12 Great Ideas On How To Curl Your Hair Easily & Quickly

Even if you were not born with glossy or bouncy curls, you can usually convince the hair in order to spring up for 1 or 2 days. Choosing the proper method & technique could help you much. There are many ways of curling your hair such as using a curling iron, hair rollers, a flat iron, scrunching or braids – all of which are planned below, which are collected by Effective Remedies. Find one of these 12 great ideas on how to curl your hair easily & quickly that acts for you.

12 Easy Methods On How To Curl Your Hair Easily & Quickly

1. Using Small Strips Of Cloth

how to curl your hair

It is easy to curl the hair by using some methods and techniques. Here is the way that explains you on how to curl your hair with the strips of cloth:

  • The first step is to do it on damp hair.
  • Next make the section in the hair.
  • Place the sock or cloth at the tip of the hair and keep rolling until reaching from where you want the curls to begin. Then, tie at the end.
  • Keep entire night. Now when you un-roll socks you will find that the hair has taken to a few lovely curls.
  • All you can do is running your hands through the hair to offer it the right bounce. Ensure you comb them.

2. Using Velcro Rollers

how to curl your hair


  • Comb to dampen your hair to free it of any tangles or knots.
  • Separate hair in section relying on the type of curls (loose or tight) you want.
  • Now take each section and then start rolling Velcro outward or inward. Secure tight using a butterfly clip.
  • Now blow dry using warm air for 5 minutes and later with cold air for around 3 -4 minutes.
  • Keep for 15 minutes prior to opening.
  • Your curls are ready.

3. Using Tissue Paper

how to curl your hair

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How to curl your hair with tissue paper? Here are detailed guides:

  • The first step is to wash your hair using your favorite shampoo and next towel dry to stay away from too much dripping of water. Later, apply one gentle hydrating hair serum to the hair, to make it shiny and soft. After that, comb your hair in order to remove all the knots and tangles. It is necessary to begin with tangle-free and clean hair.
  • Then, lay down one clean tissue paper using two plies.
  • Start rolling down this tissue paper to form one cylindrical roll shape. The shape will act as one tool in rolling the hair for making soft curls.
  • Now take one small section of the hair and after that, place this rolled tissue paper at the tip of the hair. The most vital step is to have gently damp hair as it will aid in curling the hair easily.
  • Then, start rolling this tissue paper with the hair. Keep rolling the hair tightly with your fingers.
  • Thereafter, when you attain the topmost portion of your hair, you need to knot the tissue paper gently with your hair to protect that tissue paper. Create 2 knots to tightly protect the ends of this tissue paper with the hair. You will see one curvy cocoon-like shape in the hair.
  • Do the same step for all of the hair divisions. If you like stronger and tighter curls then you keep the tissue paper for one night. If you like looser curls then you can let the tissue be laid on your hair for around 3 to 4 hours.
  • The next day you remove these tissue paper knots to see gorgeous and bouncy curled hair! And that is it.

4. Using Socks

how to curl your hair

How to curl your hair with socks? Here are easy steps for you to follow:

  • All you need is to take a number of long and clean socks for this hairstyle.
  • Divide or draw the hair into different sections. After that, treat them section wise as per the following way.
  • Take a section and twist/ draw it around that sock. You keep in mind to wrap the total section, i.e. beginning from tips and finishing at the roots.
  • Wear this setting for a night. The following morning the desired curls are there.

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5. Using Soda Cans

  • Start using mousse applied damp hair plus divide the hair into sections.
  • Now wrap the sections around those cans and you may use anything such as elastic bands or bobby pins etc to secure them.
  • Then, leave the hair to dry naturally and after that remove the cans. 
  • Here you’re with your stunning curls.

6. Braid Your Hair

how to curl your hair

Curling your hair with braids is a very efficient and simple way of getting curls.

