Top 9 Prominent Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea You Should Know

Do you like drinking ginger tea? Do you like spending the whole afternoon next to the window reading book while beside you is a cup of hot DIY ginger tea? If yes, then you are a really caring person to care about your health smartly like that. The emphasis here is the DIY ginger tea and you may find ginger a very closed thing to you which is always available in the kitchen. Besides the function as an indispensable flavor in many dishes, it can be utilized as an efficient treatment to combat with some normal health problems.

The question here is that why DIY ginger tea is so popular and so many people make it serve themselves so much like that? Here, in this article, the health benefits of DIY ginger tea will be revealed to let you know why, and more about the great secrets behind this small herb, so in the end, you can take use of it to deal with some health problems in life effectively.

In fact, ginger tea is packed with so many beneficial properties such as anti-nausea, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral and antitussive properties. Besides, it also contains a high source of vitamin A, E, C, magnesium, potassium, silicon, sodium, calcium, and beta-carotene. Therefore, ginger tea is highly evaluated in many treatments for health.

Now, you have got your own cup of ginger tea. You can feel relaxed to drink the ginger tea, and it is also the time you got to know more about health benefits of DIY ginger tea as followed.

Top 9 Prominent Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea You Should Know

1. Relieve The Intense Pain

Health benefits of DIY ginger tea

In your daily life, you may easily get so many kinds of pain. It may be due to the production of COX-2 inside your body or the pain caused by popular diseases like gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. You may feel really depressed not knowing how to get rid of this irritating situation. Then the best advice for you is taking some slices of ginger tea to make a cup of ginger tea right now.

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After drinking ginger tea, the pain will be less intense thanks to the gingerol and the anti-inflammatory properties included in the ginger. Not just deal with the pain caused by the harmful chemical COX-2, ginger tea can also fight against with headaches perfectly. To do this, ginger tea produces the compound, which can soothe a migraine thoroughly, then prevents the attack of prostaglandins, which is the main cause of your pain and blocks the inflammation in your brain’s vessel to keep you stay away from a long-time painful situation. It is really suggestible that you should take the DIY ginger tea right now to live happily without being painful.

You should drink it whenever your body is emerged with symptoms of a pain, and remember if possible, you'd better consult the doctor's advice to make sure the ginger tea is good for you.

2. Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea – Improve The Blood Circulation

The food you keep in your home tells the future of your nutritional success.

A good blood circulation into your body means all the parts of your body are provided with enough nutrients, healthy compounds and good minerals. A smooth circulation can perfect every function of your body’s parts and boost the cell growth as well as increase the functions of organs like heart, liver, limbs, kidneys, and your brain.

To maintain the smooth flow of your blood, it is essential that you should drink some DIY ginger tea because the zingerone and gingerols included in this tea can bring to your body the warming effect, which is the trigger for your blood circulation.

In addition, ginger tea is also comprised of healthy amino acids and minerals. Thanks to such health benefits of DIY ginger tea, you should drink ginger tea to help you decrease the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular problem thoroughly.

3. Relieve Stomach Disorder And Nausea

Health benefits of DIY ginger tea

You all agree that nausea is a really haunting experience. You may get nausea due to several reasons but it is obvious that you will feel so uncomfortable. In such cases, the best choice for you is taking a cup of ginger tea because the health benefits of ginger tea are proved to help you treat nausea, vomiting and stomach disorder effectively.

Here, in this article, you will be opposed to some cases that you have at least once experienced but you would have overcome it by utilizing ginger tea. You can try a ginger tea before traveling to avoid the vomiting caused by motion sickness. You can also try ginger tea if you get nausea during pregnancy or chemotherapy-induced nausea. Besides, with some symptoms caused by stomach disorder like stomachache, bloating, indigestion, gas and diarrhea, ginger tea also takes effect as a great cleanser to cleanse away all the harmful bacteria that cause stomach disorder. Thanks to the phenol properties and volatile oil in the ginger root that helps to mitigate the stomach deficiency and intestines thoroughly.

So take a cup of ginger tea if you are suffering from nausea, vomiting or stomach disorder now.

4. Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea – Boost Immune System

Ginger tea, for a long time, has been known as a hub of anti-oxidant properties, that’s why it is so popularly used in many natural remedies to deal with normal health problems. One of the health benefits of DIY ginger tea is the ability to boost the immune system.

A person needs to keep a strong immune system, all of us know that that’s when your body can fight against harmful attack, stay strong and healthy enough to keep you away from unpredictable health problems, and when you get sick, you will recover quickly.

So to get a strong immune system like that, you can utilize natural remedy like drinking DIY ginger tea because ginger tea is enriched with so many beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial content along with potent elements like magnesium, chromium, which take effect as a powerful booster for the immune system. Besides, if your body is stuck with toxins, you can drink ginger tea to let the warm nature of it wash away all the toxins out of your body. Therefore, you should make a cup of ginger tea now to experience a healthy body as you want.

5. Mitigate The Menstrual Discomfort

Health benefits of DIY ginger tea are obviously of a tremendous figure. In this case, you will be introduced about one of the greatest benefits of ginger tea which is mitigating the menstrual discomfort.

