Top 10 Unusual Uses Of Toothpaste That Will Amaze You

4. Using Toothpaste To Remove Chewing Gums Out Of Your Hair

Have you ever been in a ridiculous situation that your hair is stuck with chewing gums? If yes, I am sure that it really drives you crazy and sometimes you have to say goodbye to your hair because you need to cut off the gum.  There is an easier way for you to cope with that disgusting gum without using scissors. Let apply toothpaste directly to the wad of gum and wait for some minutes until the paste gets dry. Then take the paste as well as the gum out of your hair with figures.

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5. Using Toothpaste To Wipe Out The Lipstick Stain On Fabric

Not many people know that toothpaste can do its whitening wonders not only for teeth but also for fabric. It always comes in handy as you need to get rid of the lipstick stain left on your white shirt. But how to apply the extra whitening toothpaste on your clothes to remove lipstick stains? Here are some super-easy steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Put a small amount of extra whitening toothpaste on the clean cloth

Step 2: Rub gently and thoroughly on the lipstick stains

Step 3: When the stains start to fade away, repeat the process with a little water until the stains are gone completely

Step 4: Wash off the toothpaste carefully

6. Using Toothpaste To Remove Small Scratches On Your Phone Screen.

Phone is usually put in bags or pockets with many other things including keys or sharp items. This results in the ugly scratches or scuffs on your phone screen. We would like to remind you that instead of thinking about replacing by a new phone or wasting an enormous expenditure on a mobile phone’s shop, you can totally make use of some DIY methods with toothpaste to remove shallow scratches on your gadget easily. Please note down that non-gel toothpaste are does not suitable.

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste into a cotton swab

Step 2: Rub gently the cotton swab on your phone screen in circular motions

Step 3: Clean your phone screen with soft cloth to remove the toothpaste.

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