Top 7 Easy Ways On How To Get Dimples Naturally & Fast Without Surgery


Owning a pair of small and lovely dimples is the wish of many sisters, but not everyone is lucky. Is there any way to create self-dimples? Thus, today on our page Effective Remedies, this article will show you the overview of the reasons to get dimples and simple but effective methods on how to get dimples naturally and fast without surgery.

7 Best Ways On How To Get Dimples Naturally & Fast Without Surgery

The dimple is a small dent on the cheek that appears when smiling. It is an inherited and genetically superior feature that usually appears on two sides of the cheeks, but in some case, it may appear on only one side, in the angled, upper, or lower corners of the mouth. In essence, it is a muscle contraction of a facial muscle called laughter muscle. Dimples are created when there is a combination of facial skin and a muscle attached to the bottom so that laughter will make the laughing muscle shrink to make dimples. In other words, dimples are simply a minor defect on the face.

I. The Meanings Of Dimples

Westerners say that people having the dimples are extremely lucky because they have dimples that will be protected by the Venus forever.

Thanks to that, his life is always peaceful and lucky. For them, Venus is a very beautiful savior, whose heart and kindness is a “mark” to recognize these lucky people regarding money, fame, and fate.

According to the general education, carrying dimples is believed to always succeed in the work and rich fortune. Thanks to the gentle temperament and the progressive spirit, the cheeked person is always appreciated, even become important figures, have the right to shape, protect the others.

In women: The dimple has an extremely lucky meaning, which is more intellectual, intelligent, and observant. Especially in girls, the fortune is the charm and elegance. Possessing a charm that everyone is attracted to is a lucky thing in life. Sharp eyes make it easier for them to succeed.

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In men: The meaning of the dimples is a sign of speed. They seem to be attracted to innumerable features and style. They are full of vitality, creating a great attraction for people. It is a subtle expression of humanity.

II. How To Get Dimples Naturally At Home?

1. How To Get Dimples By Doing Exercises

how to get dimples without surgery - doing exercises


Squeeze your lips and cheeks. To start training your cheeks, make your face like you are eating lemon or sour foods. The lips should be slightly raised or swollen and one part of the cheek slightly hollowed in. The teeth are not tightly bent so that the cheeks will not penetrate, but the lips must pinch.

Note – this is a folk method. In other words, this kind of approach is not approved by scientific evidence, but it is based on vague and unverified experience. Therefore, this method is not guaranteed to be effective.

The cheeks need to be recessed naturally, the deepest part of which lies between the upper and lower teeth, between the front and the back of the mouth.Try to eat sour foods if you do not visualize such facial expressions – the natural response to sour taste is the expression that this exercise is simulating.


Press and hold down the indent. Identify the deepest indentations on the cheek. Use two fingers to press on the cheeks gently. Keep these points in mind when preparing your mouth movements.You can also use the thumb or pencil tail to press on these points if it is easier than your fingers.


Smile and adjust your finger position if necessary. Slowly facial expressions are like smiling, still holding the index finger in place on the face. You need to open your mouth widely when you laugh and stretch the mouth because the natural dimples often appear when people smile with a wide smile to the corner of the mouth. Now the fingertips should be placed at two points near the two corners of the mouth, as this is the location of the natural dimples.

Use a mirror to check. If your fingertips appear to be slightly out of place, you can correct them.Use your fingertips or pencil tightly to the point where you want the dimples. For temporary dimples, let go of your hand quickly. Take pictures if you like.Note that these dimples will disappear as soon as you relax your mouth muscles.


Continue to press for another 30 minutes, or more. To keep the cheekbones forming deep dimples, you need to continue pressing the dents for at least 30 minutes.The longer you press the “dimple,” the more chances it will make it appear longer.In ancient times, mechanical devices created dimples by placing continuous pressure on the points on the surface. These kinds of the device have not been checked for effectiveness, but some of them have been claimed to work. This exercise simulates the operation of the device.


Repeat daily. Continue to practice 30 minutes a day for “exercises” to create dimples for several weeks. If you do not make a dimple for a month, you may have to skip this method. This method is not approved by scientific evidence, but just folk rumors, so if you do not succeed then this way probably does not work for you.

2. How To Get Dimples By Makeup


Smile so fresh! Use a mirror and smile with a wide open mouth but naturally. Determine the position of the dummy dimples.

When smiling, wrinkles will form around the mouth. Your “dimples” should be outside of these wrinkles, starting at the top of the upper lip.

Remember to laugh loudly, but do not lose your temper. The dimples will appear with a bright smile. So when you are going to draw the dimples, you will spot the right spot if you smile brightly instead of laughing awkwardly. Do not be shy!

Note – This method works best when creating temporary dimples for taking pictures. This dimple may look natural when outside.


Highlight the highest point of imaginary dimples. The dimples are usually short or crescent shape. Use dark brown eyeliner or eyebrows; dot a dot at the top of the dimple to draw.Dark brown is most effective because it can be applied to the skin naturally. Avoid black eyeliner or other colors.


