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David Tran is a journalist currently working in Florida. His interests include holistic, integrative, and functional medicine, preventative medicine, men’s health, health care reform, and international medicine. He enjoys writing and teaching everyone on important health matters.

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Top 12 Tips On How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Updated: 11/15/2019 CONTENTS Overview How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally? 1. Reduce Weight 2. Follow A Low-Carb Diet 3. Quit Smoking 4. Watch Portion Sizes 5. Consume A High-Fiber Diet 6. Optimize Vitamin D Levels 7. Drink Tea Or Coffee 8. Minimize Processed Foods Intake Overview Diabetes is...

19 Unexpected Ways On How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Updated: 08/31/2019 Contents I. All About Alzheimer's Disease 1. What Is Alzheimer's Disease? 2. Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease 3. Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease 4. Who Has The Higher Risk? II. How-to Tips To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease III. Foods To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's disease is a chronic...

Top 9 Tips On How To Prevent Bladder Infections Naturally

CONTENTS Overview How To Prevent Bladder Infections 1. Quit Smoking 2. Eat Probiotic Yogurt 3. Appropriate Dressing 4. Avoid Triggers 5. Increase Your Fluid Intake 6. Empty Bladder As Needed 7. Maintain Good Hygiene 8. Eat Immune-enhancing Foods Overview A bladder infection or cystitis is a type...