Irregular Periods May Raise Ovarian Cancer Risk

Ovarian Cancer is caused by many reasons either originated from inside your body or stemming from outside factor and not only one of the most deadly gynecological cancer but also the fifth most popular disease among women. Symptoms of this disease are a lot, but the most outstanding ones that should be mentioned are the persistent stomach bloating or pain making people feel hard to absorb and digest the food. There is also a pain in people’s back which can cause constant tired feeling. The aging process is also a risk of ovarian cancer as more than half of cancer symptoms are diagnosed in the women at 63 or more. The reasons are several, one of which can be found by NBC news. NBC news has made a report which can surprise all of us because of its newly surprising statement opposite to the former release: Irregular periods in women, especially those at their 20s, actually does not protect them from ovarian cancer but is possibly the main cause leading to this adverse situation.

Irregular Periods May Raise Ovarian Cancer Risk

According to the International Journal of Cancer, women with the history of irregularity in periods at their 26 were more likely to have double risk of ovarian cancer comparing to the ones at 77s. This reveal might be true to some extent, but after researching on 15000 women at the age of 26, the fact showed that 13% of them got irregular periods, and as a result, had more likelihood to suffer this life-threatening condition – ovarian cancer. In the next 50 years, just 116 developed ovarian cancers were recorded which means that not all the women having irregular periods catch the symptom of ovarian cancer, just some of them get the higher risk of such condition. It is considered an assumption, but everything can happen, therefore, equipping the mind with enough knowledge about the relationship between the irregular periods and ovarian cancer is the really important thing for most women in modern life.

The following study is geared to provide an overall insight into the main causes of a deadly form of cancer because it is very hard for women to realize the disease until it is spread to the whole body.

Assessing the first perspective of the study, from the opinion of Dr.Barbara – leader of research of the Public Health Institute, if the clinicians can discover the early risky symptom like irregular menstruation, they can get the early signs of their body as well as make specific preparation to mitigate the risk of death. The researchers had to admit an unexpected conclusion that women with irregular periods tend to catch ovarian cancer more easily. Though for the most part, the most well-known evidence of this disease is usually due to the family history, the reality shows another fact that women with the overgrowth of the uterine lining seem to have higher risk of ovarian cancer, which means that they are likely to catch hidden symptoms such as pretty vague including bloating causing heavy meal.

Irregular Periods May Raise Ovarian Cancer Risk

There exists CA-125 protein which is linked to tumors. Screening the way CA-125 rise while the ovarian tumors grow is an effective way to know whether a woman is able to catch cancer, but the hindrance is that there is no single level to tell the doctor whether a woman is at risk or not. It is even more challenging as some women might catch cancer at the high level and some at the low level of tumors.

From this dilemma, almost all the researchers are really longing for better approaches to identify the women at risk so that they can be treated well.

  • The first significant finding has revealed a fact about the impact of women’s pill using the method on the possibility to catch cancer: those who used to take birth control pills will have less likelihood to expose to ovarian cancer. That is because such pills can suppress the ovaries, women taking them will not get normal menstrual periods.
  • Another approach to this situation was carried out by Cohn’s team. Initially, the assumption was revealed with the main point that the natural conditions causing irregular periods also plays a role in protecting women from being exposed to ovarian cancer. The study was kicked start in 1959 on pregnant women or those who have children already. After a long time of supervision, the result showed that women getting cycles of 35 days or more were classified as those with polycystic ovarian syndrome. The number of experimented women accounts for 13% of the total number. In the later years, 116 women were diagnosed to get ovarian cancer at 63 and finally 84 died of cancer.

Therefore, from the above discovery, it can be said that the risk of getting ovarian cancer is not related to the weight of women and how many children they have. Cohn has to release an understanding after this study. That is the increase in the risk of ovarian cancer in women by 77 who have irregular periods is 3 times higher than the increase in the risk of cancer on those who have the family history about it. Besides, the study could also provide people with deeper understanding about 90% of ovarian cancer on women with no high-risk mutations or family history.

In general, linking the irregular periods to ovarian cancer is reasonable and also the feature of female gynecologic issues and hormones which can cause cancer. Therefore, such study mentioned in this article is simply epidemiologic ones which don’t infer the causation. It is just introduced to supply scientific base on the association between irregular periods and the possibility to catch ovarian cancer of women, from which people can have a clear overview on outstanding symptoms of such disease, thereby spending time on finding the best methods to prevent ovarian cancer from attacking women.

Reference: Irregular Periods May Be Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer, Study Suggests