Draw a crescent moon on the cheek. When you have marked the highest points, relax your muscles. Starting from the marked point, draw a slightly curved line. Also, use the pencil marked for drawing.Drawings should not be longer than 2.5 cm under the dots. Draw a little curved – straight than the curve of the nail a little.


Flatten or redraw if necessary. When you have finished painting the dimples, you need to adjust a bit so that the final result looks more subtle and natural. You can use the fingers or brush to draw the drawing to the skin, using the up and down movements rather than the two sides.One drawing may not produce the same color, so you need to draw and multiply.


Smile to check the results. Mirroring and watching the new dimples – are they balanced? Is it too dark? Or not bold enough? Does your dimple look natural in some light? If your new dimples look wrong, do not hesitate to rinse and redraw.

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3. How To Get Dimples By Using The Bottle-Cap

The dimple is a small dent on the cheek, near the mouth. This depression makes a face more impressive and charming. To own this charm, many young people have applied the method of making dimples by cork. Due to the same mechanism as “folds” in the cheek area so this way also forms a small dent on the cheek.

How to do:

  • To make dimples, please use a plastic bottle cap, no sharp edges.
  • Clean the lids with physiological saline.
  • Sit in front of the mirror and place the bottle cap in the mouth, between the cheeks and teeth, at the position where you want to appear dimples.
  • Then, use your hands to press lightly outside, at the position of the indentation of the lid to create the cheek.
  • Make daily to give the best results.
4. How To Get Dimples – Have A Healthy Diet

how to get dimples fast - have a healthy diet

Experts recommend a healthy diet that minimizes starch, added sugar, and animal fats from meat and dairy foods. To lose weight fast, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, egg whites, soy products, fish, shrimp, nonfat dairy products, and lean meat. If your body burns more than 500 calories compared to the amount you eat per day in a week, you will lose about 0.5 to 1 kilogram.If you want to lose weight faster, you need to eat less and exercise more. For example, if you put in a body of 1,050-1,200 calories a day in combination with one hour of physical exercise a day, you could lose 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms in the first week, or you could lose more if your weight is heavier than 114 kg. It is important that you do not cut more calories to lose weight fast, as it is very dangerous.

You should limit salt and cut down starch to lose weight more effectively, as these are water-holding agents that increase your weight.In fact, having a healthy diet is another efficient way on how to get dimples naturally at home for adults that you should not miss. Some things you need to regard highly.

How to do:

  • Decrease the amount of daily intake of sugars, fast foods, and processed foods. You should add more lean meats, fresh vegetables, fish, and fruits and plant-based proteins to daily meals
  • Whole nuts and grains are ideal for energy providing
  • Drink more than eight glasses of water during the day to push out the toxins and bad chemicals inside your body. Drinking a lot of water is proved to be good for both your dimples and your health.
5. How To Get Dimples By Using A Pen

Using a pen is the one on the list of good ways on how to get dimples for adults that you should not miss out, but try to take it as soon as possible, especially when you seek to find a natural way to get dimples at home. To get this method done, you follow the steps below:

How to do:

·         Have a wide and natural smile and then determine where the dimples should be created.

·         Utilize two pens that are not sharpened to press against your cheek’s muscles.

The other way is that you can make use of the back of a pen to fight against your cheeks at regular periods. Retaking this method will gain you natural and nice dimples on your cheeks where you wanted. Candidly, it is another efficient tip on how to get dimples for babies that you should acknowledge and then try to utilize for good.

6. How To Get Dimples – Have A Wide Smile

A wide smile is comprehended as one of the fastest ways to get dimples for adults that you should use if you want to have natural dimples on your face. To earn the best results, you need to use a small mirror; you look at this mirror and then smile wide. Try to determine on your facial skin where you wish your natural dimples to be.

A disadvantage of this solution is that when you make the wide natural smile, you may get some wrinkles on your cheeks. However, you should attempt to smile wide even if it may not look natural at some moments. Candidly, this solution can work perfectly to make natural dimples for photo shooting.

7. How To Get Dimples – Suck Up The Cheeks

It is one of the easiest ways on how to get dimples for adults that I want to give you today to help anyone who seeks to get natural dimples without having dangerous surgery.

This exercise may support you to make your wish of getting natural dimples become true if you do it on a daily basis. In fact, this exercise is very simple to do, so you can use your free time to do it whenever you can. Pull in your cheeks and then hold this for a few seconds before releasing it. When doing this easy exercise, the only tool you need to use is a mirror so that you can be sure that you are doing it correctly by making hollow cheeks. For your best result, do this easy exercise for at least 10 minutes and repeat it several times daily.

In fact, sucking up the cheeks is a very effective method to help you get dimples, so try it out now!

Above are seven methods on how to get dimples naturally & fast without surgery. If you want to learn more about the natural methods for other health conditions, please visit our How To page. Do not forget to leave your comments in the form below to show us your thoughts.

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