Top 13 Super Herbs To Cleanse Your Kidneys Thoroughly

Because of the important role of kidneys in maintaining the health, various natural methods and herbs are given with the hopes of cleansing your kidneys thoroughly in order to help your kidneys stay in good condition all the time and protect you from normal unpredictable health issues. And here, Effective Remedies shows you the list of top 13 super herbs to cleanse your kidneys that are highly recommended to people with kidney problems. The benefits of them are apparent according to scientific evidence. Hopefully, you may find out the most suitable herbs for you and experience the most prominent benefits from them.

Though all of the herbs are one hundred percent natural, which means they will not cause any harm or allergies to your body. But there are some exceptions, so to make sure you are able to utilize these fantastic herbs, consult a doctor before if needed.

Top 13 Super Herbs To Cleanse Your Kidneys Thoroughly

Every part of your body is equally precious, it is essential to take the same care of all parts of your body, from inside to outside. The inside parts of your body somehow play a really crucial role in determining whether your body is in good health or not. They can send you the signs to notify you about your current health status, even more than that, they can show you sensible clues about some predictable health problems so that you can practice suitable treatment to solve the problems later on.

Kidneys are an integral part like that. You should pay much attention to this part because it keeps your entire body in good condition. Imagine that once your kidney is harmed by no matter the reasons are objective or subjective, this will definitely cause you troublesome situation, for instance, the abnormal urine at night or even the blood urine, sometimes the pressure.

1. Super Herbs To Cleanse Your Kidneys – Corn Silk

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

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Corn is a nutritious herb, widely known for its high number of nutrients such as protein, fat, calories…People in many countries consider corn an essential ingredient in many dishes or even a delicious food by itself. However, most of you just think of corn as a source to provide daily energy or make some kinds of food without caring much about the corn silk, which is also a great part to bring about many benefits to people, including the cleansing for kidneys.

Using corn silk – one of the best natural super herbs to cleanse your kidneys – is a smart way to keep them strong as according to the Felter and Lloyd’s Kings Dispensatory from 1898, corn silk was widely known to treat urinary troubles effectively, thereby control the cardiac and renal disorders effectively. One special aspect of corn silk that turns it to be great medicine for kidneys problem is the appearance of soothing diuretic. Thanks to it, the removal of waste from kidneys is stimulated strongly. Besides, it is also seen as a potent cardiac stimulant, therefore, you will not need to worry about the ability to get kidney stone or urinary infection or bladder infections.

The use of corn silk to cleanse kidneys is quite simple. Make a tea from the dried corn silk by mixing 2 teaspoons of it with some boiled water, then drink it several times per day. After some days, you will see the clear result.

2. Ginger

The truth is that sometimes, such familiar ingredient, which can be easily found in the kitchen such as ginger can become among the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys. Though it is quite hot, but remember not to take too much ginger, your kidneys will be refreshed relatively. Moreover, it can stimulate your digestion, and flush the toxins and harmful substance out of your kidneys thoroughly.

While the research shows the undeniable benefit of ginger on the function of the kidney, more studies are still necessary, one of the studies is carried out by the National Kidney Foundation. A study in “Renal Failure” was executed in 2004 to check whether ginger has the good impact on kidneys or not. To start, the researchers let the blood flow into the kidneys of some animal model, then gave the rats the ginger as a supplement. After this experiment, what was revealed at last is that the supplementation of ginger offered remarkable renal protection by triggering the antioxidant pathways. So it is not strange to consider ginger one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys.

So now, be ready to utilize ginger for better kidneys health. And the best way is nothing but making a cup of ginger tea. The recipe is quite simple. You just need to steep some ginger powder in hot water for 10 minutes, strain it, add some honey and lemon, then have it several times per week to be away from kidneys problems all the time.

3. Parsley

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Standing on the top of this list is parsley herb, which has been utilized for years since people found it an amazing source of potent properties, especially the strong natural content able to push the germs and the bacteria out of your kidneys. Using parsley tea is a super way to keep your kidneys cleansed thanks to apiol and myristicin involved in it.

Considering parsley among the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys is not just generally stated but based on scientific evidence, which was released in 2002 by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. The researchers started the study by making an assumption that parsley, besides the cooling effect, owns the cleansing effect to strengthen the people’s kidneys. Later on, they decided to put the experiment on rats when offering them the tea extracted from parsley seed. The result was a bit surprised as the researchers saw that just in one day, the rats drinking tea produced more urine than those just drinking water. From this reality, you can feel safe to use parsley as a fabulous method of having strong kidneys.

You can make a salad with parsley, drinking some parsley tea or detoxifying drink from parsley for the best kidneys condition. The final notice is that if you are pregnant, please don’t consume much parsley.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is popularly known as a great beauty treatment containing strong skin cleansing properties, but nowadays, more and more people find it an appealing ingredient to help them deal with kidneys problem. Someone even doesn’t mind calling it one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys. As you can see, it can not only cleanse your skin but your kidneys as well so that your body can maintain a healthy kidneys system.

