Top 21 Natural Home Remedies For Nail Fungus Removal

In daily life, there is a typical kind of fungal infection existing under your toenail or fingernail in the various forms such as white or yellow spots on your nail’s tips. This kind of fungus can be found on both your toe nail and fingernail, but mostly be seen on toenail because the environment there is considered convenient to allow the fungus, especially fungus group called dermatophytes, to develop vastly after a short time. Actually, the fungus is the reason of so much irritation happening to the patients as it firstly exists on your finger and toe, then make your nail crack or split, but then will spread out to other parts of your body, which is very dangerous. Therefore, fungus nail should be dealt with ASAP.

Let’s take a deep look at its mechanism affecting on people’s nail. Firstly, under your nail’s tips, there will be fading effect making your nail broken down along the edges and totally discolored or emit the bad smell. In case you have to suffer from the fungus, your nail will fade away and turn yellow which can cause irritating symptoms like swelling, inflammation, thickening, crumbling nail, pain or dull without shine. The main reasons for these symptoms are the continual exposure to the humid dirty environment, poor hygiene, weak immune system, etc.

Seeing that nail fungus can cause so much inconvenience for the sufferers of it, so in this article, Effective Remedies will reveal to you top 21 best natural home remedies for nail fungus removal. Listed in this article are the best of the best fungus treatments extracted from totally natural sources. After taking these remedies, you will definitely slow down the development of nail fungus relatively. Of course, all the ingredients mentioned here are nontoxic and available around your house. If you are longing for your better nail situation, you should take a look at taking some of the remedies here. Hopefully, after spending time on this article, your nail fungus situation will totally be limited and you will get strong and shiny nail as you used to.

Practicing the best home remedies for nail fungus is the best way to protect your nail as well as the surrounding parts from being ruined.

Top 21 Natural Home Remedies For Nail Fungus Removal

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Pure Or Rice Flour)

home remedies for nail fungus

Now, you can look around your kitchen then if you suddenly stop at the apple cider vinegar, you grab it to cure your nail fungus immediately. Considered among the most effective home remedies for nail fungus removal, ACV is widely used by most of the fungus patients.

According to Dr. Josh Axe from Exodus Health Center, ACV is really a precious ingredient while not too luxurious to keep in your house. Its usage is undeniable when it can not only deal with skin problem or balance the pH in the body but also take control of blood level or support the weight losing process. Included in ACV are so many anti-fungal properties which are very efficient to treat nail fungus. Besides, ACV also contains acidic components which prevent the fungus from spreading to other parts. Simultaneously, the ACV can remove dead skin cells as well as get rid of fungi and bacteria quickly. From such information, sufferers of nail fungus now turn to care more about this healthy food to improve the condition.

In this article, you will be shown some ways of using ACV to remove your nail fungus.

Pure ACV: Make foot soak for toenail fungus and fingernail also

  • Take two equal parts of ACV and water, then you mix it together
  • (Alternatively, you mix one part of Epsom salts with one part of ACV and 6 parts of hot water, then wait till it gets cooler)
  • Then, you soak your nail in the mixture for 30 minutes
  • After done, you dry your nails thoroughly
  • Repeat this process every day for at least 4 weeks to see the better result.

ACV mixed with rice flour: Make paste to treat nail fungus

  • Firstly, you take some ground rice flour and mix it with few teaspoons of ACV
  • Stir it well, and use the paste to apply to the affected nails
  • Scrub the paste gently to get rid of damaged skin
  • Continue the process for several weeks.

2. Combine Baking Soda With Some Other Ingredients

The next remedy is the use of baking soda. There must be something special from baking soda so that everyone calls it among the greatest home remedies for nail fungus removal.

Baking soda, in fact, is not difficult to find, so people can easily get some to apply on fungus. As we may know, bacteria will need an acidic environment to develop, and baking soda appears to prevent them from flourishing as it can create an uninhabited environment for them. The truth is, baking soda is not fungicidal which can not totally kill the fungus, but fungistatic which can prevent fungus from spreading largely on your body. The reason why it acts like this is that it is alkaline opposite to acidic. Once utilizing this ingredient, the fungus will have no ideal place to grow up.

