Top 9 Tips On How To Prevent Bladder Infections Naturally


A bladder infection or cystitis is a type of infection that is caused due to bacteria. It can affect anyone but women are more likely to this infection than men because women have shorter urethras, making it easy for bacteria to enter the bladder. This infection can be caused by aging, a urinary catheter, surgery in the urinary tract, urinary tract abnormalities, enlarged prostate, a narrow urethra, pregnancy, and diabetes. You can make a few lifestyle dietary and lifestyle changes to lower your risks of contracting a bladder infection. So, how to prevent bladder infections? Let’s check out!

Top 9 Tips On How To Prevent Bladder Infections Naturally

Here are the top 9 tips on how to prevent bladder infections naturally. We,, collect these tips from reliable sources. You can easily apply them at home to prevent this health problem.

1. Quit Smoking

According to a study, tobacco can take a negative effect on the antibacterial function of leukocytes [1]. Tobacco can increase susceptibility to bacterial infections. Plus, it also increases the chance of bladder cancer. Along with that, cigarette smoke contains the chemicals that compromise the antibacterial function of leukocytes. Therefore, it’s best to quit smoking and other tobacco products to decrease the chance of bladder infections. Additionally, avoid or reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.

2. How To Prevent Bladder Infections – Eat Probiotic Yogurt

According to an article published in Live Strong, the Mayo Clinic points out many brands of yogurt consist of active Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that can be used effectively to deal with infections of your urinary tract and vagina [2].  Probiotic yogurt consists of billions of friendly bacteria, which can combat infection-causing bacteria. Apart from that, it helps to strengthen your immunity and keep a healthy pH level. It’s advisable to eat around two to three cups of probiotic yogurt with live cultures every day. You can also make a smoothie with probiotic yogurt and consume it. Alternatively, you can add other probiotic foods such as miso, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, and sour pickles to your diet.

3. Appropriate Dressing

You can avoid bladder infections by wearing sensible clothes. You should choose clothes made of chiffon and cotton because they can allow the skin to breathe. Breathable materials can keep bacteria at bay by avoiding moisture. You need to avoid wearing a wet swimsuit, tight jeans, & tight-fitting pants because they trap heat and moisture. You should wear cotton underwear and change it every day. Use hot water and a mild detergent to wash your underwear. Plus, wear loose skirts or pants to enhance air circulation and decrease the risk of bacterial growth.

4. How To Prevent Bladder Infections – Avoid Triggers

how to prevent bladder infections

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Basically, there are a few common drinks and foods that can irritate the bladder and raise the chance of developing infections. So, you should stay away from such irritants to prevent bladder infections. The carbonation present in the soda can irritate the bladder, causing increased urinary urgency. According to Live Strong, the Cleveland Clinic recommends staying away from soda & other carbonated beverages until the symptoms improve [3]. You need to avoid wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages because they can irritate the bladder and cause dehydration. Plus, avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea. Avoid chocolates & certain soda drinks because they contain caffeine. Along with that, avoid artificial sweeteners and sugary foods.

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5. Increase Your Fluid Intake

Drinking plenty of water every day can help to reduce the risk of bladder infections. Water can remove the bacteria causing infection from your bladder and dilute the urine. As a result, you can easily urinate without feeling burning sensations. It’s best to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. You can also consume vegetable and fruit smoothies or juices frequently. Alternatively, drink broths or soups to increase fluid intake. Prior to increasing your fluid intake, consult a doctor if you have kidney issues.

6. How To Prevent Bladder Infections – Empty Bladder As Needed

Hold full bladder or resist the urge for a long time can contribute to bladder infection because it will promote the development of bacteria. It also raises pressure on the kidneys, which can cause kidney problems. Therefore, urinate regularly to lower the risk of a bladder infection and kidney problems. Try emptying your bladder totally whenever you urinate. After having sex, it’s also vital to urinate because it will help to remove bacteria from your urinary tract.

7. Have Good Hygiene

According to the Medline Plus, keep good hygiene is vital for your bladder and overall health altogether [4]. You need to cleanse carefully after you go to your toilet and never wipe two times with the same tissue. Avoid using douches, deodorants or soaps in the vaginal area because these products contain the chemicals that can kill the good bacteria in the system. Instead of tampons, use the sanitary pads & change regularly. Instead of a shower, take a shower every day and don’t use bubble bath products if taking a shower. In addition, pat dry your anal and vaginal areas using a soft towel after taking a shower. Finally, always keep a bathroom and toilet clean and avoid using dirty public toilets or dirty bathrooms.

8. How To Prevent Bladder Infections – Consume Immune-Enhancing Foods

how to prevent bladder infections

Preventing and combating infections is one of the key functions of the immunity. Thus, to prevent bladder infections, you need to boost your immunity by adding some immune-boosting foods to your diet. You should drink 1 glass of lemon water to start your day or consume 2-3 cups of green tea every day. Before your bedtime, consume 1 glass of warm milk mixed with turmeric every day. In addition, you should consume vitamin D-rich foods including salmon, organ meats, mackerel, egg yolks and cheese. Along with that, you should include foods rich in vitamin C such as broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, bell peppers, sprouts and tomatoes in your diet. Also, consuming unsweetened cranberry juice can help to prevent infections because it can block the spread of bacteria. A study found that cranberries have the ability to prevent lower urinary tract infection [5]. You should also include garlic & ginger in your cooking. According to a recent study, garlic extract can fight antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections [6].

9. How To Prevent Bladder Infections – Beware Of Birth Control Methods

Basically, certain types of contraceptives can raise the chance of a bladder infection. You must stay away from using spermicides or a diaphragm containing nonoxynol-9 [7]. Spermicides can cause skin irritation, which increases the growth of bacteria while using a diaphragm can reduce urinary flow and leave bacteria to multiply. Thus, women with yeast and urinary tract infections should discuss these problems with a doctor prior to taking birth control pills.

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You can go to our main Prevention page to read more such articles. Hope that this post will help you learn more a few easy and simple ways on how to prevent bladder infections. All these tips and remedies are safe, natural, and cost-effective for preventing the disease. If you know other tips on how to prevent bladder infections, share with us in the comments box below.

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