

Increase vitamin D and proteins intake that can be mostly found in cheese, milk, legumes, lean meat, egg white, tofu, which help to trigger the growth-inducing hormones. Next, zinc should be added to your nutrient contents. Also, calcium-rich foods, especially green veggies are highly recommended. You can supply zinc by eating asparagus, eggs, chocolate, peanuts, oysters, and so on. Besides, you should increase the intake of phosphorus, magnesium, carbohydrates, and other vitamins.

Last but not least, please pay attention to your meals throughout the day. Don’t eat too much at a time. You should divide your meals into several sub-meals so that it helps to increase the metabolic rate and you don’t need to worry about weight gain as well.

9. Practice Standard Posture

tips to increase height - practice standard posture

A small but important tip to increase height is maintaining the right posture. So, what is the good body posture that supports your growth? In fact, you should follow some practices. For example, sitting straight, keeping your chin high and your shoulders straight as well. Even if you walk or just stand, remember to keep your hips over the feet. Most importantly, don’t hunch while walking. Especially, a strong back along with a straight spine can help in increasing your height. Even in your sleep, you’d better maintain the good posture by using a body-friendly mattress and a good pillow. Plus, align your head and neck without slouching or bending.

10. Additional Tips To Increase Height After Puberty

Many people still believe that even after they experience the puberty stage, they can keep increasing their height significantly. That’s totally true. The following additional tips to increase height are especially recommended for people after experiencing puberty.

Kick Out The Glutton

Don’t you know that over-eating would slow down the digestion? As a result, your body might face difficulties in absorbing the essential nutrients to grow effectively. The right advice for you is to divide your meals into small portions in a day. Instead of eating three meals per day, now you can have up to six meals with smaller portions. By that way, you can not only reduce the pressure on your digestion but also contribute to keeping your nice body format.

Say No To Bad Habits

As you know, bad habits like drinking and smoking result in many harmful effects not only for your health but also for your body growth. After puberty, people tend to use cigarettes and drink alcoholic beverages more, which is also another obstacle for your physical development. Therefore, you should avoid these bad habits in order to have a taller height.

Keep Track On BMI

Last but not least, BMI is what you need to concern about. In fact, this index is quite familiar with all of us but it seems that not many people keep it in check. Simply, BMI is calculated by dividing one’s overall weight to his/her height. The index will indicate that person’s situation, which is normal, under or overweight. What we would like to tell you here is encouraging you to keep it on track and try to maintain the normal situation. That will contribute to helping you grow taller after puberty.

We have shown you some tips to increase height naturally for children and even people after puberty as well. To reach many helpful topics, you are invited to search on our main page Health. You can leave your comment below the article to share your thoughts with other members and let us know your concerns. Share with your friend if you feel it helpful.

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