Bacon, Booze And Obesity Related To Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is considered the major killer in the USA as it has put the burden on 21000 citizens in the US and stolen about 11000 lives annually. It is undeniable to rank stomach cancer at the fifth position of the top most common cancer which has the most negative influence on around 950000 people every year.

Bacon, Booze And Obesity Related To Stomach Cancer

A recent research made by the USA scientists have unveiled a quite shocking truth relating tightly to the people’s health which is the main causes of stomach cancer stem from three main sources: too much alcohol drinking, too much processed meat consumption and being too overweight.

Some individuals may startle when knowing such normal stuff they are usually exposed to can generate a harmful effect like that. However, the truth is still the truth, a majority of professional scientists also implemented many evidential experiments basing on the transparent scientific platform to prove this threatening fact. Therefore, you’d better raise your awareness as well as others’ to mitigate the likelihood to catch stomach cancer now.

Despite the fact that all the above three aspects are the main causes of so many types of cancers including breast and colon cancer, it sounds quite strange to conclude that they are in association with stomach cancer. Actually, after around 89 researches studying about the association between diet and cancer of Alice Bender of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) carried out on 17 million adults and 77000 stomach cancer cases, there came out with three significant discoveries:

Absorbing an equivalent of 50g processed meat (two rashes of bacon) per day can boost the risk of stomach cancer by nearly 18%. This seems to be an alerting alarm for anyone who are used to eating this kind of food.

Drinking at least 1.5 ounces of alcoholic beverages per day can also lead to stomach cancer. This is mostly caught in men, including smokers and ex-smokers.

Being obese and overweight is also the main reason of around 10 different types of cancer, including life-threatening stomach cancer, specifically increasing 23% risk of cancer in comparison with those who are not.

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