Talking about its powerful function on your kidneys, several citizens from China have already been exposed to it thousands of years ago. It was considered a perfect remedy in the Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people struggle with kidneys diseases effectively. Besides containing a high number of anti-inflammatory content, it also includes the curcuminoids which can help treat the kidneys infections or inflammation.  The positive impact of turmeric on people’s kidneys is visually apparent and why people consider it one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys can even be demonstrated more clearly with the aid of several studies carried out before.

Most of the studies were executed on the rats, the most outstanding of which is the experiment on rats to track the effect of curcumin on their kidneys failure. The rats suffering from chronical renal failure were given the removal of kidneys then were divided into 3 groups: a group treated with enalapril, a group treated with curcumin and untreated. After several times, the result was quite surprising. Those rats treated with curcumin tend to get the blood flow smoother and the chronical renal failure seemed to be limited thoroughly.

So from this experiment, you can keep the piece in mind to try some turmeric to get good kidneys right now. To absorb turmeric, you can try eating raw turmeric directly or mix it with boiling water and some juice or honey. It is sure that your kidneys situation will be treated perfectly.

5. Dandelion Root

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Approaching the next super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, you cannot forget to mention dandelion root because it is extremely beneficial with the aid of diuretic content. This content helps both liver and kidneys reach better condition. The urinary problem, specifically, can be dealt with thoroughly with the effective utilization of this herb. Dandelion root cannot only soothe the irritation but also relieve the water retention in the urinary system and boost the function of kidneys completely. This statement was revealed basing on the study of the Journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2009. Besides, the great effect of dandelion is also demonstrated by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Therefore, if you are still confused about its benefit on your kidneys, stop thinking and make some dandelion tea now to eliminate the urinary problem and avoid kidneys deterioration.

To make dandelion tea, you will need to boil the water with some dried dandelion root in 5 minutes before having it steeped for 10 minutes. Put some honey on it and enjoy it for cleansed kidneys.

Consult a doctor if this herb has a reaction with some other medications.

6. Celery

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Celery is an ingredient that you may hear about several times in various health treatments, but it is mostly known about to be in the list of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys. If you are getting curious about its potent impact on your kidneys, then take a glance at this release, then you will know why this is called one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys.

Celery, first of all, is an effective diuretic, so it can help to retain the water at the time there is the reduction in the blood flow to your kidneys caused by illness or urinary problem. Moreover, inside the celery is the high level of anti-inflammatory property which can help to mitigate indigestion as well as remove the excess water out of your body. If you want to consume celery to control the kidneys situation, you  will also be surprised by the form of sodium and essential vitamins which can help you avoid the kidneys stone or urinary problem effectively.

Now, what you need to do is make a cup of celery juice go away with the kidneys problem. To make it, you will need carrot, organic celery, beetroot, cucumber, lemon and some parsley to guarantee your juice is worth taking. Drink this juice several times per week, then you will see the urine routine is consolidated transparently.

7. Marshmallow Root Powder

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Marshmallow root powder is also one of the greatest natural super herbs to cleanse your kidneys. If you ever heard about marshmallow, the first thing popping up in your mind may be various kinds of marshmallow candies or something relating to soft drinks. But don’t get it wrong, what is introduced here is marshmallow root powder, which under the medical perspective, can become a super potent kidneys cleanser.

If you are getting irritation with your urine systems such as hard urine flow, urine overflow, or urine mixed with blood, it is imperative you should utilize marshmallow now. Well-known for its diuretic compounds along with cleansing property, the marshmallow root powder is widely called one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, treat a large number of kidneys problems such as urinary tract or bladder infections, besides, prevent the kidneys from building up toxic. This truth was revealed by a famous medical herbalist named Richard Whealan. So now, you can absorb this herb without worrying about its safety.

Making a tea from marshmallow is compulsory if you want to be free from kidneys problem. Let’s start by steeping dried marshmallow in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Strain it later on and enjoy it to see the better result.

8. Stinging Nettle

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Coming to the next natural super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, you will be introduced to a quite popular name: stinging nettle. Stinging nettle, like other super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, also contains the diuretic properties, so right when you absorb this kind of herb into your body, your kidneys will be cleansed well, the metabolic waste will be eliminated, the kidney infection will be reduced and the renal excretion will be enhanced thoroughly.

The reason why people believe in using stinging nettle so much like that is because it has been widely used as a traditional medicine in Europe and proved its strong effect on kidneys system. Moreover, according to the statement of the University ofMarryland Medical Center, using stinging nettle on a regular basis can bring about transparent benefits like relieving the reduced urinary flow, the urge to urinate, the urination dripping or the emptying of the bladder. Some research also pointed out that stinging nettle can be considered the finasteride to slow down the growth of some prostate cells.

So now, you can know why it is called one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys. Then why do you hesitate not taking some of it to serve your kidneys now? Just need to steep some dried stinging nettle in boiled water for 10 minutes, strain it and put some honey into it, then you can get the desirable remedy to refresh your kidneys thoroughly.

