6 Best Ways On How To Burn Body Fat While Building Muscle At The Same Time

4. Fill Up On Fiber

Increasing your consumption of high-fiber foods can protect against fat accumulation and weight gain. Increasing fiber intake also promotes feelings of fullness and reduces hunger. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts are rich in fiber that can boost fat burning weight loss and build muscle.

5. Drink Healthier Beverages

drink healthier beverages

Sugar-sweetened beverages such as flavored juice drinks, soda, and sweetened tea are full of calories and supply little nutritional value. Consuming both alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages is related to a higher chance of belly fat. Thus, it’s necessary to limit your consumption of these beverages to help decrease your intake of calorie and control your waistline. Instead, stick to calorie-free beverages such as green tea or water. Green tea holds caffeine and is abundant in antioxidants, which all may help enhance metabolism and increase fat burning.

6. Start Strength Training

Strength training is an exercise type requiring you to contract the muscles against resistance. It is useful for building muscle mass and increasing strength. Strength training commonly involves lifting weights to help gain muscle over time. Strength training has multiple health benefits, especially when it comes to losing fat. It has been shown to reduce belly fat and increase resting energy expenditure, especially as combined with aerobic exercise. Doing body-weight exercises, using gym equipment or lifting weights are a few simple ways to start with strength training.

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