Don’t Skip 43 Most Used Home Remedies For Acne On Face & Body

Acne may be considered as the most terrible problem with the beauty of most women, especially girls. Acne is a skin disease which is quite familiar with adolescence. Acne often causes many troubles making women feel not confident and embarrassed. That may remarkably affect their career prospect and daily life. Acne appears by some causes, in which surplus hormones and stress may be seen as two main factors. The oil accumulates too much under the final cells of your skin and brings acne which seems to not disappear in a short time. However, it is quite not difficult to find out a perfect remedy for this problem. Through this article, will show you 43 best natural home remedies for acne on face & body that work. These natural home remedies may work effectively for almost kinds of skin, so I am not sure if there are a few solutions that are not suitable for a few skin types. If you have the special skin or too much acne, it is better that you visit your doctors to find the deep causes and have the best acne treatment solution for your health and beauty. This article is only informative and it listed the best solutions for acne removal from reliable sources. Keep reading to discover about these 43 home remedies for acne!

Top 43 Natural Home Remedies For Acne On Face & Body That Work

1. Home Remedies For Acne – Ice

home remedies for acne

The first remedy among 43 best home remedies for acne on face and body is using ice. Ice helps acne smaller and smaller directly [1]. Ice could bring the freeze to a pimple and reduce the effect of these. The way to use this way is quite simple and quick. Use a suitable ice to rub on acne of face or body time and again. Remember to wash your face with the suitable water temperature to make sure that your skin is enough to clean before using ice to protect the sensitiveness of your skin, especially with your face.

2. Garlic

home remedies for acne

Known as a wonderful remedy in medicine of the East, garlic is a magic present in the God. It contains many antibacterial substances which can help your health better and better in preventing many bacteria and some diseases [2]. There are two ways you can apply. Firstly, use garlic in your daily diet. In spite of quite inconvenient smell, garlic could bring your health and beauty. Secondly, you could grind it and coat directly in the affected area. Garlic helps decrease the size of acne. However, be careful because garlic is quite warm and it may affect your thin skin. One tip is that you should mix it with a little water.

3. Home Remedies For Acne – Lemon

home remedies for acne

Another remedy among the best home remedies for acne on face & body is applying lemon. Lemon is a typical fruit of the tropical countries. It usually appears in the daily meals and life of people here. Lemon contains a rich amount of vitamin C which can apply as an antibiotic substance and prevent the development of bacteria causing acne. It also has much acid which has an influence on removing acne. Lemon is effective in reducing inflammation and swelling [3]. Moreover, it is antimicrobial in nature and may help to kill the bacteria causing acne to swell up [4].

You can buy a lemon in many supermarkets and press it to take the first extract. Apply it to your face or body where having acne and wash out after ten or fifteen minutes. The acid in lemon could wear out the cells in your skin, so don’t use this way too many times in a week. One or two times are suitable.

Vitamin C found in lemon also helps prevent a lot of common diseases and conditions because it helps boost the immune system.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Take vitamin C regularly or simply take a cup of lemon juice daily for good health.

4. Aloe Vera

home remedies for acne

Aloe Vera is a good option for those who want to keep their skin smooth and fresh every day. Its gel is often contained in lotions, ointments, soaps, and creams. It is widely used to treat rashes, burns, abrasions, and other skin issues.

When used on the skin, the gel may help to heal wounds, fight inflammation, and treat burns [5]. Also, aloe vera contains sulfur and salicylic acid, all of which are used widely in treating acne [6]. According to a study in the issue of Clinical Therapeutics in 1992, using salicylic acid on the skin significantly helps to reduce acne [7]. Similarly, using sulfur has been found to be effective in the acne treatment [8].

Cut a slice of the aloe vera and take the extract inside the cover. Apply it onto your skin, especially your face, keep for fifteen or twenty minutes, and wash out with pure water. Aloe vera makes your face fresh and bright smoothly. Using it one time in two or three days could help your skin sweeter and more beautiful; especially have no acne in it. A good way to remove acne for you is using this simple plant.

