19 Effective Ways On How To Increase Breast Milk Production After Delivery Fast

V. How To Increase Breast Milk Production – Effective Remedies

effective remedies

When breastfeeding, people often try to avoid Western medicine but consider more natural and herbal remedies to ensure the babies’ healthy growth. Therefore, you can apply the following home remedies to increase your breast milk besides following a diet with enough nutritious foods and apply the above-recommended tips.

1. How To Increase Breast Milk Production With Garlic

Using garlic is considered to be one of the best home remedies to promote breast milk production as it can effectively stimulate the lactation. Also, garlic is a great galactagogue, which is beneficial to both nursing mother and breastfed baby. It helps to increase the milk flavor; therefore, mother, who eats garlic, often feeds in a longer time. Here are the directions on how to use garlic for breast milk productions:


  • Firstly, you have to grind 3 cloves of garlic
  • Secondly, add the above garlic to 1 cup of water, boil until it remains a quarter
  • Then, add a cup of milk to the above water and continue to boil
  • Remove the mixture from the heat, add ½ teaspoon of honey
  • Strain it
  • Finally, enjoy the above drink every morning during the breastfeeding process
2. How To Increase Breast Milk Production With Carrots And Beetroots

Carrots and beetroots are rich sources of beta-carotene, which can boost the production of breast milk in lactating mothers. Moreover, beta-carotene is an essential nutrient for the development of infants. The rich content of nutrients and minerals of carrots and beetroots makes them powerful and nutritious food supplements for breastfeeding mothers. If you find it interesting, follow the directions below:


  • Firstly, take 2 carrots and 2 beetroots, wash and then put them in a juicer
  • Blend to make fresh juice
  • Secondly, add to this juice some honey or salt according to your taste
  • Finally, drink this juice twice per day in some weeks to increase the breast milk supply

If you do not like drinking juice, you can add carrots and beetroots to your daily soup or salad. Wash and then cut them into small pieces, consume them with other salad ingredients or add those pieces to your soup. Regularly follow these directions; you will be surprised with the result.

3. How To Increase Breast Milk Production With Warm Compress

As we recommended above, a warm compress can help to increase the amount of breast milk supply. It also helps to improve the situation of low blood circulation in the breast, which is the main cause of breast milk deficiency. To achieve the best result, apply a warm compress before each breastfeeding time to increase the production of milk to serve your baby’s needs. Here are the directions:


  • Firstly, massage your breast for 5 minutes
  • Secondly, dip a clean and soft cloth into warm water, then wring it out to remove the excess water
  • Then, gently massage your breasts using this cloth for 10 minutes. Remember to rub around the nipples and press your breasts against your chest.
  • Finally, lean forward and start to feed your baby.
4. How To Increase Breast Milk Production With Fenugreek

Fenugreek is also a fantastic natural ingredient to increase the breast milk production. People believe that it can stimulate the glands, which in charge of producing milk in your breast thanks to the appearance of phytoestrogens in this magic grass.  Also, fenugreek can help to stimulate activities of the mammary gland, a kind of modified sweat gland, and boost the production of breast milk. Here are the directions on how to use fenugreek for breast milk production:


  • Firstly, add 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds[2] to 1 cup of water and let it stay through the night
  • In the next morning, boil the above cup of water for some minutes
  • Then, strain the liquid to take the tea
  • Finally, drink this tea every day in the morning until you see the improvement
5. How To Increase Breast Milk Production With Cinnamon

Using cinnamon is also an effective natural home remedy to boost the breast milk supply. Consuming cinnamon helps to improve the milk flavor to increase the appetite of your baby. For mother, cinnamon helps prevent menstruation after delivery and early conception. Also, this ingredient is natural, so you do not have to worry about its side effects. Therefore, there is no reason to hesitate using cinnamon to increase the milk production in breastfeeding women.


  • Firstly, add 1 pinch of cinnamon powder to ½ teaspoon of honey
  • Secondly, add the above mixture to a cup of warm milk
  • Finally, stir them well and drink it every day before bedtime
  • You should continuously apply this remedy in one or two months to get the best result.

VI. Frequent Asked Questions

1. When To Start Breastfeeding?

This is a quite common question for mothers all over the world. The ideal time to breastfeed your infant is 30 minutes after delivery as they will sleep for the next 24 hours. Breastfeeding within this perfect time brings many benefits to both mother and baby. To breastfeed, you should let your baby latch on your chest; put his mouth around your nipple and areola. Some days after delivery, your baby may need to be fed every 1 – 3 hours. When he becomes older, this time will be longer.

2. How To Realize That Your Baby Is Hungry?

Many people often think that when their babies cry, they are hungry. Unfortunately, this is a very late sign of the appetite in your children. Pay attention to your baby; he may be hungry when you see the following symptoms:

  • Move the head from the left to the right or vice verse
  • Put hands to mouth
  • Open his mouth
  • Nuzzle the mother’s breasts
  • Pucker lips
3. How To Breastfeed Correctly?

Besides increasing the amount of breast milk, it is also essential to feed your baby correctly. Or else, he will feel hard to breathe while breastfeeding. Here are some tips for you to have a correct breastfeeding method:


  • Make sure that your infant’s mouth is widely opened
  • Use your hand to support your breast. Put the thumb on the top and the fingers on the back, far enough for your baby to have enough the nipple
  • Slightly move your nipple from your infant’s bottom lip to chin to encourage him to open mouth
  • Do not press your baby’s nose against your breast and make sure you can see or hear his swallowing

Above are 19 simple but effective ways on how to increase breast milk production fast after delivery. All of them are natural and easy to apply. Learn by heart and remember to implement some of them at the same time. Pay attention to your diet, combining with reducing stress and some breastfeeding techniques, you will achieve good result soon. All content provided is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate to you. If you have any questions or other tips, you can leave your comment under this article. For other natural home remedies for beauty and health issues, you can visit our How To page of Effective Remedies for more information.

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