9. Horsetail

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Kidneys stone is the disease that some people may ignore when having some slight signs in the urine flow but is the disease that causes the most fear for people when it turns to be uncontrollable. From this reality, it’s much better for you to supplement your body with healthy substances for cleansing your kidneys and protect it from being attacked by such disease like kidney stone.

In fact, when realizing some visible symptoms from your kidneys like the irregular urine routine or abnormal urine flow, it’s time you should utilize horsetail – one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has revealed that the diuretic properties in horsetail are really beneficial for those who have to bear kidneys problems. Besides, it is also widely known because of its high antioxidant content. The regular consumption of horsetail can help to flush harmful substance or toxins out of your body and bring back the normal urine flow.

Making some tea from one of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, then you can feel the clear effect of horsetail on your kidneys.

You need to prepare about 3 teaspoons of dried horsetail and mix it with boiled water. Steep it for 10 minutes and then strain to enjoy it. You can drink 2-3 cups of horsetail per day to make sure your kidneys are cleansed completely.

10. UvaUrsi

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

In the list of the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys, uvaursi or bearberry is also a powerful natural herb that can both improve your kidneys system but also protect your body from catching some kidneys problems like kidneys infection or kidneys stone.

Like other super herbs to cleanse your kidneys as mentioned above, uvaursiis also enriched with diuretic properties, so once utilizing this herb, your kidneys will be cleansed thoroughly and become powerful enough to struggle with the kidney infection. Through the demonstration about uvaursi of the Milton S.Hershey Medical Center, it appears to be really beneficial to those with abnormal urine problem as it can deal with kidneys infection effectively thanks to the presence of tannins which also contains astringent effects, therefore, the inflammation and kidneys problems can be relieved remarkably.

You can try taking uvaursi tea to reduce the ability to get kidneys problems or urine issues.

11. Goldenrod

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Goldenrod is among the most fantastic and super herbs for cleansing kidneys.

From ancient time, it was used as an effective treatment to deal with the skin problem or wounds. But more than that, the large diuretic amount inside the goldenrod could help to remove the excess fluid out of your body thoroughly, especially when people were caught with irritated kidneys infection or urine deterioration.

So many studies have to admit this thing, the most prominent of them is the statement from the University of Marryland Medical Center. Besides showing that goldenrod has the special ability to reject the toxins out of your body, the researchers also implemented some experiment on animal and received the result showing that goldenrod is really effective in fighting against kidneys infection, lower the blood pressure, reduce the chance of getting weak bladder. In addition, the high anti-inflammatory content in goldenrod is also what makes it worth taking. From this perspective, you can easily realize that this is worth being among the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys.

12. ChancaPiedra

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

This herb is also among the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys that you should consider taking use of it. It is not randomly stated to be in the list of the best herbs for kidneys but based on real research. The most outstanding research that could show this proof clearly is the one taking place in Germany.

In this research, 100 patients with kidneys stone are supplied with chancapiedra, Wolfram Wiemann saw that 94 out of them did become relieved from the kidney stones just after two weeks consuming it. More surprisingly, all the people who could get away with kidneys stone found no side effect during the period of taking this treatment. So in the end, from this research, Weimann jumped to conclusion that chancapiedra can become among the super herbs to cleanse your kidneys.

In addition, a study recently carried out in Brazil also showed the same result, moreover, the researchers could find out that this natural herb can keep the calcium crystals from attacking the kidney cell. So your kidneys can be protected and controlled effectively.

13. Hydrangea Root

super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

It can be said hydrangea root is a really healthy natural herb that people should absorb, especially when you are suffering from irritated urine issue or kidneys infection. Some studies have given the strong proof of the fantastic effect of it on your kidneys. And in fact, this beautiful flowering plant can become a potent source of diuretic allowing you to experience the more comfortable feeling with your kidneys.

Like other diuretic-rich herbs, hydrangea root tea is really an excellent choice for you to treat urinary problem thoroughly. Besides, with the combination with the horsetail, the tea becomes more and more powerful to maintain the good health of kidneys and let the urine flow be as smooth as possible. This can also remove toxins from the kidneys system out of your body fast as well as reduce the possibility of getting urinary tract including the bladder, kidneys prostate, and urethra. Like chancapiedra, the hydrangea root tea is good enough to prevent the gravel or stone formulated in your kidneys after a period of time. This is considered the recipe to detoxify your kidneys thoroughly that all of you should utilize now.

Above is the list of top 13 super herbs to cleanse your kidneys thoroughly. Have you tried them and realized the big change in your urine routine? Surely your kidneys condition will be improved thoroughly to bring to you the comfort, the reduction in stress as well as the refreshed body. Whether you are getting trouble with your kidneys or not, it is highly recommended that you should take use one of the above super herbs to cleanse your kidneys on a regular basis. This is a necessary practice to keep your kidneys in good health and avoid some normal health issues. You just need to keep one thing in mind that to take the best effect from these herbs, you should consult the doctor’s advice in proper cases.

If you have any related questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box.

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