11 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

II. Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

1. No Symptoms

Warning signs of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a severe disease that usually presents without symptoms at all in the early stages. You should see your doctor to have regular checkups and undergo screenings for the initial signs of the disease if you are at heightened risk of this cancer. HPV infection as well as sexual activity with various partners, or with one partner who has the other sexual partners, are risk factors include. As above, HPV is one of the common causes of the cervical cancer. Smoking also increases your risk. When the cancer advances, you’ll likely experience evident early warning signs. Pelvic pain, urinary abnormalities, and abnormal bleeding are such early warning signs.  It is advised to see your doctor immediately if you see these symptoms.

2. Pain During Intercourse

Basically, painful intercourse is one of the important warning signs of cervical cancer. This symptom shows advanced cervical cancer that means this cancer has spread throughout reproductive organs and tissues. Aside from the pain, you may also suffer from other symptoms, like foul smelling, thick vaginal discharge. There’re other possible causes for this particular problem, like an infection or STD. Don’t ignore this symptom. You should get the cervix examined by the doctor.

3. Pelvic Pain

Warning signs of cervical cancer

Pelvic pain is also one of the top warning signs of cervical cancer. Aches and cramping are a normal area of the menstrual cycle and don’t usually show the presence of this disease or any other serious condition. But, pain that occurs more frequently and persists for longer periods of time could be one sign of the cervical cancer. You may suffer from pelvic pain at the unusual times, and this pain may suddenly start at any time during the month if suffering from this cancer. Additionally, such pain usually doesn’t occur unless this cancer is in one very advanced stage.

You should visit your doctor in order to find out the accurate cause and also rule out the cancer possibility if you have suffered from pelvic pain or pressure.

4. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

One untimely bout of vaginal bleeding which occurs regularly could be one indicator of the cervical cancer. This could also be thanks to other medical conditions, like a hormonal imbalance, one infection in the pelvic organs or pelvic inflammatory disease. When cancer spreads to nearby your tissues, it creates abnormal, new capillaries that easily break and cause bleeding. Such bleeding can happen between menstrual periods, after menopause, after sexual intercourse, and even after one pelvic exam. You have to contact the doctor if you suffer from bleeding between following sexual intercourse of menstrual cycles.

5. Unusual Vaginal Discharge

Warning signs of cervical cancer

This is also one of the warning signs of cervical cancer. A little bit of odorless, clear vaginal discharge is normal. But, if the vaginal discharge has an irregular appearance or increases, smells foul, it could be one sign of cervical or infection or endometrial cancer. Vaginal discharge could be pale, heavy, watery, mixed or brown with blood when suffering from this cancer. If you experience the symptom, you report it to the doctor immediately.

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