Here are detailed directions:

  • The first step is to wash your hair and next remove the water excess from them. But be careful as you shouldn’t dry them absolutely. Keep them damp.
  • The next step is to braid your hair.
  • Now make only one single long plait. Making numerous small braids also serves this purpose. The option depends on you.
  • After this, leave the braids to be overnight, the following morning comb the braids or open them.
  • Finally, you have the beautiful curls.

7. Using A Headband

Using a headband to curl the hair is not difficult to do and produces amazing results. How to curl your hair with a headband? Here are easy and simple steps for you to try:

  • The first step is to position one headband on the top of the head.
  • Now pin carefully every single section of the hair over that headband but remember to work with one single section at one time.
  • Now keep the hair this way overnight.  
  • Open it the next morning and you’ll have good-to-go, nice curls.

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8. Pin Curls

how to curl your hair

Here are the steps on how to curl your hair with pins:

  • You need many bobby pins and some patience because this procedure needs more time and some more effort.
  • Next arrange the hair into different sections.
  • Now either tie your hair or twist them into small knots and after this, secure them in the position they’re using bobby pins. You can also conceal those pins by covering the head in any fashionable manner.
  • Keep your hair this way for one day or so.
  • Afterwards, open the pins and you have the curls.

9. Make Multiple Small Buns


  • First of all, separate your hair into a few different sections. Basically, the thickness of those separations will decide the looseness of your curls.
  • Next take each section and then make one small bun of it. Keep in mind you had better make this bun by twisting your hair from the tip to root.
  • Keep the hair this way for the entire night. In the morning, undo this bun and flaunt the beautiful curls.

10. Using A Curling Iron

how to curl your hair

How to curl your hair with a curling iron? Here are detailed guides:

  • The first step is to heat up your curling iron.Turn on that curling iron and then heat it to 430 degrees for thicker hair and 320 degrees for fine hair.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly.Ensure there’re no tangles or your curls will not form properly. The hair should be dry completely before you curl it.
  • Now apply one heat protectant to the hair.
  • Separate the hair into sections.
  • After this, working in sections, curl the hair.
  • Once one curl is down, pin it up quickly. Grab the bottom of your curl, compact the curl to make a perfect curl. Fasten the hair circle of to your head using a bobby pin or one similar hair clip.
  • Continue until all of the hair is pinned up.
  • After your hair is cool, you take off all off the bobby pins. Now shake out your curls and then fix any curls which are messed up.
  • Manipulate curled hair, if wanted.
  • Gently spray hairspray to give the curls hold.

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11. Using A Flat Iron

how to curl your hair

Here are easy steps on how to curl your hair using a flat iron:

  • Apply one heat protectant from the mid-shaft to the ends of dry hair to inhibit damage from the tools.
  • For fine hair, you can apply a hairspray with one medium hold.
  • Begin with a 1-inch section near the forward of your face.
  • Apply the straightener to the section and later flip that straightener to point away from the face.
  • In this position, gradually pull your flat iron away from the head.
  • After creating the wave, you flip it with the fingers and let it cool.
  • Do around the rest of the head.
  • Once the waves have cooled, spritz one texturizing spray in order to add volume.
  • Gently separate your waves using your fingers.
12. Using Chopsticks

how to curl your hair

Here are detailed guides that explain you on how to curl your hair using chopsticks:

  • The first step is to separate the hair into pigtails with one part down the middle. Next, separate one side using a clip and secure the second using a hair tie.
  • Then, twist your pigtail over the chopstick.
  • Turn the chopstick so that its end is pointing toward the part as well as tuck it underneath your hair.
  • Do the same steps on the remaining pigtail.
  • Tuck the chopsticks into your hair opposite each pigtail for extra support.
  • You will have several seriously luscious locks when you release these chopsticks and your hair ties.

To get more about simple & easy solutions for other problems relating to beauty, go to our main DIY Recipes page. After reading this post of top 12 easy methods on how to curl your hair easily and quickly, hope that it can help you find out the best way to curl the hair fast. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below. Also, you can share your experience with us if you know any other methods on how to curl your hair.

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