Dental Tips: 11 Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Updated: 10/28/2019

As you know, a diet plays a vital role in maintaining your weight and energy level. The healthy nutrients in your diet will help to keep your bodily functions running effectively and combating the disease. Besides, certain beverages and foods may also influence the health of your teeth and mouth. The drinks and foods you consume also play a remarkable role in keeping your teeth in tip-top shape. Now, take a detailed look at the best and worst foods for your teeth in this article on EffectiveRemedies.

Medically reviewed/ fact checked by Dr. Millie Lytle & Dr. Sarah Brewer:

11 Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

I. Effects Of Foods On Teeth

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), you will notice the initial signs in your mouth if you have a poor diet[1].  Foods rich in fiber, phosphorous, calcium, and vitamins A and D are effective for strengthening and guarding your teeth[2]. Apart from that, foods that require some serious crunching and generate saliva help to remove stains from your teeth and prevent decay[3]. However, not all drinks and foods are good for your teeth. Certain foods can promote tooth decay and erode teeth enamel. So what are the worst and best for your teeth? Continue reading.

II. Best Foods For Your Teeth

foods for your teeth - best foods for your teeth

6. Fatty Fish 

Fish abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, including sardines and wild-caught salmon, are not only tasty but also good for your teeth. These fish aid your body in absorbing phosphorus and calcium, which helps to defend tooth enamel thanks to their high vitamin D content. Omega-3 fatty acids may help to decrease periodontitis or gum disease[4] [5]. Besides, you can also consider fish oil supplements, but only after consulting a doctor.

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5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are well known for their ability to boost energy and promote digestive health. Apart from that, they possess minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, phosphorous, fiber, and calcium[6] for healthy teeth. These seeds are not difficult to incorporate into your regular diet. You can add one tablespoon of Chia seeds to your smoothies.

4. Celery

Celery can help force you to chew more to consume it, which in turn produces more saliva. The production of saliva[7] is a big deal since saliva functions as the bloodstream of the mouth, which helps to keep the tissues healthy. In addition to this, it serves as your mouthwash, eliminating food particles in gums and teeth and helping to combat cavities.

3. Dark Chocolate

A new study shows that dark chocolate is useful for fighting plaque, cavities, and tooth decay. Cocoa present in dark chocolate consists of tannin, which is effective at preventing tooth erosion and decay by fighting inflammation of gums. Plus, cocoa is beneficial for reducing the growth of plaque and lowering acid production[8]. Apart from that, dark chocolate can enhance the circulation of blood in the gums. It also helps to battle cell damage in the mouth because it has many disease-fighting phenolic compounds and antioxidants. Thus, eat a piece of dark chocolate a few times a day to improve your mouth health.

2. Tea

Both black and green teas consist of compounds known as polyphenols[9], which interact with the bacteria-causing plaque. These polyphenols can kill or suppress bacteria, inhibiting them from producing tooth-attacking acid. Regular consumption of beverages or foods containing polyphenols may help to prevent oral cancer effectively and maintain oral health[10]. A study found that green tea promotes periodontal health by decreasing inflammation, inhibiting bone resorption, and restricting the growth of certain bacteria related to periodontal diseases[11]. Black and green teas also embrace cavity-fighting properties. Tea is also abundant in tannic acid, which can help soothe the pain from a toothache. Therefore, enjoy one to two cups of black or green tea frequently.

1. Milk

Being a dairy product, milk is a chock-full of vitamin D, phosphates, and calcium, which are essential for strong bones and healthy teeth[12]. Regular consumption of milk will be useful for strengthening and repairing tooth enamel and fortifying your bones. If you’re allergic to lactose intolerant or milk, you can consume soy milk as an alternative.

III. The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

foods for your teeth - the worst foods for your teeth

5. Citrus

The acids found in citrus fruits break down the enamel, which causes irreversible damage. Grape juice and lemon juice both seem to be the worst foods, though, in studies, researchers indicate that orange juice reduced enamel hardness by 84 percent[13] [14]. Plus, acid from citrus may be bothersome to mouth sores. Eat and drink these fruits in moderation at mealtime and then rinse with water if you want to attain a dose of their vitamins and antioxidants.

4. Carbonated Drinks

As per a study, drinking large amounts of carbonated soda could damage your teeth[15]. Carbonated sodas cause plaque to release more acid to harm tooth enamel. It also dries out the mouth that means you have less saliva. Along with that, dark-colored sodas can stain or discolor your teeth.

Note: After consuming a soda, don’t brush your teeth instantly, as this can hasten decay.

3. Alcohol

A study shows that consuming alcoholic beverages can harm the health of gums, increasing periodontal disease risk factors, or aggravating an existing case of severe periodontitis[16]. Drinking alcohol can cause a dry mouth. A dry mouth will lack saliva, which you need to keep your teeth healthy. Saliva helps to inhibit food from sticking to your teeth and remove food particles. It additionally assists in repairing early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections. You should consume plenty of water daily and use oral hydration solutions, and fluoride rinses to keep your mouth hydrated.

2. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits may be a healthy snack, but many of them such as apricots, figs, prunes, and raisins are sticky. They get cling and stuck in your teeth, which leave behind lots of sugar[17]. If you love eating dried fruits, ensure you use water to rinse your mouth and afterward, brush and floss. It’s best to enjoy the fresh versions because they are less concentrated with sugar.

1. Sour Candies

Candy is not good for your mouth, but sour candy consists of more and various kinds of acids, which are tougher on the teeth[18]. Besides, they will stick to the teeth for a long period of time because they are chewy. If you are craving sweets, you can eat a square of chocolate instead.

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Prevention is the best medicine for your teeth. So, eat some of these superfoods and avoid some of these worst foods make your teeth brighter and stronger. All of the contents provided in this article are for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.

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