10 Best Ways On How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus In Children & Adults


Be it summer or sandal season weather is coming, no matter when nail funguses are definitely not the thing that you wish to see on your toes as it may make you feel unpleasant and uncomfortable to look at. This may be the first time that you have ever heard about this disease, but in fact, onychomycosis commonly known as toenail fungus is quite common, with approximately 3-12 percent of people around the world having fungus on their toes or fingers ranging in different seriousness. The older you get the more chance you will suffer from fungal infection. Furthermore, people with a weakened immune system are also prone to suffer from this disease. Many people have lived with this fungal infection for years because it keeps reoccurring and they can’t find a successful way to chase it away and maybe you’re reading this post because you’re one of them. But don’t worry about it, for that reason, today we will list out some useful remedies and all the tips available out there to help you get out of this unwanted situation. If you’re totally curious and really pump to know more, please continue reading this article on Effective Remedies to find out 10 best ways on how to get rid of toenail fungus in children & adults, then choose the perfect one for yourself.

Top 10 Ways How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus In Children & Adults

I. What Is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus or onychomycosis is a type of infection that appear on cuts in the skin or fractures in the nail. As toes are usually moist and warm, it creates a “perfect” environment for fungus to sprout. These fungi will cause thickened, crumble edged nails and even change your nails into an unpleasant yellowish, brownish color. If you don’t treat it, the infection can spread to the other toenails or even worst, your fingernails.

II. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Things To Do

things to do

1. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Diet Plans

1.1 How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Cut Off Sugar And Grain

With this type of fungal infection, the best and most effective way to treat it would be changing your diet. A fact is that yeast and fungus are fed on grain and sugar in the digestive pathway so by changing your meals into grain-free and sugar-free ones you can kill the food source of those harmful fungi. For that reason, the most effective way to do this is to follow the candida diet which is the diet that helps people with the fungal infection called Candidiasis.

Some people think that by using medication or anti-fungal creams, they can chase the so-called toenail fungus nightmare but that’s not the case, because those things can only treat the symptoms and not the bacteria. When this healthy diet takes effect, you will successfully eliminate the yeast and bacteria that are nourished by the sugar molecules entering your body through the stuff you consume. That’s mainly the reason why you need to remove causes, which created the good environment for fungus to flourish. This strict diet will eventually build up your immune system, restore the body’s pH balance, and speed up the creation of good bacteria in the intestines.

It is important to remember that without abandoning your sugar obsession it will be super difficult for you to successfully knock out any kind of toenail fungus or yeast infection. So just try your best to switch to a healthy grain-free and sugar-free diet.

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1.2 How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Eat Foods For Good Bacteria

Once the food source of the yeast is taken care of, the next thing to do is eating lots of food that can boost the growth of healthy bacteria. Some suggested foods that can help tons in producing good bacteria are several types of fermented foods such as cultured veggies like kimchi or sauerkraut. It is advised to start including a serving of cultured vegetables in your daily meals and it will be more effective if you pair it with other probiotics foods such as kombucha or fermented dairy.

1.3 How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Eat Foods Rich In Protein & Fiber  

Thanks to fiber’s structure along with the fact that our body can’t absorb it, fiber can easily travel through our digestive pathways without being absorbed by acids and digestive enzymes in the gut. That’s why while traveling through our system, it can cleanse the way by taking with it cholesterol particles, toxins, waste and fat that mount up in our stomach. So, at a time like this, eating a high-fiber diet can do good for your body. Furthermore, it is suggested that you should increase the amount of protein intake in your diet since you’re cutting off grain and sugar in your meals. It is noteworthy that you ought to buy organic eggs, cage-free poultry, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish and unpasteurized dairy as this is crucial for obtaining efficient protein while also lessen toxins in your daily meals.

In addition to quality protein and fiber foods, the stomach should also be filled with abundantly of fats that are good for the body, particularly coconut oil. This natural oil contains lauric acid along with caprylic acid which are fatty acids with antimicrobial and antibacterial functions that aid in destroying bacteria.

If you can follow all the mentioned rules in this strict diet then you will be surely on the right track to erase toenail fungus from your life for good.

2. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Healthy Vegetables

Healthy vegetables: These fresh whole foods are packed with nutrients offer crucial minerals and vitamins that support the healing process of your gut along with promoting a strong immune system.

Vegetable smoothies/ juices or green drinks: These drinks will flush waste, bacteria from your gut and generally detox your entire system. It is essential to keep in mind that you should avoid adding any sugar or fruit to your healthy drinks and concentrate on the goodness of fresh vegetables instead. If you prefer sweet, you can add in a tiny bit of organic stevia extract to your green drinks as it is sugar-free.

