Revealed: 10 Best Solutions On How To Take Care After Abortion At Home

3. How To Take Care After Abortion – Follow-Up Exam

how to take care after abortion

You should have a follow-up exam 3-4 weeks after the abortion to make sure that you are completely recovered [1].

  • A clinician will perform this exam.
  • The exam may be free when you return within 1 month. However, there are fees for prescribed lab tests, medications, and birth control supplies.
  • There will be fees for a follow-up test after 30 days or when you want a private physician.
  • In this time, you can discuss your birth control method that is suitable for you.
4. How To Take Care After Abortion – Washing After Abortion

Although there is no medical cause of not having a shower or bath after the abortion, the medication you have been taken can make you feel dizzy, faint, and weak. If possible, you should have a bath or shower with someone at home for the first time.

A shower will be preferable to a bath. You should avoid having a bath if you are bleeding heavily. Never use liquid disinfectant or antiseptic and heavily scented products to wash your vagina & genital area. It is recommended to use unscented products because they can reduce the risk of an infection & irritation.

Avoid doing vaginal douching. Douching is cleaning or washing the inside of your vagina with water or some other fluids.

5. How To Take Care After Abortion – Rest & Recovery

You can easily manage most of the normal adverse effects by resting, although most women often take it easy for 1 or 2 days after their abortion until they can return to normal activities. Let follow the guide below for a better health.

  • Avoid exercise strenuously in the first week.
  • Increasing daily activities (for example, returning to work) can cause more bleeding and cramping.
  • Avoid stimulation of your nipples to lower breast discharge.
  • Breast tenderness & swelling can last for 2 weeks.
  • Passing blood clots is normal, especially when you get out of your bed.

Most symptoms of pregnancy begin to disappear within 1 day after the abortion while nausea is often gone way by the third day.

6. How To Take Care After Abortion – Contraception After Abortion

Remember to use a method of birth control [2] immediately after the abortion. If you have been taken the contraceptive pills, start taking it the day after the procedure. You needn’t wait for your first cycle to start or your bleeding to stop because you can get pregnant again right away. If you want the contraceptive implant, you can use coil or contraceptive injection at the clinic immediately.

7. How To Take Care After Abortion – Exercise After Abortion

Avoid performing any exercise for 2 weeks. Swimming, horse riding, going to the gym, team sports, or heavy physical work may increase bleeding or make it worse. If you have a young baby, avoid carrying them more than necessary within the first few days, especially up and downstairs.

8. How To Take Care After Abortion – Sexually Transmitted Infections

In case, you think that you have sexually transmitted infections, you should see a health professional as soon as possible because untreated infections may result in infertility and be transmitted to your sexual partner. You should have swabs taken and take antibiotics.

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