With baking soda – in the list of the best home remedies for nail fungus – people can apply one of these following approaches to quickly get rid of irritating nail fungus.

Pure baking soda

  • First, wash your hand clean with soap and hot water, then keep them dry
  • Next, you make paste by mixing water and baking soda in the ratio 1:2
  • Then, you take a cotton swab to apply this kind of paste on affected nails and allow it sit for 10-15 minutes
  • After the specific time, you rinse the paste off and pat the nail dry
  • Reapply this method regularly 2 times per day.

Baking soda with vinegar soak:

  • You mix an enough amount of water with baking soda until the liquid is totally blended
  • You soak your affected nails in the mixture for 15 minutes
  • Then pat them dry thoroughly
  • Repeat the process 2 times per day
  • Baking soda and sodium borate (borax) mixture
  • Mix equal parts of baking soda with sodium borate powder with enough water to create a kind of paste
  • Humidify your feet or hands, and then apply the paste by rubbing gently it on the infected nails.
  • Repeat this process 2 times daily for at least two weeks to get the clearer nail.

3. Epsom Salt & Hydrogen Peroxide

home remedies for nail fungus

There are several studies showing the benefit of hydrogen peroxide. If a study states that hydrogen peroxide is effective in empowering the defense of cell walls on plants to stop fungi from penetrating through them, then another study from Russian researchers shows that high level of hydrogen peroxide is an intensive tool to kill off fungus thoroughly.

No need to care which study is accurate, you just need to know that utilizing hydrogen peroxide with suitable dosage will help you get rid of nail fungus fast. Follow the guide here:

  • You take ½ cup of Epsom salt to mix with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • Mix it with 4 cups of hot water and ¼ cup of white vinegar to create a potent anti-fungal substance to cope with fungus.
  • Then you soak a cotton ball in the solution and place it on the infected area for 10 minutes.
  • Reapply this method 2 times daily for many weeks to see a better result.

Are you looking for other efficient home remedies for nail fungus removal? Keep going on.

4. Take Use Of Tea Tree Oil Treatment Regularly


As you may know, one of the safest ways to deal with fungus without using harsh chemicals is the utility of essential oils. Among them is tea tree oil which is considered the ideal choice to cure nail fungus.

It is a natural disinfectant containing a high number of antiseptic and fungicidal components that are seen to get away with fungus symptoms quickly. Additionally, anti-bacterial properties can help to treat skin disorders, in addition, they can help to get rid of the pain fast and ward off the fungus and microbes effectively. Tea tree oil is also well-known for its special ability to eliminate the bad smell in some cracked nails. With its great functions, there will be a huge loss if the best home remedies for nail fungus do not include tea tree oil.

You can use it regularly, then it is certain your nail situation will be better significantly. In fact, there are many methods for you to take use of tea tree oil to get the best results, keep track and choose the most suitable one for you:

Now, together we make tea tree oil soak to treat nail fungus

  • First, you prepare a cotton ball with some tea tree oil
  • Then you just need to pour a few drops of tea tree oil on the cotton ball
  • Apply it on fungus nail and rub gently in 10 minutes
  • You can use a toothbrush to scrub tea tree oil on the nail
  • Lessen the strength of oil by mixing tea tree oil with equal amount of thyme or olive oil.

Another way for you is to pour 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of water and soak your infected nail in the solution.

Then reapply the process twice a day.

Mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil:

  • Take a small and equal amount of olive and tea tree oil and mix them together
  • Stir it well, and then use this solution to rub gently on the affected nail. Remember to take a cotton ball first.
  • Let it sit there for a few minutes then wash it off your nail with water after that
  • Dry the nail thoroughly and repeat the method regularly 2 times each day.

Let's consider combining tea tree oil with grape seed oil and orange oil:

  • You mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil with ½ teaspoon of grape seed oil and ½ teaspoon of orange oil.
  • Mix it together well and soak a clean cotton ball in it for few minutes
  • Then squeeze the soaked cotton ball letting the mixture fall down gently on the infected nail
  • You let the liquid dry naturally on your nail and reapply the recipe every day.

