Top 12 Time-Tested Home Remedies For Watery Eyes In Babies And Adults

Tears play an important role in keeping the eyes healthy. However, many tears are not good. Watery eyes (known as epiphora) become more popular, especially for babies under 1 year old and people over 60 years old. For babies, watery eyes often appear because of blocked tear ducts. For older people, the aging skin of the eyelids gets out of the eyeball, which makes tears accumulate and flow, then causes watery eyes. Many other factors lead to watery eyes, such as allergies, inflammation, and infection. This problem can cause danger when driving, or you will find it difficult to see when doing activities. Therefore, if you are suffering from epiphora, it is essential to find ways to treat it. Continue reading this article on Effective Remedies to discover the best-proven home remedies for watery eyes in babies and adults.

12 Best Proven Treatments For Watery Eyes In Babies And Adults

I. Home Remedies For Watery Eyes 

There is no science-based evidence for the following homemade recipes. The recipes we've focused on are traditional home remedies, so always consult your doctor before using it.

A. In Babies
1. Warm Or Cold Compress

Watery eyes can come from the blockage of the tear ducts. Therefore, using warm or cold compress can help you remove the obstruction from inside, thus treating watery eyes problem. Besides, if you have redness and swelling, this way is useful to treat them[1].


  • Soak a cloth in warm or cold water at first
  • Put a warm or cold compress on the eyes for 10 minutes
2. Chamomile

For a long time, people use chamomile for medicinal purposes, such as anxiety and skin inflammation. This is also a natural way to treat watery eyes, but you will be surprised with its benefits for eyes problems[2]. Thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile can help your tear ducts work effectively by removing foreign object or sand, which affect your tear ducts. It is also effective for conjunctivitis problems.


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  • Boil a handful of chamomile flowers or add chamomile oil to water
  • Use this water as an eye wash

Note: All the above remedies can be used for adults.

Read more: Chamomile is an excellent remedy for anxiety relief. This article was medically reviewed/fact checked by Perpetua Neo (DClinPsy, UCL; MPhil, Cambridge).

B. In Adults
3. Cucumber

Many studies show that cucumber is a natural treatment for the skin. 90% of the cucumber is water, so your eyes will be hydrated. One of the causes of watery eyes is that your eyes are not hydrated enough. In this case, cucumber kills the bacteria, relieves the nerves and blood vessels of your eyes, and abate the irritation. Therefore this ingredient is effective at treating watery eyes.


  • Cut the cucumber into slices
  • Apply them to your eyes
4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is famous for reducing the dark circles because of its anti-inflammatory property[3]. Furthermore, baking soda makes your skin smooth and promotes the growth of new skin. Surprisingly, baking soda can work as an amazing eye wash to treat epiphora.


  • Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water
  • Apply this solution to your eyes
  • Use this remedy 2-3 times daily
5. Salt Water

Salt water is a common home remedy to treat many diseases. One of the most popular uses of salt water is to treat the bad breath. Besides, because of being able to kill bacteria, salt water helps reduce irritation and itchiness, which can lead to watery water. Moreover, anti-bacterial properties in salt make it effective for protecting eyes from infection development.


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of salt in warm water
  • Apply salt water to your eyes by using a cloth or cotton ball
  • Use it daily
6. Rose Water

Rose water is famous for being helpful to improve the skin because it can soothe your skin, tone it, and moisturize it. Besides, it can help you improve your vision, relieve your eyes, and even get rid of dark circles[4]. Moreover, just a few drops of rose water can help you solve the problems related to eyes such as dark circles. It also helps you reduce stress and tiredness, then makes your eyes feel refreshed.


  • Dip cotton balls in rose water at first
  • Apply them to your eyes
7. Tea Bag

Using tea bags to treat eye problems, such as dark circles, red eyes, and dry eyes become more and more common[5]. Caffeine in tea helps decrease puffiness and inflammation. Moreover, tea can work effectively to treat redness and swelling associated with watery eyes thanks to its tannins.

Remedy 1

  • Put two used tea bags in the refrigerator to let it cool.
  • Apply them to your eyes.

Remedy 2

  • Soak the tea bag in warm water
  • Apply the warm tea bag to your eyes
  • This remedy can be used for your babies.
8. Cold Milk

When having watery eyes, you can try to use cold milk. Cold milk can help you get rid of watery eyes because it has good bacteria, which treat a bacterial infection, one cause of watery eyes.


  • Put a muslin cloth or cheesecloth in cold milk
  • Apply it to your eyes
9. Castor Oil

Castor oil has been famous for treating many ailments in India and China for a long time. It is beneficial for eyes because of its fatty acids and other antioxidants[6]. Therefore, castor oil can treat the problems linked to eyes, such as allergies, eye redness, blepharitis, dark circles, wrinkles, bloodshot eyes, and even watery eyes. Castor oil can make your eyes hydrated. Moreover, this oil helps your eyes to reduce any inflammation, which can cause your problem more serious.


  • Apply a few drops of castor oil to the upper and lower eye line
  • Use it before going to bed
10. Green Tea

Green tea helps prevent you from heart disease and cancer thanks to the appearance of vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Tea leaves have a special antioxidants called flavonoids, which can protect the eyes to fight diseases like cataracts[7] [8]. With antioxidants, green tea can help treat watery eyes. This tea also moisturizes your eyes and makes sure that your eyes do not be dry. Moreover, with high nutrients and antioxidants, green tea helps improve the health of the eyes.


  • Soak green tea in warm water
  • Use it as an eye wash
11. Carrot

We all know that carrots are good for our eyes. Vitamin A and beta-carotene in carrot help improve your vision[9]. Lutein, an antioxidant agents in carrots, can protect the eye from damaging light. According to a study, lutein may reduce the risk of having macular degeneration, which causes vision loss[10]. You can drink carrot juice twice a week or eat carrots.

12. Coriander Seeds

Coriander is famous for its medicinal benefits because it has a large number of medicinal properties such as potassium, folic acid, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, and calcium, which can help you get rid of many health diseases. According to a study, coriander seeds are effective for stopping watery eyes and other eye problems[11]. They are also an amazing treatment for eye troubles because of its antioxidants, which can decrease itchiness, redness, and inflammation. Moreover, the antibacterial properties in coriander seeds prevent your eyes from conjunctivitis.


  • Add 2 tablespoons of coriander seeds to 250ml of water
  • Boil this mixture and let it cool
  • Clean your eyes with this solution

II. When To See The Doctor

1. For Babies

It is necessary for babies to have an appointment with the doctor if

  • Inflammation or redness appear in or around the eyes
  • There are hard crusts because of  the yellowish-green secretion around the eyes
  • The baby rubs their eyes or feels unpleasant
  • The baby wants to close the eyes
  • The eyelids’ shape is unusual
2. For Adults 

You must pay attention if

  • Your vision reduces.
  • Something is stuck in your eye, or inside the eyelid
  • You have bruising around the eye, but you do not know why
  • Your eyes is injured

These remedies above is natural and easy to do at home. We hope these tips are useful for you to treat your watery eyes. Besides, it is necessary to have a healthy diet, especially eating food rich in vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acid. You also need to protect your eyes by using eye drops or wearing sunglasses, for example.

However, the content available in this post is provided for educational and informational purposes. Therefore, you are advised to consult your doctor before following any method. Also, share with us if you know other natural home remedies for watery eyes in babies and adults.


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