17 Must-Know Ways On How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Naturally At Home

13. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear – Try More Water

At first, this technique can sound illogical, but it may actually help to draw water out of the ear. If you do not believe, maybe you can skip an effective and simple way.


  • Firstly, lie on your side and use a clean dropper to fill your affected ear with water.
  • Now, wait 5 seconds and turnover with your affected ear facing down. As a result, all of the water will drain out.
14. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear – Humidifier

Dry air may worsen upper respiratory infections and prevent your water or earwax from breaking up & draining. To get the water out of the ear when you suffer from an infection, use a humidifier in the bedroom to encourage steam production as well as reduce fluid buildup. You may also find the same effect when taking a hot shower, using a sauna session, or sitting in a steam room. Or, placing a hot water bottle near your ear can also help to draw fluid out of your ear canal.

In fact, humidifiers are great in winter since the air in the house may be extremely dry. There are many brands offering portable humidifiers, so it is easy to move these humidifiers to whatever area you are in to remove the fluid faster. In addition, humidifiers are good for people with allergies.

15. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear – Wipe The Ear With A Cloth

In fact, it is an easy way on how to get water out of your ear naturally at home that you should try. Wiping the outer of the ears with a soft clean towel or washcloth will aid you in getting rid of water or fluid in your ear. However, you should ensure that you tilt the head down the washcloth to allow the water to easily drain out. Remember not to push the washcloth or towel deep inside the ears because it makes the fluid come back into the ear.

16. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear – See A Doctor

The above tips on how to get water out of your ear are things you may try at home. Everyone may get sick during the life, including the discomfort caused due to an ear infection. At the very least, a plugged ear is completely uncomfortable, so trying a few home remedies may help to relieve your symptoms before you visit your doctor. And then, when you suspect ear infections, the best thing you need to do right away is to visit a doctor. A medical professional always has the right tools to remove water in your ear and prescribe proper antibiotics to treat an ear infection.

Above are 17 must-know ways on how to get water out of your ear naturally at home that you can follow easily. If you want to learn more the natural treatments for other health condition, please visit our How To page. Do not forget to leave your comments in the form below to show us your thoughts.

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