5. Home Remedies For Acne – Toothpaste

home remedies for acne

Only during a night, a little toothpaste can help you recognize the quick effect of this simple thing. Toothpaste is chosen by many women because of usefulness and convenience of it. Apply some toothpaste in your pimple before you go to bed and wait until the next morning to wash up. Do it again in the next day if it is not completely disappeared.

6. Cucumber

home remedies for acne

Cucumber is a natural source of potassium and vitamins which has the great effect on your skin, and makes it smooth and bright. Cucumber is one of the total natural home remedies for acne. It is very easy to take and use. Slice a cucumber into the very thin slices and put them into your face. Remember to wash your face purely before applying this way.

There is another way to make a cucumber mask. It is quite simple. You take the water from the cucumber and mix it with some sugar such as white sugar to have a dense mixture. After that, you put the mask on your face and wait for about ten minutes. Relax and wash your face with cold water and let’s enjoy a smooth skin.

7. Home Remedies For Acne – Honey

home remedies for acne

Honey, especially the fine forest honey, is very useful in our life. It usually contains a large number of natural antibiotics which have a huge distribution in reducing size and inflammation of acne. It also may prevent your skin from infection, which can cause many problems with the skin or scars [9]. So, honey is considered as one of the great home remedies for acne you should try.

Firstly, you clean your affected skin areas with warm water in a minute to make the skin pores expanded and then apply the honey to your skin. Secondly, you wait for about 30 minutes and prepare some warm pure water again. Finally, you wash out your face with the warm water you have prepared and dry your face by a smooth face-flannel.

Take this natural solution about two or three times a week and let’s see the best result.

8. Tea Tree Oil

home remedies for acne

Tea Tree is well-known in many highlands in Asia and Europe. It is very good for health. Tea trees help prevent the process of aging of your skin not only by drinking green tea but also by using the oil extracted from the tea trees. It may consist of many antibacterial properties, which are very useful in treating acne. Therefore, tea tree oil may be expected as one of the good home remedies for acne you should follow.

Tea tree oil is famous for its effects on fighting bacteria and reducing skin inflammation [10]. So, it may make the inflammation, and the redness of acne decreased and gradually they will disappear. In addition, several studies note that using 5% tea tree oil on the skin reduces acne effectively [11]. When compared to using 5% benzoyl peroxide, applying 5% tea tree oil didn’t work as quickly, but it significantly improved acne after 3 months of use [12]. It may also make the blackheads and whiteheads smaller and smaller without any tiny scars in the face.

Finding the tea tree oil in many supermarkets near your houses and try it right now to remove acne as soon as possible. Tea tree oil is strongly potent, so remember to dilute it before using it on your skin. You may mix tea tree oil with water at the ratio of 1:9. Dip a clean cotton swab into this mixture and then apply it to your affected areas. Then, apply moisturizer if needed. Repeat this method 1–2 times a day.

9. Home Remedies For Acne – Baking Soda

home remedies for acne

One main cause of appearing of acne is due to the greasy substances under the skin. Therefore, a good way is that you should remove them to help your skin to breathe. So, just think about baking soda. Baking Soda helps exfoliate the dead skin cells, making the excess oil disappear.

The way to use the baking soda may apparently be quite simple. You should take the mixture of one or two teaspoons of baking soda and four to five teaspoons of water or lemon juice and apply this onto your face or body where having acne. Then, wait for about ten or fifteen minutes and wash your face with the warm water.

10. Steam

home remedies for acne

The steam, especially the heated steam, can bring the relaxing to the skin, help the pores to open and after that clean them. Washing your face with suitable water may be a good advice from the scientist to help you get the dirt and makeup substances out totally.

After that, you put the bowl with hot water and take a towel draping over the face. You will make a tent to trap the heat to your face.

Just hold the face beyond the bowl for about five or ten minutes. In this time, don’t think so much, just relax, and enjoy your life. Many spas use this way to help the customers to feel relaxed and happy with the steam around them.

The last step of this way is that you wash your face with the cold water to reduce the size of the pores to make them normal.

There are a lot of other natural home remedies for acne on face & body presented in the next part of this writing, so if you want to learn more, keep reading!

