70 Common Tips How To Whiten Skin Fast & Naturally At Home

4. How To Whiten Skin With Lemon Water

how to whiten skin fast

A lot of cosmetic products claim to help you get glowing & healthy skin but they are very expensive. Instead, try applying lime water to get a healthy & glowing skin. Besides benefiting the skin, lime juice and water reduce blackheads, wrinkles, & aging. Lemon also works as a natural bleach because it contains vitamin C. In addition, the acidity found in it will help to whiten the skin.

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5. How To Whiten Skin Fast With Dark Chocolate

how to whiten skin fast

Another way how to whiten skin fast is eating dark chocolate. You just need to consume a few squares of dark chocolate a day, and you will rev up your skin texture & UV resistance. Cocoa polyphenols & flavonoids found in chocolate are known as superb antioxidants, which are useful in whitening the skin. It also helps as one protection against UV rays

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6. Fruits And Vegetables Rich In Vitamin C

how to whiten skin fast

Eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C also is another simple but effective way on how to whiten skin fast at home. To maintain a bright and healthy complexion, most dermatologists will recommend you to consume foods that are enriched with vitamin C including cherries, strawberries, citrus, tomatoes, or kiwifruit.

7. Red And Yellow Fruits

how to whiten skin fast

These red and yellow fruits are rich in carotene and phytochemicals, which assist in anti-oxidation, thus perking up the resistance power of the skin. So you just need to include a wide range of red & yellow vegetables and fruits such as, pumpkins, carrots, and mangoes into your daily diet plan.

8. How To Whiten Skin With Soybean

how to whiten skin fast

One of the best and easiest ways on how to whiten skin fast is consuming soybean. Soybean is a natural food that is best for anti-ageing because it contains the isoflavone that works as a phytoestrogen, which fights ageing. In addition, the antioxidants found in soybean aid in maintaining the luster of the skin. You can try consuming soybean products such as tofu or soybean milk to make your skin whiter.

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9. How To Whiten Skin With Papaya

how to whiten skin fast

Papaya is very rich in antioxidants. This fruit also contains a special enzyme that is called papain that can kill the dead cells as well as help you to get rid of almost skin impurities. Taking a glass of papaya milk daily or simply applying this fruit onto your skin will do wonders for it.

10. How To Whiten Skin With Snack

how to whiten skin fast

Healthy snack with some nuts will help you in fighting acne because they include selenium & zinc. Snack with almonds and pumpkin seeds will help you in purifying the blood as well as providing you with nutrients that are beneficial to your body. In addition, you can consume fennel seeds that have 2 strong properties such as antioxidants & detoxifiers. These properties can tone your skin as well as improve the blood circulation. Furthermore, eating fennel can also help you in keeping your skin hydrated & moisturized.

III. How To Whiten Skin Fast With Skin Care Tips

1. Limit Your Sun Exposure

how to whiten skin fast

 It is not easy to prevent the skin from contacting the sun completely every day; however, the exposure to the sun will darken your skin. To limit your sun exposure, you just need to spend some minutes of your time on preparing your skin for the sun exposure before going out for the day. If you want to prevent your skin from being too tanned, you just need to take some measures as below:

  • Use a sunscreen with the high SPF. For example, 30 SPF or high.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts & long pants. Choose cool and swishy fabrics during the summer, so you will not get too hot.
  • Do not completely stay out of the sunlight. Your body needs vitamin d from the sun exposure in the early morning.
  • Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Regular use of sunscreens when going out.
  • Stay away from the sunlight between about 9 a.m. & 4 p.m., when the UV rays are quite harmful and strong.

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2. Have A Proper Skin Care Regimen

how to whiten skin fast

 Another way on how to whiten skin fast and naturally at home is keeping a proper skin care regimen. You should wash your face about 2 times a day. Then, you need to moisturize the skin regularly to make it supple and smooth. Moisturizing the skin can aid you a lot in the rejuvenation process of your skin. You also need to remember that the dry skin will absorb more heat that can cause it to look darker.

Skin care must be good enough to eat!

Understanding good skin care is knowing all the parts of the skin, and if you don’t know that then you can’t really treat it.

3. How To Whiten Skin by Exfoliating

how to whiten skin fast

Maybe you have heard about the dead skin cells as well as how they love to keep on your face. Just by exfoliating your skin once a week, you can remove dead & dark skin cells and let the new, lighter ones come out on the skin surface. When the new skin is revealed due to exfoliation, you may finally get the lighter skin tone.

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4. How To Whiten Skin By Keeping It Moisturized

how to whiten skin fast

 Making your skin be moisturized can prevent the dead cells from building up & sloughing off so fast. To get the brighter skin, you can use a natural moisturizer daily after getting out of your bath or shower. You can choose a creamy moisturizer, which does not contain alcohol, because alcohol may actually dry out the skin.

  • Option 1: choose coconut oil that is a great moisturizer, which keeps the skin looking glowing & youthful. You spread a little of coconut oil onto your legs and arms after getting out of your shower. Then, you wait about 10 minutes in order that it can absorb into the skin before you wear your clothes on.
  • Option 2: jojoba oil has moisturizing properties, so it also is a great moisturizer for the skin. In addition, you can choose almond oil or olive oil that can work wonders.

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