19 Natural Home Remedies for Constipation in Adults & Children

Updated: 07/09/2019

Constipation is a common illness, which may cause many drawbacks such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fecal impaction, etc. for our daily lives[1] [2]. Although you may feel embarrassed when you talk about the problem, you should seek medical advice. If you hide your constipation for a long time, it will become more difficult to treat it. Before you go to see a doctor, you should take a look at our article about the best natural home remedies for fast constipation relief in adults and children. In this article, you will know 19 best home remedies for constipation you could follow at home to help improve constipation without any side effects. There is no science-based evidence for the following homemade recipes. The recipes we've focused on are traditional home remedies, so always consult your doctor and check out your health condition regularly to know if a remedy is working for you.

Top 19 Natural Home Remedies For Constipation In Adults And Children

1. Fiber

home remedies for constipation - fiber

Increasing your fiber intake helps to increase the consistency and bulk of bowel movements, which in turn makes them easier to pass[3].

  • You should obtain about 25 mg to 30 mg of fiber every day by eating plenty of beans, vegetables, wholegrain cereals and fruits.
  • In addition, it’s important to drink enough water, at least 1.5 liters of water every day. This water will help your stomach and intestines digest easily the amount of fiber added to your body.

2. Exercise

home remedies for constipation - exercise

Exercising is a simple but effective remedy for constipation. Through physical activity, you will encourage your digestive system to become more active, too. A recent randomized controlled research involving constipated people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) found that exercise remarkably reduced symptoms[4].

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  • Go jogging every day before you have your breakfast.
  • Go out for a walk after you have your meals because this activity may stimulate your digestion.
  • Also, follow some forms of exercising every day such as yoga, running, or other sports.
3. Lemon Juice

home remedies for constipation - lemon juice

Lemon contains vitamin C, which is useful in preventing inflammation and pain. Besides, the citric acid[5] present in it combats the toxins in the digestive track. It also works as a stimulant to help provide quick relief.

Remedy 1

  • Cut a lemon in half.
  • Squeeze the juice from one half into a glass.
  • Pour over about a cup of warm water and add half a teaspoon of sugar or honey to the water to taste, and drink.
  • Drinking lemon juice every day will help to stimulate your digestive system and reduce constipation.

Remedy 2

  • Prepare two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey and one third teaspoon of salt.
  • Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Pour a cup of warm water to the mixture and stir.
  • Drink the mixture every morning after you have your breakfast.
4. Ginger Tea

home remedies for constipation - ginger tea

Ginger contains many substances that are beneficial in encouraging your digestion and circulation[6]. When your digestive system is improved, your bowel movements will be stimulated to help overcome constipation.

  • Add some fresh ginger or ginger leaves to your daily meals.
  • Add a teaspoon of fresh or dried ginger root to 200 ml of warm water.
  • Drink a cup of ginger tea every morning after you have your breakfast. You can also consume another cup of ginger tea in the evening an hour before you go to bed.
  • Repeat this remedy for one week. Your constipation will be reduced soon.
5. Coffee

home remedies for constipation - coffee

Coffee is not only a good choice for helping you wake up each morning but also for treating constipation.

Coffee contains fiber, water, and essential oils that may help your bowel movement to be more active[7] [8].

  • Drink a cup of coffee every morning after you have your breakfast.
  • A strong roast coffee will have the greatest effect.
  • Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee every day as excess amounts of caffeine are harmful to your health.
6. Raisins

home remedies for constipation - raisins

This dried fruit is a rich source of fiber and tartaric acids[9], which help to improve your stomach and intestines. Its laxatives will reduce the effects of constipation.

  • Put four to five raisins in a small bowl.
  • Pour over some warm water and leave the bowl for three to four hours.
  • Take the raisins out and drink the liquid in the morning before you have your breakfast.

Note: Pregnant women should not use this remedy.

7. Prune Juice

home remedies for constipation - prune juice

Prunes are a rich source of fiber and sorbitol, which are helpful in improving natural activities of your stomach and intestinal tract. They also contain dihydroxyphenylisatin that promotes colon function[10]. Dried prunes are safe and effective for the treatment of mild to moderate constipation[11].

  • Eat two or three prunes every day before you have your lunch.
  • You can also have the juice from three prunes and drink it every day after meals.
  • After using this remedy daily for one week you should see a good result.
8. Castor Oil

Castor oil helps to promote bowel movements. According to a 2011 study, castor oil use decreased straining and constipation symptoms in older people[12]. When taken on an empty stomach, castor oil will help to soften your stool and eliminate constipation within several hours[13].

Remedy 1

  • Swallow one to two teaspoons of castor oil about one hour before you have your dinner.
  • Remember to swallow this oil on an empty stomach.