5. Use Orange Oil For Permanent Fungus Removal

home remedies for nail fungus

The next essential oil listed in the most effective natural home remedies for nail fungus is orange oil. It is another natural anti-fungal ingredient that can cure infection on the nail if applied every day. Because it contains a large number of anti-fungal properties, it is not strange when being applied to treat nail fungus.

Taking use of orange oil, the recipe is quite simple. You just need to use a dropper to apply orange oil in between your toes or fingernail. Let the oil penetrate the affected skin for at least one hour. However, there is also some advice that you should take when using this kind of oil. Orange oil may take strong effect on sensitive skin. If you are of this situation, it is suggested that you should dilute the oil with another natural carrier like olive oil or grape seed oil with 1:1 ratio. Moreover, citrus allergies are also a common symptom, so you should test orange oil on skin first to make sure your skin is still healthy after being applied this kind of oil.

6. Apply Oregano Oil To Cure Nail Fungus Completely

Dive into the next magical ingredient in the list of home remedies for nail fungus, you will totally be convinced with the amazing function of oregano oil. People know about it as one of the natural oils containing essential components to attack troublesome nail fungus. It is a natural fungicide and antiseptic, but included in it is still a high number of helpful components such as antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic content as well as analgesic properties like carvacrol and thymol.

According to a recent study performed by Georgetown University Medical Center, oregano herb blend from Adeeva is proved to kill off up to 30 types of bacteria effectively including those cause fungal nail infection.

If you cannot get oregano oil from Adeeva, you can still try over-the-counter oregano oil. What you need to do is just mix the oil with an equal amount of another carrier oil such as olive oil before applying the solution directly to the infected nail area.

Follow the guide below to make the best of therapeutic essential oil remedy:

  • You mix one teaspoon of olive oil with one teaspoon of oregano oil
  • Stir it well and apply the solution to the infected nail area
  • Let it sit there for 30 minutes
  • When you are done, rinse the oil off with water and dry your toe and finger completely
  • Reapply this method twice a day for many weeks to see the positive improvement on your nail.

7. Put On Nail Fungus Some Lavender Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

Being one of the best home remedies for nail fungus, lavender oil is commonly used to cure the infection, especially nail fungus and is believed to make a positive improvement on nail fungus after a short time. Lavender oil includes anti-fungal compounds, which can make the great remedy for simple fungal nail (both toenail and fingernail). In addition, lavender is enriched with volatile and antiseptic properties which can help to struggle with the infection, thereby easing the irritation on nail excellently. In fact, there are various ways for you to utilize lavender oil, but in this article, you can follow either of the two approaches below:

Before going to bed at night, you can drop some drops of lavender oil on the fungal nail. You should leave the oil there to penetrate through the fungus overnight. To keep the oil in place, wrap the treated nail with wool socks for feet and bandages for the fingernail. Make sure the socks you use are not made from fibers because it can make the situation even worse. In general, with the application of this remedy on you fungal nail, your nail will gradually get back the strength and its shiny beauty soon.

You can also mix lavender oil with another kind of essential oil to create a more fast-speeding treatment.

  • First, you need to prepare 2 equal amounts of tea tree oil and lavender oil
  • Mix it together and make it warm
  • Then, dip a clean cotton ball in this solution
  • Before going to bed at night, you need to use the soaked cotton ball to dab it gently on the fungal nail and the surrounding parts as well.
  • Then, let it sit there for overnight. With the fingernail, protect it by wrapping it with that cotton ball fixed with a gauze and use woolen socks for toenail. By doing so, the oil can immerse more in your infected nail.
  • Repeat the above method at least 3-5 days until you see the improvement in the nail fungus situation.

8. Get Strong Nail With Coconut Oil


People usually think about a kind of oil named coconut whenever they are stuck with serious problem in skin, hair or beauty. It is also not an exception in the list of natural home remedies for nail fungus. First of all, try using some coconut oil on your skin if it emerges some strange symptoms like dry skin, damaged tissue,…Or you can totally apply it to your dry and damaged hair, you will see how amazingly it functionates.

