Warning: 14 Foods That Harm Our Health If We Eat At Wrong Hours


There are many types of food you may not think that they are healthy but actually, they turn out to be good for our health. However, that healthy food can even harm your body if consumed at wrong hours. Do you ever think of this concern? If yes, we believe that you are taking good care of yourself. And if no, we highly recommend you reading this article, which will show you a list of foods that harm our health if we eat at wrong hours. Effective Remedies is glad to introduce this article to you.

14 Unexpected Foods That Harm Our Health If Eaten At Wrong Hours

1. Milk

If you think you can drink milk whenever you are thirsty or want to because milk is high in nutrients, you are carrying a wrong perception. Actually, it is highly recommended drinking milk at night because it would help relax your body better. Normally, our bodies are rested at night time in order to recover themselves after a whole working day, which is also another reason why we should have a glass of milk at that hour. More importantly, drinking milk at night also enables our cells to effectively absorb vitamins and minerals it contains.

In contrast, experts say that it would be a bit harmful for our health to consume milk in the morning. This information may make many of us surprised because people often have milk in their breakfast. Nonetheless, the fact that drinking milk in the morning may distract other physical activities because it becomes heavy for the digestion. Plus, due to a long time needed digesting; the morning-milk consumption can not only result in lethargic feeling but also mess with our eating timings.

2. Banana

foods that harm our health

Banana is another name on the list of foods we eat at wrong hours that are harmful to our health. There should be a reason for a banana to be listed here.

On the one hand, researchers have found that eating bananas at night can increase a cough and cold. If you don’t want to suffer from these common disturbing health issues frequently, you are supposed to avoid nigh-time-consumption of bananas. Besides, it is said to form mucus as well. More annoying, due to a significant amount of magnesium, contained in bananas, which might lead to some stomach troubles if eaten at night on an empty stomach, you should avoid this wrong hour.

On the other hand, you are suggested have bananas in the noon. This is the right time for your body to absorb almost all of their benefits. Especially, banana is a rich source of dietary fibers that is known as a beneficial fruit for digestion. It also contains various vitamins and minerals necessary for your body and has good weight loss effects, generally.

3. Yogurt

It is undeniable that yogurt brings us many health benefits thanks to a high concentration of good bacteria. Eating yogurt can help enhance our immunity and digestion. In particular, good bacteria contained in plain yogurt helps fight against some microorganisms found in our body. At the same time, yogurt not only soothes the digestion process but also improves gut health.

Normally, yogurt can be consumed during the day but night. Eating yogurt at night might not result in any serious or severely harmful conditions but it still has several unfavorable impacts on your body. For instance, it can induce heat and cause acidity as well. In fact, other digestive disorders can happen if you consume yogurt at night. Like milk, a night-time consumption of yogurt can also increase a cough, cold, and mucus formation. Don’t forget this piece of information, guys!

4. Green Tea

As explained, each component of diet plays an important role in building an overall health for humans. A good choice of healthy food needs to stick with a good choice of cooking method; and especially, a scientific choice of eating hours. So, we can promote the benefits and avoid harmful side effects.

Frankly, green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks for your health. According to a literature review on green tea benefits, researchers show that it can prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol levels, fight inflammation, and more [1]. The review was published in 2015, on Chinese Medicine site.

Regarding green tea, despite many outstanding health and beauty benefits, we cannot drink it unintentionally. Note that drinking green tea in the morning while your stomach is empty is very harmful to your health. Can you guess the reason? Actually, a considerable amount of caffeine contained in green tea can lead to acidity and dehydration. If you have a habit of drinking green tea in the early morning, you should stop it immediately and change your habit.

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5. Rice

Like other foods above, if the time to consume rice is improper, you might have to bear some risks. For example, you have a plan to lose weight, which means that you should not eat rice at night because of its high amount of starch. Moreover, it also takes a long time to digest rice completely, which will make you feel bloated and upset. Though in Asian culture, there should not be missing rice in meals, eating rice at night can cause your sleep troubled as well, thereby reducing or getting rice out of your dinner.

6. Apple

foods that harm our health

Do you recognize that all the foods listed above are very common and beneficial? Yes, of course. But they will turn out to be harmful to your body if consumed at wrong hours. Apples are also not an exception.