Remedy 2

  • Take a glass of lemon or lime juice.
  • Add one or two teaspoons of castor oil.
  • Drink the juice every day before you have your dinner.
  • Follow this remedy for only one week. If you develop any side effects from castor oil, stop using it.
9. Flax Seeds

home remedies for constipation - flax seeds

Flax seeds are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, which are effective in treating constipation. In addition, they contain a slimy compound known as mucilage that creates a protective layer around the digestive tract. Also, it adds bulk to stools and makes it softer[14]. These effects make flaxseeds one of the best solutions for constipation.

Remedy 1

  • Take a cup of dried flax seeds and grind them.
  • Put all the powder into a small glass bottle.
  • Every morning, put one teaspoon of ground flax seeds into a glass.
  • Pour over 200 ml of warm water to the glass and leave to soak.
  • Drink every night an hour before you go to bed. You will feel better in the next morning.

Remedy 2

  • Add four to five flax seeds to a glass of warm water.
  • Leave the glass for about two to three hours.
  • Drink the water every night before you go to bed. You will find your bowel movements improved next morning.
10. Aloe Vera

home remedies for constipation - aloe vera

Aloe vera is a well-known remedy for constipation and many common illnesses in the world[15]. The juice inside the leaves of aloe vera contain many antioxidant substances, which play an important part in treating constipation.

Remedy 1

  • Take two to three fresh and big leaves of aloe vera.
  • Remove the cover of the leaves and squeeze out the juice
  • Use the liquid to make a soup. Add some beans to make the soup more tasteful.

Remedy 2

  • Take the gel from a big leaf of aloe vera.
  • Add the gel to a glass of fruit juice.

Use the aloe vera soup or juice three times a week until your constipation improves.

11. Dandelion Tea

home remedies for constipation - dandelion tea

Dandelion has antioxidants that help to soothe inflammation and pain. It also encourages bowel movements as dandelion root is rich in the prebiotic fiber, inulin. Research shows that inulin can increase intestinal movement and reduce constipation[16]. Drinking a cup of dandelion tea every day will also help to reduce abdominal pain and bloating. You can create dandelion tea from the leaves or roots of this plant. For leaves, you should take two or three dried leaves for a cup of tea. For roots, you can use about 5 mg dried roots for a cup of tea.

12. Epsom Salt

home remedies for constipation - epsom salt

Epsom salt is excellent for reducing inflammation and pain. It is also used for decontaminating bacteria from your intestines or bowels. It is also quite popular for its capacity of relieving sore muscles when added to a bath. In addition, the magnesium in Epsom salt exerts a laxative action and treats constipation[17].

  • Prepare a cup of fruit juice such as lemon juice or apple juice.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt to the juice.
  • Stir the mixture to make the salt melt totally.
  • Drink this mixture immediately.
  • You will notice an effect around four hours after using this remedy.
  • Repeat this method once or twice a day for one week. Your constipation will be reduced soon.

Note: Use only a half teaspoon of Epsom salt with a cup of fruit juice for children under 10 years old.

13. Guavas

home remedies for constipation - guavas

Guavas are a well-known remedy for some common illness. The seeds of guava contain fiber and antioxidants, which assist in stimulating the digestive system. Guavas are also abundant in dietary fiber[18]. So, eating more guavas may prevent constipation and aid healthy bowel movements.

  • Prepare four to five guava seeds and a glass of the warm water.
  • Soak the guava seeds in the warm water for ten to thirteen minute.
  • Take the liquid and drink it every night before you go to your bed. Your constipation will be improved soon.
14.  Molasses

home remedies for constipation - molasses

Molasses is useful in making your bowels move and act normally[19]. It has significant minerals and vitamins; magnesium in particular can help provide constipation relief.

  • Eat about one teaspoon of molasses every night, half an hour before you go to bed.
  • Also, add a teaspoon of molasses to a glass of fruit juice or milk for a better taste.
  • Alternatively, mix two to three teaspoons of molasses with two teaspoons of peanut butter. Eat the paste every morning.
  • Use molasses every day for two weeks. You will feel your constipation is reduced remarkably.
15. Fennel Seeds

home remedies for constipation - fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are often used in treating many health problems including digestion and constipation. These seeds also promote the movement of muscles in your digestive tract. According to a study in 2010, fennel seeds contain laxative effects and they are a safe alternative choice for treating constipation[20].

  • Use a cup (about 20 mg) of fennel seeds and dry these seeds in the sunshine.
  • Grind all these seeds and put the powder into a small glass bottle.
  • Put one teaspoon of fennel seed powder into a small glass.
  • Add 150 ml of warm water to the powder and mix them together.
  • Consume the mixture once a day. Repeat this remedy every day until your constipation disappears.

For more home remedies for common illnesses, you could visit our homepage Home Remedies. If you have any question, please leave them below. We will answer all of your questions as soon as possible. All of the contents provided in this article are for informational & educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.

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