27 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Its Uses & Side Effects

What Is Grape Seed Oil?

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. Grapes, their leaves, and seeds have been used for centuries in many home remedies thanks to their medicinal and nutritional agents. In addition, this oil is loaded with polyphenols flavonoids, linoleic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidin, and vitamin E, all of which make it an excellent remedy to treat severe health conditions. Apart from that, it is also used in many skin and hair care products. Curious to know! Now let Effectiveremedies.com reveal to you the outstanding benefits of grapeseed oil for health, hair, and skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil And Its Uses For Health And Beauty?

According to a study, grapeseed oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and phenolic compounds, with economic importance to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industry [1]. According to International Journal of Pharmacy, grape seed extract is used to deal with a number of diseases [2]. It is highly beneficial for treating a number of health and beauty issues including sunburn, age spots, chapped lips, acne, wrinkles, chronic venous insufficiency, arthritis, edema, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hair loss, etc. Studies also indicate that the free radical scavenging activity housed in grapeseed oil may boost the immunity and decrease the chance of developing cancer altogether.

I. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil & Uses For Health

1. Health Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Treat Diabetes

According to many intensive studies, oral consumption of linoleic acid may decrease the complications related to diabetes. Thus, consuming grape seed extract regularly is high in linoleic acid as well as other antiglycemic components, which aid with diabetes. According to another study, grape seed extract has a great effect on diabetes [3]. A recommendation is taking 1 Grapeseed capsule two times daily for this condition.

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2. Prevent Cancer

According to a study, grape skin & seed extracts have the great potential in preventing cancer [4]. An article in 2006 in “Clinical Cancer Research” showed that grape seed extract delayed the development and growth of colorectal cancer in mice. Therefore, taking one Grapeseed capsule twice to thrice every day may be helpful for reducing the risk of the disease. Also, it can help with liver damage as well as other side effects caused due to chemotherapy medication.

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3. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

benefits of grapeseed oil

According to a 2009 animal study, grape seed extract may prevent the growth and development of Alzheimer’s disease. According to researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in New York City, grape seed comprises natural antioxidants named polyphenols that may prevent Alzheimer's disease.

4. Treat Hemorrhoids

Another benefits of grapeseed is treating hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and spider veins that are caused due to damaged blood vessels. The oligomeric proanthocyanidin & flavonoids in grapeseed oil can help with capillary integrity. Hence, taking 1 Grape Seed Extract capsule two times every day may be helpful for impaired capillary valves, improve damaged vessels, and deal with the poor blood circulation causing hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

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5. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Reduce High Blood Pressure

According to a 2000 study published in the “Journal of Medicine”, Proanthocyanidin is a natural antioxidant which reduces total overall cholesterol levels and the amount of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in your system. Thus, taking 1 capsule of Grapeseed Extract every day may help to improve cardiovascular health.

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6. Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

According to Nathan Wei, MD, FACP, FACR, grape seed extract can deal with rheumatoid arthritis [5]. Grapeseed oil may improve collagen production to maintain healthy connective tissues in the joints, according to studies. Its anti-inflammatory activity helps to decrease the pain caused due to arthritis. For this remedy, you can start to take 1 tsp grapeseed oil every day on an empty stomach for around 1 week and later decrease the quantity to ½ tsp every day on an empty stomach.

7. Cure Spider Veins

According to a 1981 double-blind study conducted in France on fifty patients suffering from varicose veins found that about 150 milligrams daily of grape seed extract worked faster. At first, mix grapeseed oil (3 drops) and carrier oil (2 drops) and later apply to your affected area using this oil mixture. Nicely massage it into your skin and leave it on your skin overnight and the next morning clean the area using lukewarm water.  Try repeating this remedy nightly to remove the spider veins quickly.

8. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Heal Wounds, Scars & Injuries

According to a study published in “Free Radical Biology and Medicine” in 2002, the body might repair wounds in the skin more quickly with grape seed extract. For this treatment, mix nicely grapeseed oil (2-3 drops) with the carrier oil (1 or 2 drops). You take some this oil mixture and apply directly on your affected skin with the aid of a cotton ball. Repeat this tip twice daily until the wound completely heals.

II. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil & Uses For Skin

9. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Reduce Sunburn & Age Spots

benefits of grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil lightens the effects on pigmented skin and age spots caused due to ultraviolet rays. For this remedy, apply a small quantity of this oil on your affected skin areas daily. Alternatively, take grapeseed supplements every day to lessen the risk of sunburn and lower the appearance of age spots.

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10. Remove Wrinkles & Stretch Marks

Ingested grapeseed oil can increase amounts of antioxidants in the blood, according to University of Maryland Medical Center.  Grapeseed extract can enhance the elastin and collagen production that is important for healthy and strong looking skin. Hence, taking grapeseed supplements every day can aid in reducing the appearance of ugly stretch marks, wrinkles, as well as saggy skin. Another option is to add grapeseed oil (1-2 drops) to your face moisturizer to promote its effectiveness.

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11. Beauty Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Treat Acne & Dermatitis

A research suggests that grapeseed oil consists of 73% of linoleic acid that may be effective at treating acne, allergic reactions, dermatitis, atopic eczema and itchy and dry skin. For this remedy, apply some grapeseed oil onto the affected skin two to three times daily. You can also regular oral consumption of Grape Seed Extract supplements regularly.

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12. Make The Skin Glow

You need to take grapeseed oil (2-3 drops) and sugar scrub. Later mix together the oil of grapeseed with the sugar scrub. Gently exfoliate the face with the mixture while bathing. Follow this process for the duration of 6 minutes and clear your face by using lukewarm water. This method can be used three times each week for effective effects.

13. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Treat Oily Skin

benefits of grapeseed oil

The oil of grapeseed composes of natural astringent properties, which curb production of oil and remove toxins from the skin. For this method, crush 1 handful of mint leaves and later extract their juice. Then, add grapeseed oil (around 2-3 drops) to the mint juice and afterward, store this mixture in a spray bottle. Start spraying this liquid into your affected skin and slightly massage with the cotton ball for the duration of 6 minutes. Lastly, remove it with lukewarm water. Try following this tip two times each day.

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14. Treat Dark Circles

For this treatment, mix grapeseed oil (2-3 drops) and any carrier oil (1-2 drops). Then, apply this mixture to your affected skin and gently massage. After ten minutes, wash the area by using lukewarm water. Follow it twice times daily for several weeks to treat the dark circles completely.

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15. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Remove Pimples

For this treatment, you can mix grapeseed oil (15 drops), salt scrub (1 cup), honey (2 tablespoons), geranium (15 drops), sea buckthorn oil (1 tbsp) and bergamot essential oil (10 drops) nicely in 1 mixing bowl. Later apply this mixture on your skin and gently scrub for the duration of 10 minutes. After that, remove with lukewarm water. This simple remedy can be followed a minimum of three times weekly. Alternatively, you can mix ½ cup each of coconut oil and brown sugar, grapeseed oil (20 drops) and peppermint oil (10 drops) and next, store the mixture in an airtight container. Thereafter, apply on your skin and slightly exfoliate for fifteen minutes. Finally, clean the area by using lukewarm water. You should use this remedy 3 times weekly for fast results.

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16. Make Skin Look Younger

Take grapeseed oil (2 drops) and vegetable oil (1-2 drops). Later combine these oils well and gently massage onto your skin for five minutes. After that, wash the skin by using lukewarm water. For visible results, repeat the process every night before your bedtime. Alternatively, mix oatmeal (½ cup), turmeric powder (1 tsp), grapeseed oil (2-3 drops), honey (1 tablespoon) and sandalwood powder (1 tablespoon) to attain a thick paste. Later evenly apply this paste on the face and remove it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. The remedy can be repeated a minimum of three times weekly.

17. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Remove Dry Lips

Grapeseed oil can nourish and moisturize the lips. For this remedy, pour 1 tablespoon of beeswax into a container and place it inside 1 pot of boiling water. Add grapeseed oil (2-3 drops), honey (2 drops) and coconut oil (1 tablespoon) to the melted beeswax. Then, stir the contents nicely. After that, break 2 capsules of vitamin E and add them to the mixture. Now blend them nicely and pour this resultant mixture into 1 container. Let it cool and apply it to the lips when needed.