11. Home Remedies For Acne – Papaya

home remedies for acne

Another effective home remedy for acne is papaya. This fruit may not only bring goodness for health but also for the women’s beauty. You can take the mask of papaya and honey to apply for your face. Some of the papayas will be mashed by a pure tool, and put together with some of the original honey. Put the complete mask on your face during thirteen minutes, relax, and wait. After that, you wash out your face with warm water and cold water after warm one immediately.

You should take this home remedy for acne regularly, for example, two or three times a week until you see that your acne has disappeared thoroughly.

12. Aspirin

home remedies for acne

Aspirin may be one of the good home remedies for acne and pimples. You should take two or three pins of the drugs and crush them into too many pieces. Then, you will create a mixture of crushed aspirins with some water, with the weight of water is double of the weight of aspirins. Make sure that the mixture is a little dense, not too thin like water only.

Apply the mixture directly to acne, for example the blackheads, whiteheads or acne. Keep the mixture in your skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, you wash your face out with the cold and pure water. Take this method only one time a week.

13. Home Remedies For Acne – Egg Whites

home remedies for acne

This may be considered as a cheap and effective way to bring you a smooth and firm skin. Moreover, this method does not require you any special skill to make a good mask for your skin, especially your face. According to some scientists, using a mixture of egg whites and lemon juice is a good way to take advantages of the two substances.

To create a mask for your face, you need to prepare three eggs, a fruit of lemon, a clean bowl, two other smaller bowls, and two small clean towels. Take the whites from the eggs, and put it into a small bowl. Cut the lemon into two pieces and put the juice into another small bowl. Take a teaspoon of the lemon juice and mix it with the egg whites. You should whisk the mixture until you see some peaks in that. Apply the mask over your face for about fifteen minutes. After that, you have to wash your face off with the warm water. Use this method for about one or two times a week. 

14. Saffron

home remedies for acne

Saffron is mostly taken from the stigma of the exotic flowers. It was very similar to many women a long time ago. Therefore, saffron may be one of the most effective home remedies for acne you should try sometimes.

Saffron could make your skin more beautiful, and make acne be smaller and smaller. You could take some warm milk together with some lemon juice and some strands of saffron to make a mixture. After that, you apply this mixture onto your face and wash out with the cold water after ten minutes.

15. Home Remedies For Acne – Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for acne

Apple cider vinegar has known as one of the great home remedies for acne thanks to bringing back the acidity to your skin. The bacteria, oil, and dirt will also be cleaned. Like other vinegar types, apple cider vinegar has an ability to fight a lot of types of viruses and bacteria [13]. It contains a few organic acids that are proven to kill Propionibacterium acnes [14]. In particular, succinic acid can help to suppress inflammation that is caused by Propionibacterium acnes, which prevents scarring [15]. Moreover, lactic acid has an ability to reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne or pimples [16].

Just find out an organic apple cider vinegar. After that, you should pour a little of the apple cider vinegar into a cleaned bowl. Put some water and mix it with the apple cider vinegar. The amount of water will depend on how sensitive your skin is. After you clean your face, apply the mixture inside a thin towel and after ten minutes, wash out your face with the cold water.

16. Salt & Olive Oil

home remedies for acne

Another home remedy treatment for acne may be the combination of salt and olive oil- a magic substance used in cooking and curing acne. The olive oil has many antioxidant and antibacterial substances which play an important role in preventing inflammation process of acne.

Mix a half of teaspoon of olive oil and some salt in a cleaned bowl. Wash your face before you apply the mixture of salt and olive oil to your face. After that, you wash your face again with warm water after ten minutes.

17. Home Remedies For Acne – Mixture Of Cinnamon & Honey

home remedies for acne

The combination of cinnamon and honey is a natural home remedy for acne. Both cinnamon and honey are great sources of antioxidants [17] [18]

According to some studies, using antioxidants on the skin can help to reduce acne more effectively than retinoids and benzoyl peroxide – 2 common acne medications [19].

The antioxidants used in these studies were linoleic fatty acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and vitamin B3. These antioxidants aren’t found in cinnamon or honey, but it seems that other antioxidants present in these ingredients have a similar effect.

