List Of 15 Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a type of behavioral disorders that primarily occur in children. The symptoms of this disorder are restlessness, difficulty concentrating, high-unfocused energy level, impulsive behavior, inattentiveness. While a proper diet can't cure ADHD, patients following particular nutritional guidelines still may have some benefits from eating properly. Many experts agree that eating some kinds of foods may trigger the ADHD symptoms in patients, especially in children; hence, it’s very important for people with ADHD to avoid consuming certain foods that may spark an ADHD reaction. This article about foods that cause ADHD symptoms in page will show a list of top 15 foods to avoid while having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. To write this writing, I found and collected information about many reliable websites. Hope that it will help you know how to prevent ADHD symptoms from being more serious.

List of 15 Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms People with ADHD Should Know

1. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Yogurt

The first of top 15 foods that cause ADHD is yogurt. Yogurt is one of the dairy products which are known to stimulate the flare-ups in people who are suffering from ADHD. You should remove these products completely from each of your diets for several weeks to help you see whether they cause ADHD or not. If dairy products cause your ADHD, you should consider opting for foods that are made from soy to replace.

2. Ice Cream

” You don't need a silver fork to eat good food – Paul Prudhomme.”

Much like yogurt, ice cream is also a dairy product and it can cause ADHD in those who are hypersensitive to dairy products. If you are sensitive to the dairy products, you can feel tired both of physically and mentally after you consume food like ice cream. Therefore, you'd better avoiding eating ice cream as possible as you can to keep ADHD at bay.

3. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Swordfish

Fish which is high in mercury like swordfish is known to lead to the ADHD symptoms. Mercury found in swordfish may decrease the ability to focus as well as an impair concentration in many people. If you notice that your symptoms are becoming worse after you eat this fish, you should opt for another type of seafood with a lower mercury level such as lobster, salmon, or shrimp.

4. Sugar

Many experts agree that a diet rich in sugar may stimulate a flare of the symptoms of ADHD in patients. They believe that the sugar can strip the body of the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are required to help to stabilize your mood.

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To sum up, limiting the intake of processed sugar of your baby is a good idea. Apart from the ability to cause ADHD, we all know that it may lead to tooth decay as well as put your baby at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.

5. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Cheese


Another dairy food in the list of 15 foods that cause ADHD symptoms is cheeses, particularly cow’s cheese. Much like ice cream and yogurt, avoid eating cheese from each of your diets for 6 to 8 weeks will assist you in determining whether it is the reason for causing ADHD or not. If you see that your ADHD symptoms get more controllable when you do not eat cheese, you should consider choosing a cow dairy free or a lactose-free product like eat goat’s cheese to replace.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate is high in caffeine that is known to cause the ADHD symptoms as well as make this symptom worse if you choose not to get rid of it from your diet. Many researchers found a relationship between ADHD and caffeine. They conducted a study and concluded that many of key ingredients in chocolate, such as cocoa, sugar, and other additives, negatively impact on children's behavior.

Hence, you should consume white chocolate products if you notice that your symptoms get worse after you eat chocolate or drink hot chocolate

7. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Coffee

This seems to be difficult for many people to give up coffee when coffee is a popular drink in their life. Many people drink coffee to get an energetic start when they wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, coffee has a significant plenty of caffeine that is a natural stimulant can trigger the ADHD symptoms. If the symptoms become worse after you drink coffee, you should try consuming decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea instead.

8. Frozen Pizza

This is another of foods that cause ADHD you should avoid consuming. Frozen pizza is packed full of artificial flavorings and colors like pop. This ingredient, which is used to help to enhance the types of products may cause hyperactivity and reduce concentration in those with this disorder. If you are a pizza lover, you should reduce the consumption of frozen pizza to keep ADHD at bay.

9. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Chips

In fact, most of the junk products should be avoided to help manage this disorder. Chips are also rich in artificial flavoring and colors, which make them a poor choice for people finding an ADHD friendly diet. Hence, if you love eating snacking, you should consider consuming healthy vegetables in order to restrict your appetite, instead of the junk foods such as chips and chocolate.

10. Red Meat

Many experts agree that red meat is one of the foods that cause ADHD and its symptoms. Reducing the intake of red meat (not necessarily removing it completely) can give you many great benefits in controlling your ADHD. You may opt for healthier alternatives such as salmon or shrimp to assist you in keeping your symptoms controlled. Hence, you may maintain a healthier and happier life.

11. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Pop

Pop has artificial flavoring and colors, which are believed to spark the symptoms in those with this problem. In addition, many pops also contain a higher caffeine level, which – as told previously – can lead to the ADHD symptoms as well. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid drinking soda and choose an all-natural drink like homemade smoothies instead.

12. Fruit Juice


Most fruit juices are also rich in artificial colors and flavors. Hence, you should avoid consuming fruit juices if they are not 100 percentages of natural ingredients. You'd better drinking a delicious smoothie made from fresh and organic fruits that you have bought from the supermarket to replace the boxed juice. This kind of juices is really not good for your health.

13. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Corn

Yellow vegetables like corn are known to trigger reactions in many people who are suffering from this disorder. Hence, you'd better restrict to eat these types of vegetables to help you control your ADHD symptoms. If you want to eat healthfully, you should choose other vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, or peppers.

14. Squash

Squash is another food in the list of 15 foods that cause ADHD. Squash is also a type of yellow vegetables that can lead to the ADHD flare-ups. However, not all yellow vegetables are bad for those with this disorder. For example, banana is okay as the banana is actually white and only its peel is yellow. Hence, you have to remember not to eat the yellow part under no circumstance. As I mentioned earlier, you should opt for other healthy (possibly organic) vegetables to replace the yellow ones.

15. Foods That Cause ADHD Symptoms – Fast Food

The fried food that is found in most of the fast food meals is incredibly unhealthy and its ingredients are known to trigger an increase in the ADHD symptoms. If you are looking for some ways to manage your symptoms, you should avoid eating fast food fully and choose to make dinner yourself.

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All above are top 15 foods that cause ADHD symptoms. You should keep them in mind to avoid consuming. Always consume fresh foods is the best way to keep you healthy. However, it is impossible to avoid consuming all of the beverages and foods related to ADHD. You may even have to check frozen vegetable labels before buying them as many kinds of them are loaded with preservatives and artificial coloring. Besides, you should spend more time on caring your family, especially preparing your own meals. This is the best way to exactly know what you eat in each of meals. Hope that this writing will aid you in owning a good health. You can ask me anything you want by leaving your question below. Also, if you have other foods that caused ADHD, let share them with us. Keep following our main Superfoods page to get more information about foods for health. You are welcome!

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