Top 11 Super Health Benefits Of Okra You Must Know

Okra, also known as lady’s finger, bhindi, gumbo or bamia, is a tropical plant that is popularly used as an essential flavor in many dishes but also very well-known for several health benefits.

Now, let’s take a look at the general health benefits of okra. All of the advantages of it are all evidenced basing on scientific proof, so you will not have to worry about whether it is right or not.

Firstly, okra can be known as an anti-diabetic vegetable. To prove this, the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences 2011 had to put an experiment on diabetic rats. As a result, the okra helped to reduce relatively the level of blood glucose in the rats thanks to the extracts of okra working as a phytomedicinal that fights against diabetes effectively.

Secondly, okra takes effect as an antioxidant plant. This statement was given by the Department of Pharmacognosy after their study had been carried out on the okra root extracts and what was concluded from that study is that this extract contains free radical scavenging which can be compared to Silymarin. From this study, people also see that the okra can act as a great antioxidant plant with the presence of phenolic compounds and the flavonoids which are really powerful in struggling against the oxidation of lipid.

Thirdly, okra can also be an antibacterial vegetable. Okra actually can become a great antibacterial plant because this insight was demonstrated in the study “Glycosylated compounds from okra inhibit adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to human gastric mucosa”. Specifically, this study showed that okra fresh juice can take strong inhibitory effect as in the gastric mucosa, just with some help from okra fresh juice, all the bacteria are inhibited thoroughly. Thanks to acidic sugar compounds and the glycoproteins, okra fresh juice is becoming well-known for its antibacterial benefit.

From these outstanding features, okra can be used in some specific cases in order to help strengthen the people’s health.

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Top 11 Super Health Benefits Of Okra You Must Know

1. Lower The Level Of Cholesterol


High cholesterol is what almost everyone needs to avoid because this is the main cause of so many risky health problems like  stroke, diabetes, heart disease…The truth is, once you get these problems, it is so difficult for you to retain the former health status. But there is still a way to help you out of this adversity. It is utilizing the health benefits of okra that one of which, as you can see above, is the anti-diabetic effect. So if you want to control the cholesterol in your body, you should really take some okra.

The main factor to make okra ideal to reduce the cholesterol level is that it is packed with a high content of soluble fiber, plus the anti-diabetic function proved in the trustworthy study. Thanks to them, the serum cholesterol and atherosclerosis are lowered optimally.  To get this, we need to thank the production of bile in the intestines as well as the removal of deposited cholesterol inside your body. Once again, if you really want to lower the cholesterol level to stay away from risky diseases, you should really take use of some okra today.

2. Health Benefits Of Okra – Boost The Immune System

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. – Bethenny Frankel.

The immune system is an integral system of your body. If you keep bad habit or don’t take care of it or always consume chemical substance irresponsibly, the chance is high that you may get some problems relating to immune system deficiency like the flu, cough , illness…Though the symptoms are quite simple and insignificant, you may suffer from much irritation if you still keep it as usual.

The solution for you to avoid the deficiency in the immune system is the utilization of okra with the strong antioxidant effect and the high content of vitamin C. Under the perspective of trustworthy health specialists, the vitamin C and antioxidant properties in okra can make it become a powerful immune system booster. It can boost your immune system well also because it is enriched with some strong minerals like manganese, magnesium, iron and calcium, which are extremely effective in combating with the harmful free radicals and promote the strength of immune system.

3. Lower The Risk Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer has been considered one of the most life-threatening diseases that may happen to people for a long time. The symptoms of colon cancer emerge when the healthy cells in the colon make some errors in their DNA. This not only makes people feel hurt but also causes the intense irritation inside the body. Knowing that the colon cancer is so dangerous like that, you should find out a method to help you prevent its high risk. In this case, okra can help you.

