Bacon, Booze And Obesity Related To Stomach Cancer

Digging the next viewpoint of Dr. Louis Levy, the head of science at Public Health English, besides alcoholic beverages which can trigger the effect of stomach cancer, there is one more factor that also leaves on people's body the severe symptoms of stomach cancer: being obese.

Being obese is when the body absorbs too much fat that finds no way to become normal with the appropriate size. A person becoming obese when he or she has spent too much on sweetened food, sugar drinks, cokes, milk,…without practicing suitable exercises. It can be said that this is not just the main cause of obesity but also the origin of thousands of diabetes cases in the USA every year. But more dangerous than that, In the report of AICR, it is revealed that obesity can even raise the intensive possibility of getting stomach cancer. Therefore, paying much attention to the sizes, control of the fat consumption every day will be reasonable methods to keep the people away from severe stomach cancer situation.

At the end, however, eating citrus fruits may mitigate the risk of stomach cancer. This is the fact released by the report as well.

In conclusion, from the above study of AICR, people can acknowledge one more truth relating directly to their health that is three main factors causing the risk of stomach cancer include the consumption of bacon, high amount of alcoholic drinks and the obesity. According to this finding, hopefully, people can make the right decision of their own lifestyles choice so that they can maintain healthily and be away from life-threatening stomach cancer all the time.


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