As mentioned above, coconut oil is considered the effective remedy to cure nail fungus. In fact, coconut oil is comprised of medium-chain fatty acids whose action is to work as natural fungicides appearing on the fat layer of fungal membrane, then resulting in the fungus mitigation and cell disintegration. This is exactly what describes the mechanism of coconut oil to ward of fungus completely. So when you are facing with this troublesome situation, you should never ignore this method.

  • First, drop a few coconut oil on your hands
  • Then what you need to do is apply this kind of oil directly on the fungus nail and then massage gently
  • Let the oil penetrate the affected nail and let it dry naturally
  • But before applying this method, don't forget to wash your hand clearly and let it dry first
  • You should reapply the methods at least 2-3 times per day until you realize the positive result on your nail. In fact, if you really want to keep strong nail free from fungus symptoms totally, you should really apply the coconut oil.

9. Take Advantage Of Vitamin E Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

Vitamin E oil is usually known as an effective treatment for the skin problem, but it is also particularly famous for its capability to remove nail fungus. Among one of the best types of oil, vitamin E oil can be used widely to struggle with damaged nail because included in vitamin E oil is a high number of beneficial properties to protect the nail from being attacked by infection as well as prevent it from spreading to other parts on your body.

It is considered an intensive antioxidant and great skin generator which work the best on the skin as the same way with healthy hails. The use of it is really simple and you just need to apply concentrated vitamin E oil to the area of fungal nail then rub it gently on the affected area, after that wait to see the fungus drop off. Allow the vitamin E oil a suitable period of time to penetrate through the damaged skin to protect it from inside and regenerate the new production of newer, shinier and healthier nail.

10. Extract Lemon Juice To Ward Nail Fungus Off Completely

Lemon juice is just not only utilized in super hot day to cool down the temperature of everybody but also among the prominent home remedies for nail fungus approval. Do you believe? In fact, this kind of fruit, which can be found easily around you and an essential ingredient in every meal, can become a strong recipe in curing irritating nail fungus. In a long term, it can soothe the pain, remove skin flake and bring back the shiny color as well as the health for your nail.

Lemon juice is enriched with a high content of antifungal and antiseptic compounds. In the lemon juice, there is also citric acid property which can help to stop fungal and bacterial infection from widespread in the nail. There are many ways of using it to treat fungus, but here come the two most two common methods that may help you out.

The first method will show you how to use fresh lemon on your nail fungus:

  • You need to prepare clean and fresh lemon from the start
  • Next, you squeeze to extract its juice
  • Then you just need to apply this juice on your affected nail directly using a cotton ball to rub gently.
  • Let it sit there for 10-15 minutes and then use warm water to rinse it off
  • Make it dry and reapply the recipe for a month to see the positive result.

Coming to the second method, you will be shown the combination of lemon juice and olive oil

  • Take equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil and mix it together
  • Stir it well and use clean cotton ball to soak in the solution, then massage the infected nail and surroundings smoothly
  • Repeat this process regularly.

11. Cure Nail Fungus With Olive Leaf Extract


When mentioning the most effective home remedies for nail fungus, you cannot forget olive leaf extract. This kind of extract is seen to defeat the fungus and even the most stubborn symptoms, so it is not strange to call it a natural antibiotic because of its ability to cure nearly all kinds of bacteria, fungus, virus or protozoa.

Olive leaf extract can be used to deal with such fungus problems as tinea and Candida besides being the ultimate choice to treat fungus fingernail or toenail fungus. The olive leaf extract functionates basing on the mechanism of killing fungus from inside out, which means that it will penetrate into your body to cure bad bacteria (which can cause fungus on your nail) and bring about strong health to it after that. Any kinds of parasites which are living in your body unknowingly should also be killed by the olive extract. (You should be aware of how many threatening parasites are growing in your body).

In addition, people also know about olive leaf extract as a substance with twofold benefit. Apart from ward off all the fungus on your nail, it will help to detoxify and cleanse your body helping you to gain full energy and less likely to catch some normal health problems like flu and colds. With olive leaf extract, you can either apply the extract directly to the infected area or use the capsules orally, then repeat regularly for several days.