Cinnamon and honey are effective in fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation, which are the main factors triggering acne [20].

First of all, you should mix the cinnamon and honey in a bowl. Second, you may wash out your face totally by using some pure warm water first. After that, you apply all the mixture to your face and get it during the night. In the next morning, wash your face out again and try to touch the smooth skin on your face.

18. Sandalwood With Rose Water

home remedies for acne

That is one of many ways expected to be one of the best home remedies for acne. Rub sandalwood with rose water in a bowl. Then, you will apply the mixture on your acne before you go to bed in the evening. Take a relaxing emotion and wash your face in the next morning.

19. Home Remedies For Acne – Peppermint

home remedies for acne

Peppermint is not only a common material used in some similar skin care products in our market nowadays but also a natural home remedy for acne, which is very simple and useful for you. It may contain some antibiotic substances which can prevent you from inflammation and help to reduce the pimple’s skin [21].

The use of peppermint is quite simple. The first step is that you might spend some time to find some fresh and clean peppermint leaves. Take about fifty leaves of peppermint. You could find them in some local supermarkets.

Use a blender to pure all of the leaves of peppermint until you get a quite dense mixture. Store the mixture in a plastic container and take out when you want to apply it onto your face and body where having acne. Remember to clean your face before using this mixture of peppermint.

20. Cornstarch

home remedies for acne

This option may be one of the other effective home remedies for acne. Because the cornstarch is very sensitive and sweet to your skin, so don’t worry about whether the method may destroy your face. Put some water to the cornstarch to create a dense mixture. Leave the mixture on your face for some minutes, for instance, ten to twenty minutes. Wash your face to feel the smooth on your skin.

Continue reading the next part of this writing if you want to discover a lot of other effective home remedies for acne!

21. Home Remedies For Acne – Oatmeal

home remedies for acne

One of the other simple home remedies for acne may be oatmeal, which has the effect on the cleaning of your skin, and reduces the level of oil under your skin. It also expands the pores and helps the skin to breathe. There are some ways to use the oatmeal in caring your skin.

  • The first is that you put one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of yogurt and three teaspoons of oatmeal. Apply it onto your skin for about 25 minutes and wash your skin with the warm water. You do this way daily until you see the improvement.
  • The second way is that you have a mixture of 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and some water to create a dense mixture. Apply this mixture after you create it. You rinse off with water. You do this way daily until you see the improvement.
  • Another remedy using oatmeal among the best home remedies for acne is that you put two teaspoons of oatmeal and a teaspoon of cider, which is very effective in cleaning the greasy things under your skin. Then you apply this mixture after you create it. You rinse off with water. You do this way daily until you see the improvement.

22. Wash The Face In A Right Way

home remedies for acne

When you have pimples or acne, besides many home remedies for acne, you should take some look at how to take care of your face rightly, because your skin now is very sensitive and easy vulnerable which can lead to many bad scars, especially in your face. You should wash your face with the creams or gels which are special using for the oily skin or for acne only.

Just take a suitable amount of cream or gel to your fingers and mix it with water, you should avoid the cream which can cause foams due to bad effects of this product. Remember to wash your face before you go to bed or after you get up at the next morning. Immediately after you go back or do the hard work you should clean your face sweetly with a cotton towel.

23. Home Remedies For Acne – Put Your Hand Away Your Face

home remedies for acne

Your hand may contain many bacteria which is very harmful to your skin. Just keep your hand away your face also is a good way for you to take your acne relax and soon disappear. Especially, avoid shaping acne on your skin, because this can lead to some scars which may not disappear for a long time.

24. Be Smart In Using Make-up Tools

home remedies for acne

The make-up materials play an important part in the happening of acne in your face. In buying the make-up tools and materials, you should choose some kind of products which have the origin of nature. For many people, they prefer the products which have the word on the make: “non comedogenic” because this product will not prevent the activity of their pores.

Remember to wash your face out with the cleansing cream or gel before and after you make up a thin makeup cover.