Known for the high antioxidant content, okra can promote the function of the immune system well, at the same time, protect it from harmful free radicals. Besides, the regular use of okra can also help you to avoid the cells mutation. From the start, you are provided one fact about the high content of insoluble fiber inside the okra, and now, towards colon cancer, you can understand why okra is one of the best solutions to deal with the risk of colon cancer. It is because the high level of fiber can cleanse the intestinal tract – the main reason leading to colon risk. So, it is really beneficial that you can use okra to avoid colon cancer.

4. Health Benefits Of Okra – Prevent The Anemia Situation


All those who used to experience the anemia situation must admit that this is really a troublesome and dangerous health problem that may happen to unlucky people. If you used to get it, you would probably feel some symptoms like a headache, dizzy eyes, speedy heartbeat, the high distraction or loss of focus,…More importantly, these symptoms can cause you some trouble, especially when you have to focus on working, it is hard to focus on it due to anemia.

With okra, preventing the anemia is one of the most outstanding health benefits of it. You can completely feel better with the aid of high content of vitamin K, folate, and iron from okra. They are included in okra to take action in formulating the hemoglobin, coagulating blood and producing the blood cells.  Thanks to all of these helpful actions, the anemia risk can be lowered thoroughly making you live and work focused every day.

5. Bring To The Eyes The Clear Vision

It may sound strange but it is the truth that okra can bring to your eyes a clear vision. Some of you may have trouble relating to eyes due to some reasons but it will not be a big problem anymore with the health benefits of okra.

Okra is actually a great booster for your eyes. According to some studies, the precursor of vitamin A named beta-carotenes included in the okra is proved to have the positive impact on the vision of your eyes. You will have a better view and brighter vision by using okra on a regular basis. Though it just can help you to some extents, it is still worth taking okra as a priority if you, unfortunately, get some eyes problems. Besides the carotenes, okra can also provide lutein, xanthin, and especially the antioxidant content, so the consumption of okra will help to prevent some of your eyes problems like cataract and glaucoma effectively, then you will get a clearer vision as a certain thing.

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6. Health Benefits Of Okra – Cleanse Your Liver

The liver is a part playing a very important role in your digestion system. It may get burnt or impure in any cases, especially when you ignore it by uncontrollably absorb unhealthy substances and making them stuck in the liver for a long time. Later on, that stuff may cause the deficiency in the liver, the weakness in the liver function. So it is imperative that liver needs cleansing at a suitable time.

Health benefits of okra are a lot, and one of them is the ability to detoxify your liver to protect it from being deteriorated by harmful attacks. Okra is believed to help cleanse the liver immensely because  the antioxidant content in okra has been demonstrated to be really protective against the liver damage. Moreover, it not just aids the function of stool but also controls the mucilage binds cholesterol and bile toxins, acid,…As a result, the liver can be filtered optimally to be away from the unhealthy situation.

7. Treat Constipation Well

Now, you are facing a really troublesome health problem , that is constipation and are feeling guilty for your overuse of unhealthy stuff that has negative impact on your digestion system or the period of time you have been suffered from stress. You are trying some methods by consuming high-fiber fruit like oranges or watermelons, but all the effort seems to be hopeless. But you may be so surprised as the solution for constipation is just so simple – Okra.

There is a man who has been suffering from constipation for 20 years, then he decided to consume 6 pieces of okra in the last 2 months without taking any medical treatment  because he thought that okra could help him treat his situation. The result did not disappoint him when the blood sugar level dropped down from 135 to 98 and the constipation situation of him also appeared to be less serious.

There must be some secrets behind okra that can bring about such an amazing outcome to him like that.And here come the secrets of okra: It contains so many valuable nutrients, most of which are soluble fiber presenting in the form of pectins and gums. As you may know, soluble fiber is really beneficial in keeping the intestinal tract in good condition. Another part of okra is the high content of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, can help to lower the risk of cancer. Experts from University of Illinois Extension Okra Page also found vitamin B6, folic acid besides healthy fiber included in the okra. So it is really helpful that you can use okra now to deal with constipation effectively.

