10 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water Not Many People Know


After all, perhaps, the best things often derive from the simplest one. Actually, there are many simple things in this world, bringing us precious outcomes, but that we might not be aware of yet. In terms of healthcare, there are also many things like that. You may know the essence of water to your body but may not know that warm water has even more health benefits than drinking water merely.

In today article, Effective Remedies would like to show you the unexpected & amazing health benefits of drinking warm water regularly. Read it together to realize your regretful ignorance.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water You Didn’t Know

1. Relieving Symptoms Of Achalasia

It would be a mistake if we ignore the good effect of drinking warm water on relieving symptoms of Achalasia. Generally, achalasia is known as a problem with food moving down into your stomach. Specifically, people might have trouble swallowing and feel like foods cannot move to the stomach. It has been shown in a study published in Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, in 2012 that drinking warm water is still known as a simple tip to help you digest comfortably[1].

2. Soothing Sore Throat

Warm water serves us extremely well in the winter. Especially, it is the time for some common health issues such as sore throat, common cold, flu, and so on to happen frequently. As a simple contemporary treatment for a sore throat, drinking warm water can relieve pain and irritation for a while, which helps you feel more comfortable. Not stopping there, by consuming warm water, thick mucus might be dissolved and removed from the respiratory tract.

Though warm water can contribute significantly to soothing the sore throat, you can also rely on some hot herbal teas for further good effects.

3. Supporting Weight Loss

benefits of drinking warm water

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Sometimes, drinking warm water might aid in weight loss. It is not an interesting joke at all. Actually, hot water drives out temperature up, which in turn, requires your body to do something in order to cool it down. Indeed, your metabolism is then activated. Besides, drinking hot water also contributes to clearing out waste products causing the bloating in your body. As a result, it helps flush out the dreaded water weight.

4. Keeping You Hydrated

Whether it is hot or cool, drinking water helps keep you hydrated, in accordance with a study published in HHS Public Access in 2011[2]. Always bear in your mind that you should drink at least two liters of water per day but in fact, many people cannot go for it. By the way, in this article, we would like to emphasize the health benefits of drinking warm water. Therefore, you are supposed to have a glass of it in the morning and end up your day with another one. This simple habit can get your body adequately hydrated, thereby functioning better throughout the day.

5. Releasing Constipation

In addition to enhancing your digestion, drinking warm water also helps release constipation. It is not overstated that many people are so uncomfortable with constipation syndrome, which sometimes drives them into a mess.

Doctors said that one of the main causes of constipation is a lack of water content in your intestines. Consequentially, it makes the stools dry and hard, which in turn creates difficulties in passing. Luckily, a regular consumption of warm water when remaining an empty stomach contributes to regulating the bowel movements as well as treat constipation. It is explained in some words that drinking warm water can decompose any remnant food as well as smoothen the bowel movements. Besides, it reduces the pain, abdominal bloating, and discomfort caused by constipation, generally.

A glass of warm water every morning before having breakfast is highly recommended treating constipation. You can add raw honey or lemon juice for more health benefits. Remember that honey-with-lemon water brings you even much better health benefits than warm water does.

6. Improving Digestive Functions

One of the most important health benefits of drinking warm water is to improve your digestion. It is not accidental that people with a weak digestive system are supposed to drink warm water to kick off their new day. It has its own scientific base to explain. According to European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, drinking warm water is highly recommended improving digestion[3].

Actually, tepid water has the ability to stimulate your digestive gland and make it function properly. Particularly, it contributes to breaking down the food intake, which, in turn, reduces the digestive load on the system and saves energy needed for the digestion process. Warm water consumption also helps your body neutralize digestive juices and keeps excess stomach acids at bay.

In fact, many researchers agree on this conclusion that warm water swallows can help those, who suffer from difficulty in swallowing, a spasm-type pain as well as the regurgitation of food due to esophageal motility disorder, stay healthily and comfortably. It was revealed in a study published in a 2012-report of the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

7. Detoxifying Your Body

benefits of drinking warm water

One of the common and easy ways to detoxify your body is to drink warm water every day. Thanks to the detoxification, drinking warm water helps flush out harmful toxins accumulated in your body, which is very beneficial for your overall health. You know why? In fact, warm water or hot water once taken into our body would increase our temperature. In turn, to cool down on its own, the body must sweat. That helps eliminate the harmful toxins.

It is also extremely good for skin care if you really want to achieve elastic and fair skin. Don’t look around to find out masks or other tips, just start with drinking warm water for more health and beauty benefits.

8. Calming Your Central Nervous System

If you often have some small nervous system-related syndromes such as aches, pains, panicked feelings throughout a day, you should drink warm water more regularly. It is reported that one of the health benefits of drinking warm water is to calm your nervous system. Sometimes, a glass of hot water can help relieve stress as well.

Furthermore, those who have arthritis are more likely to achieve some extra benefits from this small habit. Why don’t you take up drinking warm water daily from now on?

9. Improving Circulation

Do you know drinking warm water can help improve circulation as well? Experts say that if a warm bath can support the blood circulation by expanding and boosting your circulatory organs, including arteries and veins, a warm water consumption also can do that. Especially, drinking it at night should be encouraged because it helps relax you and improve the quality of your sleep.

10. Slowing Down Aging

Last but not least, slowing down the aging process is also among several amazing benefits of drinking warm water. In short, it helps improve skin elasticity, repair skin cells, and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, warm water, as mentioned, has the ability to flush out toxins, thereby contributing to combating aging.

We have listed 10 major health benefits of drinking warm water but in reality, there might be even many more extra actual benefits. People often said that a little action could lead to a great outcome. Why don’t you start with this tiny healthy habit first before thinking of doing something else? Just kick off your day with a glass of hot water and end up it with another one. You will recognize vast positive changes in your body. To know more about amazing articles, visit the News & Facts page.

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