25. Home Remedies For Acne – Avoiding Some Foods & Drinks

home remedies for acne

There are some kinds of foods and drinks you should avoid. Some foods which contain much oil or some fried foods. The stimulus drink for example coffee, alcohol or fizzy drink should be removed from your diet. An advice is that just eating and doing your daily activities by an order and keep exercising every day to keep you healthy deeply from inside.

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26. Cleansing Your Body

home remedies for acne

Having a regular bath, or frequent washing your face is a good way you should appreciate to remove acne or pimples from your face and body. You should also avoid going out in the hot weather, the effects from the sun can destroy the beauty and health of your skin.

27. Home Remedies For Acne – Yogurt And Honey

home remedies for acne

Using yogurt and honey also is one of the simplest home remedies for acne. Yogurt will help in improving your outbreaks & skin tone. In addition, it can soothe the irritated skin as well as tone down the redness.


  • 1 tbsp of raw, natural honey
  • 1 tbsp of plain full-fat or low-fat yogurt

Step by step directions:

  • You allow yogurt to come to the room temperature
  • Then you mix 1 tbsp of yogurt with 1 tbsp of honey thoroughly.
  • Next, you apply this mixture onto your face where having acne by using a cotton pad
  • You allow each layer to dry before you add a new one
  • You make this process until you see the mask gets the thickness you want.
  • Then you leave it on there for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Next, you wash the mask off & use a washcloth in order to scrub gently in a circular motion for removing the loosened dead skin.
  • When you finish, you can moisturizer as usual.
28. Make An Orange Peel Paste

home remedies for acne

Ingredients you will need to prepare to make an orange peel paste:

  • Clean, fresh water
  • 2 orange peels

Step by step directions:

  • You rinse your facial skin with the cool water and then you pat dry.
  • You grind or pound up 2 orange peels by using a mortar and pestle or blender
  • Then you add a little of the water in order to form a paste.
  • Once you get the right consistency, you can apply the paste to your face or other affected skin areas.
  • You can wait for about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Next, you rinse it off completely with the cool water
  • Then you pat the face dry
  • Finally, you apply a good moisturizer.
29. Home Remedies For Acne – Strawberries And Honey

home remedies for acne

Strawberries and honey are also known as common home remedies for acne. All ingredients you need to prepare are:

  • 2 tsp of a good raw honey
  • 3 fresh, well-washed strawberries

Step by step directions:

  • You wash your face with the clean water and then you pat dry.
  • You rinse 3 strawberries and then you mash them up well
  • You add these strawberries to 2 tsp of honey
  • Then you blend thoroughly them together.
  • You apply the mixture to your face
  • Next, you let it sit on there for about 20 minutes.
  • You rinse off completely with the warm water
  • Then you pat dry & moisturize as normal.
  • You should use this solution 2 times a week for about 1 to 2 months.

Keep reading the writing to discover many other useful home remedies for acne on face and body!

30. Utilize A Banana Peel

home remedies for acne

Using banana peels also is one among effective home remedies for acne. Everything you need to prepare is just a banana peel for each use.

Step by step directions:

  • You peel a banana then you eat it
  • You take the peel & rub it on your face in a circular motion.
  • Next, you let it sit on there for about 30 minutes before you rinse it off.
31. Home Remedies For Acne – Sugar Scrub

home remedies for acne

One of the easiest home remedies for acne is making a sugar scrub. Here are all ingredients you will need to prepare:

  • One and a half cups of the white sugar
  • 2 to 3 tbsp of the coarse sea salt
  • 1 ½ cups of the brown sugar, dark or light
  • About 1/2 cup of the extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 whole vanilla bean (optional)
  • 10 tbsp of the pure vanilla extract

Step by step directions:

  • You mix one and a half cups of the brown sugar with one and a half cups of the white sugar
  • Then you add some tbsp of the coarse sea salt to get the extra exfoliation
  • You mix them well.
  • Next, you put this mixture into 1 liquid measuring cup
  • Then you pack it down snug and nice.
  • You pour about 1/2 cup of olive oil on the top
  • Next, you allow it to soak through a half of this mixture
  • Then, you leave a little layer onto top.
  • In the measuring cup, you mix them well
  • Then you add about 10 tbsp of the pure vanilla extract
  • Next, you mix well.
  • Actually, you can spoon the scrub into a box or a container you can store it
  • You need to make sure that you pack it down.
  • This scrub will fill about four half-pint jars.
32. Avocado & Honey Mask

home remedies for acne


  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 avocado

Step by step directions:

