Long-Term Constipation May Harm Children’s Body More Than You Think

Updated: 10/31/2019

Long-term constipation can cause serious complications to young children. However, many parents don’t pay attention to the treatment for their child, and this makes constipation worse.

Constipation is a common condition of the digestive system in both adults and children. It occurs when bowel movements are hard to pass. Constipation is a symptom, not a disease, but long-term constipation may harm children’s body than you think.  If it is not treated properly, especially in children, it may result in serious complications. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading through this article on Effective Remedies.

Long-Term Constipation May Harm Children’s Body More Than You Think

I. The Effect Of Long-Term Constipation On Children’s Health

  • Urinary tract infections. The blockage of stool can prevent  children from emptying their bladder fully. In turn that can lead to urinary tract infections[1]
  • Long-term constipation may cause anorexia and growth retardation in children.
  • Stools stuck in the intestine for a long time may cause bloating and bowel obstruction.
  • Chronic constipation may result in anal fissures and rectal prolapse, which may cause much pain to your children
  • Moreover, toxins such as phenol, ammonia, indol in the stools created by the food processing are digested and decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. When accumulated in the intestine for a long time, these substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, resulting in intestinal obstruction, intoxication, making the body weak and poisoned.

II. Deal With Constipation Early To Avoid Serious Consequences

Parents always want their children’s constipation to be treated immediately, so they apply some methods such as laxatives, enema, and probiotics. However, these are temporary treatments and may have some bad effects on the anal and intestinal mucosa. Therefore, it’s best to consult your doctor before applying these remedies for your children.

When the child is constipated, the parents should look for effective and long-term remedies, which originate from nature to ensure the child’s safety. Thus, using natural remedies may be the first choice because they are always safe and natural without any side effects.

Read more: Top 19 Natural Treatments For Constipation In Children And Adults. This article was medically reviewed/fact checked by Sarah Brewer MSc, MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANT, CNHC.

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III. Must-Know Tips For Constipation

Besides following the natural remedies, you can follow some simple tips below for optimum results:

1. Increase Fiber Intake In Daily Diet

When your constipation condition is caused by a low-fiber diet, you should consume foods high in fiber content. Fiber adds volume to your stools, which may help remove stools through the intestines more easily[1]. Some foods rich in fiber include oats, whole – grain bread, cereal, vegetables, fruits, and beans.

If your children aren’t a fan of these foods, they can take fiber supplements as well. Fiber supplements are currently available on every pharmacy, so it is very convenient and easy for those who want to buy. Some common types of supplements are calcium polycarbophil (Fibercon), psyllium and methylcellulose (Citrucel).

2. Drink Enough Water

A study showed that even mild hydration might cause constipation[2]. Drinking enough water may help trigger bowel movements. Plus, you can let your children enjoy other types of fluid such as fruit juice and vegetable juice. However, they should avoid soft drinks, such as coca-cola, Pepsi, and soda because these beverages negatively affect overall health.

3. Do Exercises

In a study in 2014[3], researchers found a close link between physical activities and constipation relief. Exercises may stimulate bowel movements by raising blood flow throughout your abdomen. Here are some recommendations for your children:


Cardio exercises may increase heart rate and encourage your bowels. Spending 30 minutes per day to run, swim, cycle, dance or just walk may create some positive changes in the digestive system.


Practising yoga is also a great way to alleviate constipation condition by get the bowel moving. There are some certain yoga poses to get rid of stool through intestines, such as wind-relieving pose, seated twist, and supine twist. Moreover, yoga brings a wide range of amazing benefits to our human health, especially lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease[4].

Hope that the article “ Long-term constipation may harm children’s body more than you think” will help you understand more the effects of chronic constipation on children.  If you want to learn more about other health conditions, please visit our New & Facts page. Feel free to share your views in the comment box; we will not let you wait for our replies.

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