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8. Health Benefits Of Okra – Take Control Of Asthma


Asthma is an organic disease that has the direct impact on the airways of the lungs.  Those who have to suffer from asthma will be more likely to get inflamed airways. Especially, the airways will swell and the muscles surrounding them also tighten if you catch anything that triggers the symptoms of asthma like the long coughing, the choked chest, the short breath or wheezing. All of these symptoms appear as the result of the deficiency in airways, which means the air seems to be hard to move in and out of the lungs.

The truth is that okra is the kind of vegetable that can help you out or even help you to prevent the early symptoms of asthma. With great health benefits of okra, your asthma can be mitigated in all aspects. You can consume the okra in many ways like mixing it with food or making it into many kinds of diseases. It is up to your hobby. Then let the high content of vitamin C, the anti-inflammatory and the antioxidant properties of okra flow into your lungs to fix their error to help reduce the risk of asthmatic attack. You should really try it today to get the best status of your lungs and airways to be free from asthma.

9. Deal With Sunstroke

Sunstroke is a health problem that usually happens to those who have weak health. But in some cases, it occurs unpredictably in everybody, so it’d be better you should raise your awareness of this problem and keep your good health all the time. The summer is nearer, the sun ray is also stronger, your body needs to be stronger to walk under the intensive summer sun. And to do that, you should consume okra because the high content of minerals and anti-inflammatory properties are believed to provide you with a strong immune system to protect you from bad effect of the sun ray. Besides, you should also consider okra because health benefits of okra are obvious, one of which is dealing with sunstroke with the aid of nutrients and vitamin, which can strengthen your body from inside out, then you will avoid the risk of sunstroke thoroughly.

10. Health Benefits Of Okra – Strengthen Your Bone

Seem like okra can take effect as a calcium provider when assuming that it can strengthen your bone. Actually, health benefits of okra include the boosting to your bone because it is enriched with the high content of vitamin B and folate. Both of them are responsible for building strong bone and density, which also help you to prevent the osteoporosis. Included in the okra is also the high level of vitamin K which is also an important factor for blood clotting enzymes and this is really an integral part in bringing about strong bones.

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11. Prevent The Obesity

According to Shengjie Fan from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, okra is considered among the necessary and important dietary factors which mean that in your daily diet, you should consume a relative amount of okra to provide your body with amazing health benefits of okra.

Besides the wonderful content of okra mentioned above that have a strong impact on your health and help to deal with some normal health problems, it is also packed with beneficial content like polysaccharide and polyphenols which are extremely important to deal with your obesity. Okra, in some ways, can help you to deal with the overweight situation. This statement was given basing on the research of Shengjie. By allowing the mice to absorb polysaccharides okra in a specific period of time, the researcher could see the sharp decline in both blood glucose and the circulating lipids, cholesterol. Then there was a significant decrease in the weight of such mice. Moreover, the polysaccharides can boost the sensitivity to insulin which is the main hormone to control the blood glucose. So with great health benefits of okra like that, you can totally be relieved from the obesity or other metabolic disorders as a certain thing.

The health benefits of okra, as you can see, are really obvious. But you may wonder how to make it to serve your appetite the best. Then here are some suggestions for you to use okra in your daily diet so that you can extract the most prominent health benefits of okra.

  • You can try the pods in thickening dishes like soup with fish.
  • Okra can be combined with a thick stew of beef or lamb.
  • Want to get fried taste, try using sliced and chopped pods to mix with meat or vegetable
  • Steam the pods if you want and consume it with rice, meat or vegetable
  • If you want to get low vegetable’s mucilage, use okra with dried fish.

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From the above article, you can easily see how amazing okra is when offering people with so many health benefits. By extracting the okra the right way and combine it in a smart way, you will certainly gain the good health as you expect. Moreover, the recipe to make okra is so simple, so you can cook it the way you like without caring much about its loss of healthy effect. In general, it is worth taking a look at the above health benefits of okra and hopefully, you will maintain the good health in every part with okra.

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