  • You rinse your face with the clean water
  • Then you pat it dry.
  • You scrape out the inside part of an avocado & mash it up
  • Next, you stir in 1 tbsp of honey.
  • You continue stirring/mashing until you see it forms a paste.
  • Then you apply it to your affected skin areas
  • Then you leave it on there for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Finally, you wash off this mixture with the lukewarm water & pat your face dry.
  • You can apply moisturizer depending on your type of skin.
33. Home Remedies For Acne – Try Using Mint

home remedies for acne

Mint is packed with menthol that acts like a natural anti-inflammatory & painkiller. This herb can help in fading redness as well as ease up the irritation and discomfort caused by painful swelling.


– A handful of the fresh mint leaves

Step by step directions:

  • You wash your face with the clean water
  • Then you pat it dry.
  • You crush up these leaves thoroughly by using a mortar and pestle or blender
  • You rub the juice & crushed leaves over your face
  • Then you leave it on there for about 5-10 minutes
  • Finally, you rinse it off thoroughly with the cold water.
34. Put A Potato On Acne

home remedies for acne

Potato is another effective remedy among top 42 home remedies for acne listed in this article. It is a great vegetable for taming acne. This vegetable is full of phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, and chloride-all components, which may also help in reducing bothersome blemishes. In addition, the potato is packed with antioxidants that help nourish the skin as well as encourage the healthy development of the new skin cells.


  • 1 potato

Step by step directions:

  • You wash your face with cool water
  • Then you pat almost dry, (you just need to leave your face a bit damp)
  • Next, you grate a raw potato
  • Then you rub the pulp & juice over your face for about 2 to 3 minutes in the circular motion.
  • You allow it to dry for about 15-30 minutes
  • Finally, you can rinse off completely with the warm water.
35. Home Remedies For Acne – Tea Time

home remedies for acne

Ingredients to make this remedy:

  • 1/2 cup of fresh water
  • 1 green tea bag or 2 tsp of loose organic tea leaves


  • You wash the face with water
  • Then you pat dry with your soft clean towel.
  • You place some loose organic tea leaves into a clean bowl
  • Then you pour boiling water onto them.
  • You steep for about 4 to 5 minutes before you strain the leaves and let the liquid cool at a comfortable temperature.
  • Then you can pour the liquid into a spray bottle
  • Then you spritz the face lightly
  • You soak a soft cloth or cotton pad and apply, or you just need to use a teabag that is steeped for about 2 to 3 minutes, patting it over the face or other problem areas.
  • Finally, you can allow the refreshing liquid to sit on there or you can rinse it off with the cool water.
36. Fuller’s Earth Or Multani Mitti

home remedies for acne

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is very good for acne-prone and greasy skin because it has the ability to absorb the excess oil with not over-drying the skin. In addition, this herb can help in unclogging the pores and improving the complexion. You may find multani mitti at any Indian grocery store. Here are detailed instructions to apply multani mitti for treating acne:

  • You mix an equal quantity of multani mitti or fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder and rose water.
  • Then you apply this mixture to your face to remove acne.
  • You wait until it dries up
  • Then you rinse it off
  • You repeat this process about 1 or 2 times a week.
37. Home Remedies For Acne – Fenugreek

home remedies for acne

Fenugreek is a great herb that is often used in a lot of at home remedies for acne thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Here are some simple steps to use fenugreek for treating acne:

  • You grind some fresh fenugreek leaves with a little water in order to form a smooth paste
  • Then you apply this herbal paste over the affected area
  • Then you leave it on there for roughly 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Next, you can wash your face with the warm water.
  • You should repeat this process daily for 3 to 4 days in order to remove ugly acne.