Fermented dairy or cultured foods (preferably raw and organic): These foods are helpful for producing healthy bacteria in the stomach because they offer probiotics which do its job in enhancing the immune system and monitoring yeast. You should consume foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi or sauerkraut.

Ground flax, chia seeds, and coconut oil: Seeds like chia and flax have anti-fungal properties and they also offer fats that are healing and healthy for our body.[1] The same goes for coconut oil, in addition to that, this oil contains a fatty acid called lauric acid which acts as a powerful anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.

Cinnamon, garlic, and turmeric: all of them are beneficial for combating viruses, infections causing by infections and poor intestines health.

Cranberry juice (unsweetened): this fruit juice can create an unfriendly environment for yeast but be certain to choose unmixed cranberry juice that is sugar-free.

Proteins (high quality): beef, fish, chicken, and eggs that are pasture-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught, and cage-free.

3. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Foods You Should Avoid

Sugar (greatly limit or none): you should avoid all kinds of sugar as much as you can, comprising coconut sugar, cane sugar, maple syrup, and honey. Sugar is the food source for yeast, so you ought to stay away from it.

Grains: grains eventually turn into sugar molecules when in your system so as mentioned before, nourish bacteria, candida, and yeast. Even seemingly healthy whole grains such as quinoa, oats or rice can make the situation worse. What’s more is that you should particularly cut off refined grains which are often used in cereals, bread, baked goods, and packaged foods.

Fruit/ fruit juices: although fruit is commonly known for its health benefits, it is, in fact, contain lots of sugar and can worsen your infection. Moreover, delicious fruit juices are not rich in fiber, hence, trigger off blood sugar spikes which can result in energy deficiency, cravings, inflammation and reduce the efficiency of your immune system.

Alcohol: It increases the production of yeast, plus some are high in sugar so definitely need to be avoided.

Food intolerances: Some fungal infections are caused by food allergies so you should stay away from foods that cause undesirable reactions of any type. Also, you should take notice of the reactions you get when consuming stuff such as certain nuts, eggs, dairy, grains and wheat-containing foods. If you notice any allergic reactions or sensitivity, do an elimination diet to work out the foods are leading to the intolerance and avoiding those foods.

III. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Conventional Treatment Or Supplement

conventional treatment or supplement

1. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Using Conventional Treatment

For traditional treatment you should get advice from doctors to make sure what can or will you get to cure your toenail fungus but here is some useful information if you want to know more. Conventional treatment for toenail fungus in general consists of oral and topical antifungal medicines. Terbinafine and itraconazole are frequently used oral medicine options for curing fungal infection. Medications like those two function as a shield, protecting new nail growth from fungus. As a result, the unpleasant appearance of the fungus nails won’t go away entirely until the affected part of your nail has fully grown out. Furthermore, topical creams are usually suggested for not so serious cases of toenail fungus by doctors as those creams normally take effects differently in serious cases.

2. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Supplement

By taking a quality probiotic supplement, it will aid you in disposing of the yeast and candida in your system that’s the underlying cause of your toenail fungus. It is recommended to take a quality probiotic supplement which has a minimum of 10 plus strains of probiotics with no less than 15 billion CFUs in it.

IV. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Effective Home Remedies

effective home remedies

1. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is famously known for being a natural ingredient for various types of treatments since it has natural antifungal agents.[2] Being true to its fame, you can also utilize this oil to cure your toenail fungus as it contains no harmful chemicals or artificial substances. This basic but powerful oil can chase away your fungal infections just as successfully as any medication. Hence, this one of a kind oil is affordable and can be found on any local pharmacy shelves or online.

What You Will Need

Oregano oil

Tea tree oil

Carrier oil (almond oil, olive oil)

Remedy For Children          

In its pure and unmixed form, tea tree oil can be too strong for children’s skin so you should dilute the oil with some carrier oil then smear it on the infectious areas two times a day.

Remedy For Adults

  • Mix three drops of oregano oil with two droplets of tea tree oil.
  • Apply these two oils on your toenail fungus daily.
  • Do this remedy four times per day for best result.

Warnings And Side Effects Of Tea Tree Oil

  • Please take note that pure tea tree oil can be too strong for sensitive skin and although nearly everyone can use this oil topically without any side effects, to some it can cause skin itchiness, skin irritation, stinging, allergic skin rash (dermatitis), burning sensation, scaling, redness, dryness
  • Do not use tea tree oil if you suffer from eczema.
  • Do not swallow the oil because severe side effects can occur consisting of confusion, consciousness level declining, a lack of muscle control or coordination of voluntary movements (ataxia)
  • A research suggests that frequent contact with tea tree oil and lavender oil might have been the cause of gynecomastia (the inflammation of the breast tissue) in young boys.
2. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Using Listerine