There is advice for you when purchasing olive leaf extract, you should be careful. Most of the suppliers will give you the cheap and low-quality product which is totally useless. So be sure to

12. Take Some Garlic Oil To Get Healthy Nail

home remedies for nail fungus

The next ingredient in the list of the best home remedies for nail fungus is garlic. Garlic, to some extents, is an essential part of everyone’s meal and a must-have item in every kitchen because of its undeniably great utility. It is not only famous for the capability to treat some normal health problems like a cough, headache,…but also a wonderful treatment of such infection like fungus nail. In the garlic, people found out a great deal of strong compounds which are able to cure the fungi efficiently including ajoenes and allicin which contain antifungal properties capable of dealing with severe fungus situation. Follow the below instruction to get the healthier nail.

  • First, you need to prepare some garlic cloves to extract their oil
  • Next, you need to prepare an amount of garlic oil with the same amount of white vinegar, then mix it together
  • Then, what you need to do is apply this mixture directly to your fungal nail, and then remember to wrap the treated area with clean bandage.
  • This method will help to weaken the activity of fungus in a short time
  • Another method for you is to crush 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • Then you add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the crushed garlic
  • Leave the solution steep for some minutes, so after that, you can apply it to the infected nail directly
  • Do not touch the area to let the mixture penetrate into the infected nail thoroughly

You can take some garlic to eat which also can help to deal with nail fungus.

13. Apply Onion Juice On Fungus Nail Several Times

In the list of natural home remedies for nail fungus, there comes onion. Onion, the same type with garlic, is an indispensable ingredient in every kitchen because of its diverse utilities in everyday activity. If you hope your dishes to have a stronger flavor, add some onion to them. Honestly, onion is widely used by so many people to serve different purposes, including the medical purpose, which means that especially those who have been suffering from some health problems and such infection as nail fungus can take use of onion to improve the situation. Though the smell of onion is quite hard and makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, but the truth is, such odor can be called a magic in benefiting your health. One of its benefits is making a great recipe to struggle with fungal nail. A long time ago, the onion was used by Ayurveda practitioners to combat with the skin problem including nail fungus and the most severe fungus infection. To utilize onion to get rid of nail fungus, follow the guide here:

  • First, you need to prepare some onion and crush it to extract its juice
  • You will apply this juice directly on your fungal area
  • You can try taking some pieces of onion, and then place them on your infected area. With this action, the strength of your nail will be reborn soon
  • To speed up the healing process of your nail, you can combine onion juice with a half of the lemon juice part to create a perfect recipe for treating nail fungus removal.

14. Use Turmeric Powder On A Regular Basis

home remedies for nail fungus

Have you ever heard about the natural home remedies for nail fungus like turmeric powder? In this case, using ground turmeric is really a beneficial way to help you swipe away irritating nail fungus speedily and completely. If you are suffering from the cracked nail and bad smell from it, then you should try using turmeric powder now. It is virtually one of the most powerful antiseptic and antifungal agents. It also has a great impact on your body’s health like protecting you from skin problem or keeping you stay away from cancer disease. In treating nail fungus, turmeric powder is considered effective enough to remove fungi completely and bring to your nail the stable strength. To utilize the remedy, keep reading the instruction:

  • First, prepare some ground turmeric which is of high quality
  • Make a paste by mixing it with water or fresh lemon juice
  • Then apply it directly to your infected nail
  • You can apply this kind of paste once to twice per day as long as you can see the improvement on the situation.
  • You should apply this paste on your fungal nail every day, and if needed, keep the turmeric paste on your nail for a whole day. This can help to boost the healing process of the damaged nail, at the same time ward off the fungus thoroughly and prevent it from spreading out to other parts on your body.

If you are still not satisfied with the above home remedies for nail fungus, then follow the next tips to get the most suitable one for your case.

15. Create Yogurt Coat For Treating Nail Fungus

In treating nail fungus, you just need to pay a little attention to all the things surrounding you, you will realize there are various things you can take advantage of as complete home remedies for nail fungus. And yogurt is such kind of food with a special utility like that. Besides being a great supplement for your body which contains billions of good bacteria to empower the immune system and when you consume yogurt, such bacteria will act like protective soldiers to keep you safe from thousands of bad bacteria, but it is also an essential element in curing outside-body problems including nail fungus.

