6 Best Tips On How To Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally & Effectively

Updated: 11/30/2019

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a kind of vagina inflammation associated with an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina[1]. In this case, it is the excess of bad bacteria. This condition often occurs in women from 15 to 44 years old. Until now, the causes of bacterial vaginosis are not apparent. However, there are still precautions you can take to prevent BV. In this article, Effective Remedies will show you the top 6 easy tips and tricks on how to prevent bacterial vaginosis naturally and effectively.

6 Best Tips On How To Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Effectively

I. Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

If you have the following symptoms, you probably contracted bacterial vaginosis[2]:

  • Vaginal discharge turns into white, grey or yellow-green and has an unpleasant smell. It can be more than usual.
  • Some women feel pain when urinating, showering, and during/after sex.
  • Burning can occur when you use soaps because this makes the vagina more alkaline. Your skin makes the secretion of light acid to protect itself. Therefore, using soaps can make the condition worse than ever. Most soap includes an alkaline base and contains properties like lye soap, sodium hydroxide, and glycerol because these substances help dissolve acidity and eliminate germs. The vagina might be red since the irritation.

II. The Risk Of Not Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

If you suspect that you are getting BV, do not hesitate to ask your doctor along with applying below prevention tips because it can cause the risk of other serious conditions including HIV and bad situations for your child, such as premature delivery and low birth weight[3].

III. How To Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis

1. Keep The Vaginal Bacteria Balanced

keep the vaginal bacteria balanced

In your vagina, there are both good and bad bacteria. The overgrowth of bad bacteria will cause the condition of bacterial vaginosis. Hence, maintaining the balance between these two types of bacteria is crucial to your vaginal health. To inhibit the inflammation, you should wear appropriate clothes and clean your external genitals and anus daily.

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  • Always clean out your vagina and anus after going to the bathroom.
  • Keeping a cool environment for your genital area by using cotton undergarments and loose pants.
2. Use Only Water To Clean The Vagina

Do not use douching products to wipe inside your vagina because douches will kill good bacteria and increase the risk of infection.

  • The vagina can clean itself; therefore, you just need to use warm water or mild soap to wash it.
3. Eat Probiotics Or Foods With Lactobacillus

Some studies show that eating foods rich in lactobacilli and probiotics helps stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the vagina and prevent BV[4] [5] [6]. Two common foods in fighting this condition are fermented cheese for probiotics and yogurt for lactobacillus.

  • The low amount of lactobacillus will lead to bacterial vaginosis. Therefore, using yogurt regularly is considered as a treatment.
  • You can also prevent BV by consuming fermented vegetables such as kimchi and sauerkraut.
4. Have Safe Sex

have safe sex

Safe sex is one of the best ways to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Always use condoms when you have sexual contact to minimize the risk of getting BV[7].

  • If you are treating BV, remember to use condoms to avoid the potential problems for yourself and your partner.
5. Have Sex With One Partner Only

Doctors claim that the fewer sexual partners you have, the lower the risk of contracting BV. Therefore, the best thing is that you have a monogamous relationship.

  • Having an unfaithful partner will result in increasing the risk of vagina inflammation
  • Besides, when you have BV, you should not have sex with anyone else because it can cause sexually transmitted diseases.
6. Avoid Using IDU For Birth Control

Studies suggest that using an intrauterine device (IUD) to stop becoming pregnant leads to the bad effects on your vagina[8]. If you have experienced bacterial vaginosis, speak to your doctor about the measures of birth control and its benefits for your vagina.

  • Condoms are one of the best ways to help you prevent pregnancy and bacterial vaginosis.

Above are the top tips and tricks on how to prevent bacterial vaginosis naturally and effectively. If you want to know more about other such articles, please visit our Prevention page. We hope that they bring useful information to you and do not forget to leave your comment in the box below to show us your thoughts.

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