Warning: 14 Foods That Harm Our Health If We Eat At Wrong Hours

10. Pulse And Beans

In contrary to sugar, pulse and beans are recommended eating at night because they are loaded with dietary fiber, which strongly supports digestive functions and reduces cholesterol levels as well. Pulse and beans are also good for your sleep. Morning is the improper time to have these food items, actually. Nutritionists say that fibrous foods like lentils, sprouts, beans, and so on should not be consumed in the morning because of the raising impacts on your appetite that makes you crave for food throughout the day.

11. Dark Chocolate

foods that harm our health

If you are addicted to eating dark chocolate, you should not skip our following advice. As you might know, dark chocolate is fully loaded with organic compounds, including polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins, which acts as powerful antioxidants altogether. Therefore, it is proved to have good impact on lowering the risk of heart disease and improving our health, according to a study published on Harvard TH Chan [4]. Though you can eat dark chocolate as a snack at any time, you should consume it at night more than other hours in a day because it can reduce blood pressure and also increase your mood.

12. Coffee

Common foods or beverages if consumed at wrong hours can harm your health, as said. So does coffee. Drinking caffeine beverages like coffee at night will irritate your digestive system. Also, it makes you restless. However, it seems that many people still have a habit of enjoying a cup of coffee every night, even before going to bed. This is not a good habit for health; anyway, thus, you’d better stop it.

13. Red Wine

Coffee should not be drunk at night but red wine should. After dinner or at late night, why don’t you enjoy a glass of red wine? The antioxidants contained in red wine will help boost your digestion and increase absorption of nutrients during the time your body is not active. Red wine can contribute to preventing coronary artery disease as well. In a study published on Elsevier in 2010, researchers call red wine a drink to your heart [5]. Drinking red wine at night will help to relax your body after a long day.

14. Fruits

Generally, fruits are best to be consumed in the morning. Basically, fresh fruits are loaded with a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and folic acid, which is able to keep you peppy and energetic during the day.

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We have just listed out some common foods and fruits that might harm your health if consumed at wrong hours and recommended the right time to eat them. Choices of foods are important but choices of consuming hours are even more important than that. You, therefore, should bear in your mind this piece of knowledge in order to have the proper diet and timings. If you want to remain healthy, don’t get these words out of your mind! To get more information on News & Facts, keep reading!

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