15 Types Of Food That Can Harm You Slowly. Why & How?

In 2016, 5 million people died because of food-related diseases. 2 million people die as a result of heart diseases annually, half of which comes from the improper use of cooking oil. From these figures, it is important to understand the safety of the foods you eat every day. In this article, we will talk about 15 types of food that can harm you slowly, the reasons why, and how they affect to our body. Read carefully and remember outstanding points to keep illnesses away from you.

15 Types Of Food You Think Are Healthy But Can Harm Your Health Slowly

15. Canned Foods

Canned foods are items that exist in almost every kitchen. If yours also stores some cans, throw them right away because they are extremely poisonous. Firstly, cans are made of aluminum. Since aluminum can leak through packaging and processing, it then contaminates the food inside. When consuming these foods in a long period, the body will remain excess aluminum levels, which probably leads to memory problems such as Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, to prolong the shelf life of the products, manufacturers have to add a lot of preservatives, which we all know how bad are they. Besides, we should also consider the original quality of foods put in cans. Who can guarantee that they are of high quality? For those reasons, go for fresh foods instead of toxic canned ones to protect yourself.

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