18. Remove Cellulite

Firstly, mix nicely grapeseed oil (2-3 drops) with coconut oil (1-2 drops) together. Later massage the oil mixture on your skin for the duration of 10 minutes.  Repeat the process nightly before you go to sleep.

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19. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Treating Dry Flaky Skin

Grapeseed oil may be helpful in fighting dry flaky skin on the face. You can attain the detailed recipe at the Dry Flaky Skin Tip No. 5.

III. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil & Uses For Hair

20. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Promote Hair Growth

benefits of grapeseed oil

All you need to follow is mixing well grapeseed oil (2 drops) and carrier oil (1 drop) inside a plastic bag. Later, heat a little water and heat the oil by immersing that bag inside the water. Then, use water to rinse the hair and wash it using shampoo. After that, dry the hair and wrap it into a ponytail. Start applying this oil to your hair and massage it as well. Finally, rinse the hair after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. Try this remedy once weekly or so to help the hair grow faster.

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21. Treat Damaged Hair

Grapeseed oil is great for conditioning and moisturizing dry and damaged hair. For the detailed recipe, you click at the Damaged Hair Remedy No. 20.

22. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil – Act As a Heat Protector

For this remedy, combine grapeseed oil (4 drops), water (2 drops) and coconut oil (2 drops) and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Before applying heat to the hair, you spray this resultant mixture to it. Follow this remedy regularly.

23. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Keeping The Hair Clean

You mix grapeseed oil (4 drops) and carrier oil (2-3 drops). Apply this resulting mixture on your scalp instantly after a shower. Slightly massage this mixture into your scalp and remove it after 15-20 minutes with water. You should try following this simple tip daily while showering. Alternatively, you mix grapeseed oil (2-3 drops) and 2 drops each of orange juice, sage oil, and lemon juice. Thereafter, apply this mixture all over the hair and scalp and wash off after half an hour with lukewarm water. It’s suggested to use this remedy a minimum of two times weekly for quick results.

24. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Treating Frizzy Hair

Firstly, take 10 drops each of aloe vera juice, vodka and grapeseed oil and later mix them nicely. Then, store this combination in a spray bottle and use enough water to fill the remaining space. Nicely shake the bottle and spray it on the hair. You should follow the remedy daily.

25. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Detangling Your Hair

First of all, mix grapeseed oil (around 2-3 drops) with glycerin (2 drops) and aloe vera gel (1 teaspoon). Later pour this resultant mixture into a spray bottle and then, fill the empty space by adding the water. Before using, shake this bottle nicely. Now, begin spraying this tonic on the hair prior to taking a shower daily.

26. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Treating Dandruff

All you need to do is pouring your regular shampoo into a container and mixing grapeseed oil (3-4 drops) with the shampoo. Let it sit for the duration of 5 minutes and afterward, wash your hair with this mixture. After 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

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27. Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Sweet Smelling Hair

You need to prepare grapeseed oil (3-4 drops), carrier oil (2-3 drops) and water. Next, mix grapeseed and carrier oils together and pour them into 1 spray bottle. Then, use enough water to fill the remaining space and nicely shake the bottle. Thereafter, spray this solution onto the hair after you wash and dry it.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Grapeseed Oil?

Grapeseed oil is possibly safe when taken in moderation. However, an overdose of this oil may result in a headache, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain. If you’re allergic to grapes, don’t take Grape Seed products. In addition, if you are taking any blood pressure or cholesterol lowering blood thinners or medications, consult a doctor and regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as using Grape Seed Extract & its Oil for therapeutic purposes. This oil is not suggested for cooking because it is high in polyunsaturated fat. When exposed to heat, oils with high polyunsaturated fat can quickly undergo oxidation.

Where To Buy Grape Seed Oil?

You can buy Grape Seed Extract and its Oil at most herbal food & drug stores. When buying grapeseed oil, seek for cold-pressed organic oil because it remains most of the natural ingredients in comparison with the chemically pressed oils. It can be bought in the form of tablets, capsules, oil and powder.

Hope this post has been helpful to you. It’s a great treatment for hair and skin care problems. If you want to read more such articles, visit directly our Superfoods homepage. Do you know other benefits of grapeseed oil for health and beauty? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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