In fact, yogurt is enriched with a high content of Lactobacillus acidophilus which is extremely beneficial in combating with nail fungus, especially such infections caused by the exposure to the wet environment, yeast or mold. To take the highest effect from yogurt, remember to purchase plain or unsweetened kind which contains live culture to promote the treatment and healing process on toenail and fingernail fungus.

In specific, to utilize yogurt to remove nail fungus quickly, you should consider using the high quality of it. After holding in your hands is the required kind of yogurt, you just need to use a cotton swab to apply it directly to the area of infected nail, and then let it sit there and allow the yogurt dry naturally. When it is totally dried, after about 30 minutes, you rinse off the crusted yogurt patches from your nail using tepid water. Reapply this process at least 3 times each day, then you will see the obvious improvement in your nail’s health.

16. Prepare Mustard Powder For Complete Nail Fungus Removal

home remedies for nail fungus

If you just consider mustard powder a spicy flavor to put in your daily meal, then you should think more about its great utility as a treatment for nail infection. Included in mustard powder are various kinds of antifungal properties, so it is also highly recommended to treat with the severe situation of nail fungus.

  • The use of mustard powder is quite simple and easy to follow.
  • First, prepare a teaspoon of mustard powder
  • Put it in a shallow basin filled with tepid water
  • Stir it well, then you soak your infected fungal feet in this solution for at least 30 minutes
  • You should take this treatment every morning and night before going to bad until you realize the better improvement on your nail
  • If you cannot prepare mustard powder, use some mustard oil instead. It also takes the same effect with powder.
17. Take Advantage Of Cornmeal

If you are still wondering about the most efficient home remedies for nail fungus but still available and easy to find, then it is suggested you should take use of corn meal. It is not only beneficial for your health as providing you energy to start a new day or after stressful working time but also an amazing ingredient in curing a serious fungal problem. Actually, it can take the greatest effect on such popular fungal parasite called Candida. When using corn meal, your nail fungus will be controlled well and day after day retain its shiny color as well as its strength. Now, besides taking cornmeal for breakfast, you can spare some of it to make the remedy for treating nail fungus.

  • Firstly, you need to put two quarters of water in a big-sized bowl containing a cup of corn meal
  • Let the cornmeal diluted in the water for 1 hour
  • After the required time, soak the fungal feet into the solution for 30 minutes and even more if you like.

Actually, there is still no exact assumption of the time to apply this method again, but it is mostly believed that once a week is the most suitable time for this remedy to be repeated. Someone also applies it on a daily basis. In fact, whether you utilize this way much or less depends on how is your nail situation currently, so be wise to take this method efficiently so as not to be regrettable.

18. Apply Some Potatoes On Nail Fungus

If you are wondering about the best natural home remedies for nail fungus without any side effect to your skin, you may be interested in such natural source as potatoes. Potato is naturally safe, so when applying it to your nail, you will not need to be worried about it. In addition, in potato, there are a large number of anti-fungal properties, therefore the process of fungus elimination as well as healing damaged nail fungus will be improved significantly. Potato is also the kind of vegetable which is always ready to meet your demand, you can buy it at the nearest market and save time for a both cheap and efficient treatment. For the best effect of potato to curing nail fungus, you should spend time on this guide:

  • Firstly, take fresh potato, peel it and slice the potato into half
  • Next, you crush and mix the crushed potato with turmeric powder to make a kind of paste
  • Then, you leave it there for potato to absorb nutrition from potato for 8 hours
  • When done, rinse it off with clean water

The notice that you should take in using this home remedy is that potato can also recover your nail’s original color. So do not hesitate to take advantage of this safe and efficient remedy for your nail fungus.

19. Don’t Ignore Snakeroot Extract

home remedies for nail fungus

Snakeroot, commonly known as the alternative of Ageratina pichinchensis plant, is among the highly effective natural home remedies for nail fungus that you should consider. According to a survey executed in 96 people, there are 71, 7% of them finding snakeroot tackle with their case.