Another option:

  • You grind 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds to form a fine powder
  • Then you add a little of the warm water to this powder to form a paste.
  • Next, you apply the paste to the affected area.
  • You leave it on there for roughly 20 minutes or even overnight
  • Finally, you rinse it off.
  • You should do this way 2 to 3 times a week.
38. Home Remedies For Acne – Indian Lilac

home remedies for acne

Indian lilac or Neem is used as one of the natural home remedies for acne and a lot of other skin problems. This herb contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which help you in killing the bacteria causing acne [22]. In addition, Neem can soothe the inflammation and redness of skin breakouts. Here are detailed instructions to make a tender Indian lilac paste for acne removal:

  • You take some Indian lilac leaves and then grind them to make a paste
  • You add a little water to this paste
  • Then you add some teaspoons of the turmeric powder into the paste
  • Next, you apply it to the affected area.
  • You leave it on there for about 20 minutes
  • Then you wash it off with water.
  • You should do this solution at least 2 times a week.
  • In addition, you may apply the Neem oil 2 to 3 times per day until seeing the improvement.
39. Apple Cider Vinegar Face Scrub Or Mask

home remedies for acne

Ingredients you will need:

  • Green tea
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • A teaspoon
  • A bowl


  • You put 1 tsp of the apple cider vinegar into a bowl.
  • Then you add 2 tsp of the cooled green tea.
  • Then, you add 5 tsp of sugar.
  • Finally, you put 1 tsp of honey into it.
  • You stir this mixture well
  • In addition, you can add more sugar for a thicker consistency.
  • Next, you spread this mask over your face by using a cotton pad
  • Then you massage your face for a few minutes in order to remove the dead skin cells as well as improve the circulation. The sugar you use in this recipe will work as a natural exfoliant that is useful in breaking up the scar tissues & unclogging skin pores.
  • Next, you leave this mask on your skin for roughly 10 minutes
  • Finally, you rinse off your skin with water. You should do this mask for 1 or 2 times a week.

40. Turmeric, Milk & Honey Facial Mask

home remedies for acne

Ingredients you will need to have:

  • Turmeric powder
  • Raw milk
  • Honey
  • A bowl
  • A teaspoon

Step by steps directions:

  • You put 1 tsp of turmeric powder into a bowl.
  • You mix in this bowl 1 tsp of honey.
  • You add 1 or 2 tsp of milk to this mixture.
  • You mix these ingredients together to make a thin paste.
  • You apply this mask over your face & neck by using your makeup brush to avoid staining your nails & fingers yellow.
  • After some minutes, you rinse off with water
  • When it leaves on your skin with a yellowish tinge, you soak a cotton ball into milk and then you rub it onto the stained areas.
  • You do this mask 2 or 3 days a week until you see the improvement.
41. Home Remedies For Acne – Cucumber & Oatmeal Face Mask

home remedies for acne

Here are step by step instructions to make a cucumber & oatmeal face mask:

  • Firstly, you blend 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 small cucumber.
  • Then, you mix 1 tsp of this paste together with 1 tsp of yogurt
  • Then, you apply it over your face.
  • You leave it on there for about 30 minutes
  • Finally, you rinse your face off with water
  • Do this way once daily until you see the improvement.
42. Home Remedies For Acne – Grape Cleanser

home remedies for acne

Another remedy among 42 best home remedies for acne is making a grape cleanser.

  • You just need to grab some fresh grapes that are preserved in your fridge
  • Then you cut 2 or 3 grapes in half (now you get an easy facial cleanser)
  • Next you rub the flesh onto your face and neck
  • You leave it on for about10 to 15 minutes
  • Then rinse off with the cool water
  • Follow this way once daily until you see the improvement.
43. Yeast & Yogurt Mask For Oily Skin

home remedies for acne

Oily skin is one of the main factors causing acne. To reduce the oily skin to clear acne, you can make a mask by combining yeast and yogurt. To make this mask, you combine 1 tsp of brewer's yeast and a little plain yogurt in order to make a thin mixture. Then you apply the mixture thoroughly to all the oily skin areas and then you leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, you rinse with the warm water, and then you use the cold water to help close your skin pores. You can make this way once daily until you see the improvement.