According to researchers, an apple per day would help increase your overall health significantly and the ideal time to eat is in the morning. A great source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber will contribute to lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other health issues. In contrast, if you have an apple at night, you might have to receive some negative effects. In fact, this fruit can boost the level of acidity present in your stomach because of a high organic acid content. As a result, acid reflux can occur once you eat apples at night. Don’t worry. Just adjust your habit to take the full advantages of this lovely fruit.

7. Orange Juice

Another of foods that are harming our health if consuming at wrong hours is orange juice. Do you often have a glass of orange juice? If yes, when do you drink it? Some may have in the morning and some others may drink in the evening. Who’s gonna be right?

Like apples, orange or orange juice should be consumed during the day not night because it can also increase the acidity present in your stomach and heartburn as well. Apart from night time, you can drink orange juice at any time of a day to keep your body energized, boost your metabolism and immune system, owing to a significant source of folic, vitamin C and D.

8. Pistachios

If you are a nut-lover, you cannot skip pistachios at all, can you? No way! Pistachios are not only tasty but also very nutritious and beneficial for health. In general, pistachios could be an awesome snack without worrying about your weight because it would help you to manage a healthy weight, actually. This is proved by a group of scientists and shown in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health in 2010 [2]. In addition, pistachio is recommended for people with diabetes and high blood pressure as well [3]. It also contributes to improving your digestive functions.

Pistachio is so tasty and healthy that you can eat at any time as a snack. But if you are looking for a perfect night-time snack, pistachio must be one of your priorities. Especially, for those who are on a weight loss diet, pistachio that is high in fiber, vitamins, biotin and low in calorific value, should be added to your menu.

Just to remind you one more time, pistachios can be consumed at any hour without harmful effects but it is best to eat at night. Why don’t you turn them into your favorite nuts?

9. Sugar

Needless to explain more, consuming sugar at night should be limited or even avoided. Doing no physical activity at night but still taking in sugar will definitely increase body fat, which might lead to other health issues. The best time to consume sugar and other food items containing sugar such as chocolates, ice creams, sweets, and extra is in the morning. According to researchers, insulin in our body works most effectively in fighting sugar content at this time. Plus, throughout the day, you have to do many physical activities, which promote the burning process significantly. So, don’t eat sugar at night if you don’t want to gain weight and have other unhealthy conditions.

10. Pulse And Beans

In contrary to sugar, pulse and beans are recommended eating at night because they are loaded with dietary fiber, which strongly supports digestive functions and reduces cholesterol levels as well. Pulse and beans are also good for your sleep. Morning is the improper time to have these food items, actually. Nutritionists say that fibrous foods like lentils, sprouts, beans, and so on should not be consumed in the morning because of the raising impacts on your appetite that makes you crave for food throughout the day.

11. Dark Chocolate

foods that harm our health

If you are addicted to eating dark chocolate, you should not skip our following advice. As you might know, dark chocolate is fully loaded with organic compounds, including polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins, which acts as powerful antioxidants altogether. Therefore, it is proved to have good impact on lowering the risk of heart disease and improving our health, according to a study published on Harvard TH Chan [4]. Though you can eat dark chocolate as a snack at any time, you should consume it at night more than other hours in a day because it can reduce blood pressure and also increase your mood.

12. Coffee

Common foods or beverages if consumed at wrong hours can harm your health, as said. So does coffee. Drinking caffeine beverages like coffee at night will irritate your digestive system. Also, it makes you restless. However, it seems that many people still have a habit of enjoying a cup of coffee every night, even before going to bed. This is not a good habit for health; anyway, thus, you’d better stop it.

13. Red Wine

Coffee should not be drunk at night but red wine should. After dinner or at late night, why don’t you enjoy a glass of red wine? The antioxidants contained in red wine will help boost your digestion and increase absorption of nutrients during the time your body is not active. Red wine can contribute to preventing coronary artery disease as well. In a study published on Elsevier in 2010, researchers call red wine a drink to your heart [5]. Drinking red wine at night will help to relax your body after a long day.

14. Fruits

Generally, fruits are best to be consumed in the morning. Basically, fresh fruits are loaded with a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and folic acid, which is able to keep you peppy and energetic during the day.

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We have just listed out some common foods and fruits that might harm your health if consumed at wrong hours and recommended the right time to eat them. Choices of foods are important but choices of consuming hours are even more important than that. You, therefore, should bear in your mind this piece of knowledge in order to have the proper diet and timings. If you want to remain healthy, don’t get these words out of your mind! To get more information on News & Facts, keep reading!