Are Papaya Seeds Edible, How To Eat, & What Happen After Eating?


What do you often do with papaya seeds after eating the flesh? Most of us may have the same answer to this question by throwing them away without any hesitation. Isn’t it common sense? Yes, it is. However, recently, people have found that papaya seeds are not only edible but also nutritious and healthy. Now we have many more reasons to store these small seeds in our kitchen and no longer get rid of them.

It is such a pity that many people do not know why papaya seeds are edible, what happens after eating, what makes them beneficial for health, and how to bite them in the right ways. Because of those wonders, Effective Remedies would like to present a new article that solves all the queries above concisely.

I. What Makes Papaya Seeds Edible And Beneficial?

are papaya seeds edible

Here are some scientific facts and figures to help answer the question. Researchers have shown many potential health benefits of these small seeds. For example, according to an issue of Molecules, published in 2011, papaya seeds were reported to contain flavonoid and phenolic compounds, both of which are well known for their potent antioxidant properties[1] [2] [3]. Besides, also in 2011, another piece of news published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that the seeds might provide us immunomodulatory compounds that can decelerate tumor growth, in general. That brings us the cancer-fighting effect[4]. Furthermore, other journals also expressed the consensus conclusion that papaya seeds were edible and they even contained some compounds killing parasites[5] [6].

Detoxifying your liver and preventing kidney damage can be other health benefits of papaya seed consumption as well thanks to its nephroprotective phytochemicals[7]. The proteolytic enzymes contained in these tiny seeds could contribute to reducing the digestive load by breaking down the undigested proteins in the digestive tract. Regarding nutritional composition present in papaya seeds, researchers find a significant source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, papaya oil, fatty acids, crude fiber, crude protein, etc.[8] Also, these seeds contain a high content of fats, which, in turn, might be a minus point for its health benefits.

II. How To Eat Papaya Seeds For Better Health

are papaya seeds edible

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On the one hand, papaya seeds are edible and beneficial for our health. On the other hand, there is no official recommendation for the serving size of the seeds. However, due to a high concentration of fats, it is best to consider a moderate portion.

Anyway, there are various ways to consume papaya seeds. In this article, we would like to show you several of them.

1. Eating Raw

As you know, there is no easier way to eat these tiny seeds than eating raw. Everything you have to do is eating papaya seeds along with the flesh. Nevertheless, it seems that not everybody can have this consumption because they cannot stand the flavor. Therefore, the provision of some small tips on how to eat papaya seeds raw will be helpful for you.

  • Eat small papaya: As you may know, small-sized papayas tend to have milder-tasted seeds, which is more favorable. Meanwhile, if you choose a large one, the seeds might be so bitter that you cannot consume it raw. However, it is better to start with large papaya because it would make you get used to the taste.
  • Chew a few seeds: You are suggested to chew 1-2 papaya seeds per day for the first week. If you get too much serving, you might overwhelm your tastebuds as well as digestive system. Moreover, due to the butter taste of papaya seeds, a large portion for the first time will discourage you to eat more. To benefit your digestion as well as your overall health and prevent digestive upset, you should not consume a large quantity of the seeds. Just slowly get used to it.

2. Eating Papaya Seeds With Honey

It is a good idea to eat papaya seeds with raw honey, actually. Even though we should not combine honey with something weird because of severe side effects, honey and papaya seeds would be a safe combination. The bitter and strong taste of the seeds will be reduced significantly by the sweet taste of honey. Anyway, you still need to chew before swallowing them.

Not surprisingly, this combination can help treat parasites so that you can benefit your health as well.

3. Pounded Papaya Seeds

Pounding is another way on how to eat papaya seeds. In fact, you are supposed to collect all the seeds and then pound them with a mortar and pestle. You can add the pounded seeds to some dishes like salads, soups, or smoothies, which favorably allow you to eat. Plus, it can be stored in a jar for a week if you keep in your fridge.

4. Papaya Seed Powder

In addition to pounding, why don’t you turn papaya seeds into powdered form?


  • Let’s start by drying them in the sun or utilizing a food dehydrator.
  • Then use a food processor to grind them into powder
  • The papaya seed powder can be an amazing seasoning for your soups, smoothies, and salads. Sometimes, adding them to steak, pork, and chicken can make your meal more delicious.

III. How Much To Eat

As explained, it is not good to eat an excessive amount of papaya seeds. In fact, you should limit yourself to 1-2 tablespoons of the seeds every day. Papaya seeds are well known for its antibacterial properties that may result in some side effects like diarrhea when you have over-consumption.

IV. Some Cautious Words

Here are unavoidable notices that you should bear in your mind.

  • Avoid papaya seeds if you intend to conceive
  • Pregnant women and those who have either latex or papain allergies should avoid eating papaya seeds and flesh as well.

Though papaya seeds are beneficial for your health in some senses, it is possible to have a few side effects due to a limitation of knowledge or misusing. Therefore, it would be better to take careful consideration before eating these tiny seeds.

For more information, please go to our main Superfoods page. We always welcome any comment, question, and feedback at the end of the article. Share with other readers to let them know what makes papaya seeds edible and beneficial, what happen after eating, and how to eat papaya seeds in the right ways for better health.

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