Menstrual discomfort is normal to most of the women, but if it happens to you with high frequency, you will easily fall into the stress situation and become more tired than ever. When getting menstrual discomfort, women will get repeated pain. If you are suffering from this, why don’t you take a cup of ginger tea and let it deal with your menstrual cramps? It is believed that the warming effect and the strong anti-inflammatory in the ginger will help you to relieve the menstrual cramps thoroughly.

Ginger tea, honestly, is also a great treatment for the premenstrual syndrome. This statement was demonstrated by the release of the journal ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2014. In this study, ginger tea was examined carefully before being lifted up to a high position which is treating well with PMS syndrome and even the fatigue relating to PMS. With ginger tea, the pain will be eased optimally, then you will never have to be haunted by the menstrual cramps anymore.

6. Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea – Lower The Level Of Cholesterol

Health benefits of DIY ginger tea

In case you have high cholesterol, it is suggested that you should find out a plant used as a cooking spice to help you reduce the level of it. The most suitable plant for you in this situation is nothing but ginger tea. No one can deny the definite health benefits of DIY ginger tea in dealing with some normal health problems, also in this case. Many types of research have stated that ginger can reduce the level of cholesterol optimally because it can reduce the inflammation well.

According to a study released in the journal “Food and Function” in 2013, the researchers did carry out an experiment on an animal when allowing animals with high cholesterol absorb ginger tea. After that time, they see the big change in the animals which is the bad cholesterol level was reduced significantly. To explain this, researchers pointed out the reason is because ginger activates an enzyme that promotes the use of cholesterol in your body and lowers it efficiently. Besides, the researchers also agreed that it is also packed with antioxidant properties, so it can help you to avoid the low density of lipoprotein oxidation.

As a result, you may have less likelihood to face with heart disease, obesity or blood pressure.

7. Fight Against Respiratory Infection

Thanks to the great health benefits of DIY ginger tea and the tremendous number of potent elements in the ginger tea like antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, so many people believe in drinking it to fight against one of the most well-known health problems, the respiratory infections.

You all know the negative outcome of the deficiency in the respiratory system is sometimes serious even though the initial symptoms are so simple like flu, cough, cold… And no matter what the symptoms are, it is necessary that you should consume some ginger tea to let it break the congestion inside your body which is related directly to your common cold, environmental allergies or influenza. The ginger tea can also help to stop the cold thoroughly thanks to its warming effect.

Moreover, in the event that you have got airway contraction due to asthma, why don’t you drink a cup of hot ginger tea to reduce the airway infection? With the aid of polyphenols, ginger tea will help to inhibit the mucus secretion, therefore, you can recover from sore throats, headache or normal symptoms caused by respiratory infections quickly.

8. Health Benefits Of DIY Ginger Tea – Reduce Stress

Have been through a period of tough time in your working and daily activities, and you are totally exhausted now not knowing how to overcome the tension you are facing now? It’s normal if you cope with this situation several times in life because the more developed the life is, the more likely you are opposed to such difficult cases that make you feel really stressed. At these moments, you should take a cup of ginger tea  to experience the great health benefits of DIY ginger tea as the calming properties will call back the peace in your mind quickly. Besides, the aroma and healing properties in the ginger tea can also help you to extenuate this situation effectively. So, now, if you are burdening the adversity in life, let’s make a cup of ginger tea and feel the peaceful soul and continue working happily.

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9. Prevent The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome is caused by several reasons that sometimes, you cannot explain. But in general, the IBS is emerged by the contraction of a layer of muscle in line with the intestines as they move food from the stomach through the intestinal tract to your rectum. The longer the contraction last, the more likely you may get such symptoms as gas, diarrhea and bloating.

To prevent this syndrome, it is suggested that you should drink some ginger tea that is made from fresh raw ginger as it contains the antioxidant, the warming effect, the antibacterial properties, so it will help to relieve the syndrome from your body. Moreover, it is enriched with anti-inflammatory content which can break the contraction to bring about a healthy digestion system and prevent the IBS thoroughly. Several clinical studies also show that ginger tea plays an important role in restoring the deficient function in the digestion system, so you should really try this remedy to stay away from IBS.

Now, all of you may be so surprised about the great health benefits of DIY ginger tea, but you need to know the exact recipe to make a cup of ginger tea that is both delicious but still maintains its high effect. All you need to make it are some slices of fresh raw ginger, 1,5 -2 cups of fresh water, some lemon juice and 1-2 tablespoons of honey.

You will need to peel the ginger and wash it thoroughly and cut it into small slices

  • Boil the water and put the ginger slices into it and cover it with a lid to let it simmer for 10 minutes
  • Then you strain the water to get out the ginger
  • Squeeze some lemon juice into the ginger tea
  • Put some raw honey into it, stir it after that and enjoy.

Above are all about the health benefits of DIY ginger tea. Are you feeling overwhelmed with it? I hope you are not. Actually, ginger tea is one of the most effective and popular kinds of tea that have the strong impact on people’s health. Drinking ginger tea in some urgent cases to deal with some trouble is not strange in many regions in the world. The importance is that you should pay attention to the dose of using ginger tea, be sure that you don’t take too much or too little of it so that you can absorb the greatest effect from it. In general, hopefully, after reading these reveals, you may find DIY ginger tea a treatment fantastic enough to help you deal with normal health problems in life and give you a more relaxing and healthy life.

If you have any comments or opinion on this article, please leave them in the comment box.

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