Before taking use of snakeroot, you should remember to keep your finger and toe nail clean by trimming or thin it if possible. This action can reduce the pain and pressure during the treatment as well as allow the product penetrate deeply into your nail. Scraping your nail’s top also helps to enhance the effect of your remedy as they will get deeper into your layers of fingernail and toenails.

You can utilize this kind of herb by doing a foot soak with baking soda, then you will supplement it with some kinds of extracts or essential oils until you see it works for yourself. Perhaps, mixing coconut oil and tea tree oil is also an effective two-in-one treatment for you.

20. Apply Natural Lemongrass Oil

home remedies for nail fungus

To treat nail fungus, there come other efficient natural home remedies for nail fungus that you can apply including lemon grass oil. Because it is integrated with the sweet and comfortable aroma, so it is commonly used to eliminate the irritating smell from the fungal nail as well as provide your hands with soft sensation and mild scent.

Lemon grass oil, additionally, is proved to remove nail fungus thoroughly after a short period of time thanks to its high number of antimicrobial and antiseptic compounds. Besides the ability to prevent the sharp growth in nail infection, lemon grass oil can also take control well some symptoms like crumbling, fragility or distortion on your toenail and fingernail.

Taking advantage of lemon grass oil is totally not difficult. You can either apply the pure oil directly on infected area or mix it with another suitable carrier oil.

If your skin is not sensitive and allergic to this kind of oil, you can rub the oil directly on the nail and massage it gently averagely 3 times per day. Your situation will certainly be improved quickly.

Another way to utilize lemon grass oil effectively without causing any side effect is the combination of lemon grass oil with another kind of carrier oil such as grape seed oil or coconut oil. You can buy them easily from the nearest food store. Such oil can take effect as a smoothing substance reducing the severity of lemon grass oil.

  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before taking this method
  • Then, you take 12 drops of lemon grass oil to mix with 1 ounce of the carrier oil
  • When you get the expected solution, apply it on your fungal nail and done.
  • Alternatively, you can drink lemon grass tea usually 3 times per day. And with the used tea bag, you can reuse it for the healing process on your damaged nail.
21. Listerine Mouthwash

home remedies for nail fungus

Listerine mouthwash is not just for the mouth but for treating nail fungus removal as well.

It may be hard to imagine such a product for the mouth like Listerine can be used as one of various home remedies for nail fungus. You all know that Listerine contains strong proponents whose function is to kill bacteria or leftover in your mouth, at the same time bring about comfortable sensation for the user.

But besides its main utility, believe or not, Listerine can also be taken as an efficient remedy to help sufferers of nail fungus to get rid of the bad situation if it can be used the right way as it acts like a potent anti-bacteria agent. This technique is an extremely good way to solve fungus problem. With Listerine mouth wash, you can follow either of these ways to get good result:

  • The first recipe is: you just need to mix 30-50 ml of Listerine mouthwash with two cups of hot or warm water, then soak your toe in there for 30 minutes once a day. Because it is a strong antiseptic, so Listerine will kill the fungus immediately.
  • The other way is that: you will mix Listerine with vinegar or some undiluted lemon juice. Stir them well and soak your feet there for 10-15 minutes every day. After a period of time, your situation will be improved thoroughly.

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Above are the most outstanding remedies which are made at home easily and naturally. In case you are being annoyed with frustrating nail fungus, then you’d better spend time on such remedies. Then you should choose the most suitable treatment for your own.

Hopefully, top 21 natural home remedies for nail fungus removal will satisfy you in eliminating even the most stubborn nail fungus, and recovering the nail’s strength and its original color quickly. Truthfully, all the ingredients used for the above remedies are always ready for your requirement around your house, so it is quite simple for you to make whenever your infected nail situation seems to be uncontrollable. However under some circumstances, even though you try so hard with such natural treatment but there seems no improvement in the situation, it is suggested that you should ask for the doctor’s advice immediately to cure more severe symptoms. Anyways, with the list of natural home remedies for nail fungus above, you still can keep the piece in mind that your nail situation will be improved remarkably.

If you have any questions or comments for this article, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box.

For more beneficial natural remedies that can be applied to nail or skin care, you can visit our main Home Remedies homepage to get more useful information.

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