Although you could apply many tips together, an advice is that you should pay more attention to your skin and daily activities. Decrease and remove stress to keep your body and soul fresh and comfortable. Wash out your face before and after going out immediately. Some tips I give you above could bring the effectiveness of your situation in a short-term and it is true that many people find difficult in remaining these actions on busy days. Therefore, it is better if you find exactly the causes and have a complete remedy for not only your beauty but also your body.

If you cannot successfully get rid of acne with all the above home remedies for acne, you should consult your doctor. If you want to discover more about other natural home remedies for other health problems, you might visit our main Home Remedies page. If you know about other effective home remedies for acne, please leave them below. Thanks for reading, leave any question and comment if you think it is necessary.


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    5 stars - based on 7 review(s)
    1. I have dry skin so sometimes I get acne on my face. When catching acne, I just use aloe vera to treat them. It is so effective. the acnes get faltso fast. applying aloe vera to my face also soft and smooth my face skin. my face becom brighter. I usually use aloe vera mask for my face. I think that using oloe vera for face mask also helps me prevent acne. lol.

      Angela Smith / Reply
    2. I have acne on my back. so much acne. I tried out some of the kinds of shower gel that are told to be good for treating acne on the back. But can do nothing clearly for me. My back is still full of acne. And when I stop using them, the number of acne on my back seems increasing. Then I quit hoping getting rid of acne on back using shower gel. And I do not trust on some cosmetics telling me the same. And once my friend show me the way applying potatoes directly on the acne to kill them. At first, I did not very trust on this way cuz the shower gel made me skeptical. But the result really sweet. But I had to wait until 3 weeks to sweep all acne out of my back. That’s so great. Potatoes are the best.

      selena / Reply
    3. I have not gotten any acne before, but some months ago I had a lot of acne, especially on my cheeks and on my forehead. At first, I did not notice it much because I thought that having the pimples were normal. But the more acne grew, the more I worried. I tried a set of acne products from Japan to treat acne but the results were not really good. When using these cosmetics, my acne disappeared. But when I stopped using it, the acne grew up, even more than at the beginning. So I think the cause of my acne probably originated in my body. I really do not know how that could be useful. I see you suggest a lot of measures to treat acne, can you tell me to use which method is good?

      Amina / Reply
      • Hi Amina! Thanks for trusting us. Even though I heard your story, I do not really know what causes your acne, as there are many causes in the body that lead to acne. I can only recommend drinking enough water every day, limiting eating spicy food and hot food. They are not good for your acne. Besides that, you can try using some of our methods and find a method that really suits you. Wish you success in getting rid of the nasty acne!

        Emily / Reply(in reply to Amina)
    4. I think that combining some of remedies will bring quick result. I had acne long time ago and I have had a lot of trouble with it. My face looks bad at that time with deep bumps and acne. Not only that, the acne is red. I tried acne cream and felt it quite effective, but when I stopped taking them, the acne came back. Then my mother said maybe the problems in my body led to those pimples and advised me to try natural methods. I tried some home remedies my mother showed and they worked really well. I used turmeric powder and honey mask 3 times a week, drink plenty of water every day, avoid eating spicy food and drink two glasses of strawberry and yogurt smoothie daily. I also had a face steam once a week. I kept this regime for a month. The result is that my acne disappeared. I’m really excited about that. Not only treating acne, these remedies also helped to moisture my skin and whiten it. The dark spots on my face also faded away. It is impossible to express my joyful emotions. I think that you should also try the methods like me because they are very effective.

      Ann Lavigne / Reply
    5. recently I have some acne on my cheeks and chin. I do not know why. I have tried some acne treatment masks but they are not effective. In addition, my skin is dry and flaky because of these masks. I no longer trust in cosmetics so I want to try natural methods. But I wonder if I use these skin methods should I apply them on all over my face or should I use only for acne skin areas? I’m afraid the remedies will dry or affect my skin.

      Dylan Peterson / Reply
      • Hello Dylan Peterson! You should use these methods for all areas on your face. Although they are recipes for acne, they also have other uses, and of course, they will not make your skin dry or flaky. Another thing you should remember is that you should moisturize the skin every day. Wish you quickly get rid of acne and have a smooth skin. Thank you!

        Emily / Reply(in reply to Dylan Peterson)

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