Listerine is not scientifically proof to be the treatment for toenail fungus, and although its “magical” effects that we believe in are purely on anecdotal, there are numerous cases that support that Listerine actually works. Before jumping to any conclusions, here are some hardcore evidences that can back Listerine up. This so-called liquid contains quite a few active components like Menthol, Thymol, Eucalyptol, and Methyl salicylate that are used to treat other fungal infections. Consequently, it can be said that Listerine has the ability to destroy fungi and stop it from infecting further areas of the foot. Besides, the mentioned ingredients in this liquid have revitalizing properties which aid in improving the immune system. When soaking the feet in water mixed with Listerine, its active ingredients should practically seep into the epidermis of the skin. Plus, the natural ingredients absorb into the skin and help to circulate blood which is essential when fighting against toenail fungus. You should follow these steps.

What You Will Need

Listerine (original color)

Warm water

A large basin or foot bath


  • Prepare a bowl with lukewarm water large enough to put your feet in.
  • Mix in an even amount of Listerine.
  • Soak in the solution for 15 minutes.

Warnings And Side Effects Of Listerine

Listerine is famous for being a safe solution, or else, people would not wash their mouth with it but when it comes to soaking your feet there are still things to be cautious about.

Listerine has alcohol in its ingredients which can cause dry skin. However, it can destroy fungus and get rid of dead skin cells and that is also a part of the healing process. Listerine could be the reason for skin crack in some people hence it could be quite unpleasant and painful feeling.

The listerine foot soak may not work on every single person out there because after using, some patients reported a slight irritation. If your skin is sensitive, you should apply the liquid on a small area of the foot before soaking your whole foot in.

3. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Apple Cider Vinegar

When using apple cider vinegar on your toenail fungus, you produce an extra acidic environment.[3] This environment, however, is unfriendly for the fungus so it can’t survive it. Since it has no nutrient to eat for growing, the fungus ultimately dies out.

Fungus needs a suitable environment in order to thrive and spread. That’s the reason why it favors moist and dark areas like toenails which are frequently surrounded by shoes. The acidic environment also forms a shield to prevent fungus from spreading and returning.

What’s make apple cider vinegar special is that it is one among the only acidic solutions that can be utilized like this. For the reason that it’s powerful enough to destroy the fungus but at the same time mild enough so it won’t damage the nails or skin. As much as home remedies take effect, apple cider vinegar remains in the most effective list.

What You Will Need

A large basin or foot bath

Apple cider vinegar

Remedy For Children

  • Prepare a bowl with lukewarm water large enough to put your feet in.
  • Mix in an equal amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • Soak in the solution for 15 minutes.
  • After the time limit, dry the feet thoroughly.

Remedy For Adults

  • Put in 2 to 4 cups of water in a large basin or foot bath.
  • Put in an equivalent amount of apple cider vinegar, make sure the solution covers the entire feet.
  • Gently mix the two liquids.
  • Soak your dry, clean feet into the solution for about 15-20 minutes.
  • After that, dry your feet carefully.
  • Repeat this remedy for a maximum of two times daily.

Warnings And Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Don’t submerge your feet in the solution for too long (30 minutes maximum each day). It is true that the acidity of this vinegar can be beneficial for fighting against fungal infections.
  • Nonetheless, if your skin contacts with it for too long every day, you might get problems such as irritation, itching, and redness
  • If your skin is sensitive, you can be more liable to get these side effects. When experiencing any of the mentioned things, you can add more water to the solution. If irritation carries on, you should stop doing the remedy and ask the doctor for advice.
  • You should be careful if you have cardiovascular problems. For instance, people suffering from diabetes need to pay more attention to the treatment they choose. A foot soak with apple cider vinegar may irritate your skin if you have some cuts or cracks on your feet. Please remember that it’s important that stick to the diluting ratio and never submerge your feet longer than the amount of time suggested.

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V. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Prevent From Recurring

1. Proper Hygiene And Health Practice

The simplest way to stop nail fungus from coming back is for you to form good hygiene along with health routines in daily life like the following advices:

If you just go through a nail removal surgery, you must pay extra attention to your nails. The surroundings areas of your nailbeds and the nailbeds itself should be kept clean and dry since fungus often flourishes in warm and damp places. Moreover, it is recommended to rub on antibiotic ointment frequently to lessen infection chances.

People with a compromised immune system must pay extra attention when it comes to keeping their feet and hands dry and hygienic because nail fungal infections may take lots of time to treat for them. These people ought to regularly apply treatments on their hands and feet.

Avoid going to outdoor places barefoot, specifically in damp places like gyms, pools, bathrooms, and locker rooms. Remember to always put on flip-flops or shower slippers.

