Revealed: 10 Best Solutions On How To Take Care After Abortion At Home


Abortion is a single way to end an unwanted pregnancy by eliminating an embryo or fetus before it may survive outside the uterus. For some women, however, an abortion occurs spontaneously, which is also called a miscarriage. Whatever reasons are, women should need to know how to take care of themselves after abortion properly and carefully. Today, will introduce to you some useful tips on how to take care after abortion at home. Don’t skip this article if you want to take care of yourself for good or you are trying to care for your woman after an abortion or a miscarriage.

Top 10 At Home Tips On How To Take Care After Abortion

1. Bleeding After Abortion

Many women suffer from bleeding after their abortion. During this period, you can have days with light or heavy bleeding. Although it is completely normal to remove blood clots out of the body, passing large blood clots for more than 2 hours isn’t normal.

So what is consistent heavy bleeding? If you have to use 2 maxi pads or more in 1 hour or bleeding heavily within 12 or more hours, you may experience it. If the passed blood is bright red in color after the first-day abortion, accompanied by a stabbing, persistent pain, maybe it is a sign of complications. For this, you should go to see doctors to get their help and advice.

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2. How To Take Care After Abortion – Sex After Abortion

You should avoid having sex for 2 weeks after abortion to reduce the risk of an infection. In case, you have had sexual intercourse, and used a method of contraception and aren't at risk of a new pregnancy, you should not have further sex within 2 weeks after the abortion. This is good for your health because it reduces the risk of an infection and helps you to recover after your treatment quickly. If you didn't use any method of contraception, you are at a high chance of a new pregnancy.

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