4 DIY Foot Reflexology Steps For Your Best Sleep Ever

Reflexology is the greatest way to relax and rest as the massage surely affects our glands and organs through the reflex area or points on the ears, face, feet and hands. Its effect is so calming thanks to a lot of thousands of nerves in the areas, so by using the index finger or thumb and simply press for five seconds you will feel much better.

The areas of the bodies have about 15,000 nerves in the feet alone. This is why reflexology contains such soothing and calming effects. In place of reaching for some chemical sleep aids, which could cause dependency, you should try this DIY foot reflexology approach for one better nights rest. Before bedtime, you can conduct the quick little session to help give you one peaceful slumber.  Here are 4 DIY foot reflexology steps that are collected by EffectiveRemedies.com from reliable sources. Keep reading this post to understand more!

4 DIY Foot Reflexology Steps For Your Best Sleep Ever

DIY foot reflexology process encourages one state of relaxation that can be added easily to your bedtime ritual.

1. Relax Your Feet

DIY foot reflexology

Relax the feet with simple relaxation techniques one at a time: pressing and squeezing,  gently kneading or lightly slapping — whatever feels good. End by pressing and holding the thumb on your solar plexus point of each your foot for five-ten seconds each.

2. ‘Walk’ Your Thumb On Each Foot’s Bottom

On bottom of each your foot, “walk” the thumb up from the base of your heel to each toe, then press the reflex points with outer edge of the thumb or tip of the forefinger:

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  • Brain/ head (top of each toe) enhances clarity and positive thinking.
  •  “Master gland” or Pituitary (center of your big toe) balances/ stimulates hormone secretions of total other glands.
  • Pineal gland (the outer side of your big toe) secretes melatonin that controls the sleep cycle/ circadian rhythm.
  • Thyroid (base of your big toe) balances metabolism.
  • Shoulders/ neck (ridge of your toes) releases tension
  • Lungs/ chest (ball of your foot) calms breathing.
  • Diaphragm/ solar plexus (under the ball of your foot in the center) promote profound relaxation as well as peacefulness.

You can also press the corresponding reflex point or area if you have additional particular areas of the body that are stressed.

3. Repeat And End By Pressing Thumb On The Solar Plexus On Both Your Feet

DIY foot reflexology

You apply these relaxation techniques again, and end with another thumb press on your solar plexus point on the both feet.

4. Finish With ‘Breeze Strokes’

Finish with “breeze strokes” — gently running the fingertips down tops, bottoms as well as sides of each foot in one feathery motion, barely touching your skin. Repeat this step a few times. It’s very soothing to your nerves.

To get more about DIY recipes, go to our main DIY Recipe page. Generally, reflexology transports you into one state of deep relaxation where you’re open to recommendations you give yourself. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, we will respond soon. Also, you can share your experience with us if you know any other DIY foot reflexology method.

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