Your nails should be kept clean and short. When cutting your nails, avoid digging into your nail corners and just cut them straight to maintain healthy and undamaged nails. Remember to use a different nail clipper for the infectious nails to avoid spreading the fungus. Also, you should not share the nail clipper with others.

Avoid painting your nails since it might make your nails damp and may you’re your infections worse. If you go to the salon, make sure that sterilized tools are used there.

Nail fungus can spread from one to another, so ensure that people in your house are free from fungal infections or if they do have it, suggest them to cure it.

2. Curing Other Infections Caused Be Fungus

Nail fungus can also be caused by other fungal infections in the body which contaminate to the nails. For instance, fungal infections in skin like psoriasis in athlete’s foot can easily pass through the nails via scratching the infected areas. So, you should use effective treatments to cure these fungal infections before they contaminate the nails.

3. Using Treatments To Fight Fungus

You should get advice from doctor to use topical treatments which consist of tea tree oil and undecylenic acid such as Funginix or Emoninail.

Note to yourself that nail fungus cannot be treated by using anti-fungal treatments for skin like pyridone ciclopirox olamine, allylamines or imidazoles. It is true that these curing can be effective in skin fungus treatments but they don’t take effects on nail fungal infections as they are unable to seep through the nails.

By frequently applying anti-fungal talc on your feet, hands and inside your shoes, you can also promote the prevention of growing infected bacteria like fungi.

4. Prevent Nail Fungus Through Proper Care And Choice In Footwear

Inappropriate care and usage in the selection of footwear may also result in toenail fungus so you should follow these advices to prevent nail fungus from coming back.

Throw away footwear that may linger fungal infections. Continue to wear them may cause the infections to reappear. If you wish to keep using the shoes you need to clean them and spray them with anti-fungal solution before using.

Your footwear must be in the perfect size for you, not too loose or tight. It is suggested to select shoes that have a firm grip on the heel but allows the toes to move freely. Keep in mind that shoes which are too tight can do harm to your nail bed or it may cause the nail plate to separate from your nail bed. Those damages will allow harmful bacteria to seep through the nails, causing nail fungal infections.

It is recommended to wear shoes which are made of leather or canvas. Some shoes nowadays, like types that use synthetic materials to make, can grow the possibility of nail fungus as they make your feet sweat more than usual.

You shouldn’t use the similar pair of footwear every day and ensure that the footwear is fully dry before you wear it.

Together with paying extra attention to footwear and using the kinds of footwear that prevent the spreading of fungus, you should also select socks that made of sweat absorbing materials like polypropylene, nylon, and wool.

5. Avoiding Hazards In Workplace

If your daily work includes frequently exposure to damp surroundings, water or other hazards then it may increase the probable recurrence of nail fungal infections.

If it is unavoidable for you to lessen your exposure to humidity, water, and other hazards at the workplace then it is suggested to wear protections like protective shoes like steel toe caps or gloves. By wearing those, it can help you a bunch in preventing the recurring of nail fungal infections.

VI. How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I continue to get nail fungus while others never seem to be affected by it?

There can be several causes for that, but it is probable that you are innately more vulnerable to get nail fungus. On top of a compromised immune system or genetic susceptibility, you may be overexposing yourself to damp and humid environments such as public gyms or swimming pools. Athletes are often in contact with surroundings that make them prone to nail fungal infections. Apart from that, some people suffer from medical situations like psoriasis, diabetes or a rundown immune system, are more liable to get toenail fungus.

2. Can I not treat the nail fungal infections if it doesn’t cause any pain?

It is not recommended that way. If you are uncertain whether you have nail fungus, see a doctor and do a thoroughly diagnose. While serious complications occurring when having nail fungal infections are not so common, it must be cured as soon as possible to avoid long-lasting harm to your nail. Plus, it is advised to cure your fungal infection soon before it gets worse and even harder to repair.

3. How long do nail fungal infections treatments take to recover my nails?

The healing process along with the duration of curing will vary among different people, the types of treatment, and how serious the nail fungus is. Normally, if you start doing treatments in the earlier state of the infection then it will generally take less time to clear the fungus. But, please note to yourself that fingernails take about 3 to 6 months to grow out and toenails require even longer time (about 12 to 18 months). Even when you have effectively cleared out the fungus, it can take a long time for the infected nail to grow out, get clipped, and entirely recover its natural shape.

Although fighting toenail fungus is a long and hard battle, we believe that if you follow all the mentioned advice above, including diet plans, some useful home remedies and ways to avoid from recurring then you will say goodbye to your fungus in no time. Also, please note that all contents provided are for informational & educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you. If you want to learn more about the natural treatments for other health condition, please visit our How To page. If you know other ways on how to get rid of toenail fungus in children & adults, don’t forget to take a couple of minutes to write down your comments in the form below to share your thoughts. We’re glad to read it!

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