Top 14 Benefits Of Forskolin For Health & Skin – Its Uses & Side Effects

What Is Forskolin?

Family: Lamiaceae (mint family)

Scientific Name: Plectranthus barbatus

Common Names: Forskolin, Indian coleus, HL-362, mao hou qiao rui hua, makandi, NKH477, pashanabhedi, Colforsin daropate, Ele-max, Asthma X-5, Interex, GlucoLean, ForsLean, Meta-Burn EF.

Forskolin is extracted from the root of a plant called coleus forskohlii. This plant is a member of the mint family, which is commonly grown in some areas such as Thailand, India, and Burma. Forskolin extract is known as a compound that contains anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. It has also played a key role in the traditional medicine in India for thousands of years. Besides, it may specifically activate an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, which is in charge of many cellular functions. Are you curious to know the benefits of forskolin for health? So, have a look at this post. Today, reveals to you top 14 benefits of forskolin, uses, and side effects when using for health & skin. Continue reading this article to discover these benefits in more detail!

What Are The Benefits Of Forskolin & Its Uses For Health & Skin?

Forskolin has been used to lower high blood pressure. Other health benefits of forskolin include the ability to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and support the immune system. The active photochemical present in forskolin, was found in 1974 has become the subject of various laboratory studies. According to a study in the “Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine” in 1995, this compound has a lot of effects on your body, working mainly on an enzymatic level to raise the levels of cyclic AMP (called adenosine 3.5 – monophosphate) known as a substance that may activate all sorts of the cellular enzymes.

Over the last years, the medicinal uses of the forskolin have increased and now it can be used to deal with allergies, obesity, lower blood sugar levels, treat depression, and some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

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I. Benefits Of Forskolin For Health

1. Benefits Of Forskolin For Health – Aid Weight Loss

The first research on humans on the benefits of forskolin on weight loss was done by the University of Kansas in 2005 on 30 obese or overweight men. This study involved each man who took 250 mg of a 10 % forskolin extract orally or a placebo two times a day within 12 weeks. The result is that the men in the forskolin group reported a greater increase in their lean body mass and a greater decrease in their body fat compared to the men in the placebo group. [1]

Another human study, conducted at the Baylor University, in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition” involved 23 mildly overweight women. In this study, they were also given the same dose as the overweight men in the above study for 12 weeks. The result is that forskolin doesn’t appear to aid weight loss but can help to mitigate weight gain in obese or overweight women without clinically significant side effects.

A recommended remedy for weight loss is simply to take 250 milligrams capsules of the forskolin twice a day for 12 weeks.

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2. Health Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

According to a study in the “Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology” on rats in 2016, the administration of forskolin effectively reduces many negative physical components that are caused by Alzheimer’s disease, such as plaque in the various areas of your brain and reduces the inflammatory activities. This is very encouraging in the field of the natural treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember to consult a doctor before taking forskolin for Alzheimer’s disease for a proper dosage.

3. Benefits Of Forskolin For Health – Lower High Blood Pressure

One of other most ancient uses of the forskolin is to deal with heart conditions, including hypertension. According to a study in India, the extract of Coleus forskohlii effectively lower high blood pressure in about 75% of the patients tested. This benefit probably contributes to the accepted use of the forskolin in improving heart health. [2]

So, take 1 forskolin capsule having 10% forskolin extract to treat high blood pressure.

4. Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Asthma

According to a study in the “Journal of International Medical Research” in 2006, forskolin may help to deal with the asthma attacks. Lasting 6 months, the study is conducted on 40 children & adults suffering from the mildly or moderately persistent condition. This study found that the attacks were notably less frequent among patients taking forskolin capsules (compared to the patients who treated by inhalation of sodium cromoglycate, known as a common treatment for asthma).

This study also suggests that just taking 10 milligrams of forskolin once per day for 2-6 months may help to treat asthma by increasing the cAMP production.

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5. Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Glaucoma

A study in Italy involved patients who were used many medical treatments of medication without getting any improvement to the intraocular pressure. Astoundingly, the researchers discovered that taking forskolin (along with rutin, another supplement) had a significant effect on the pressure levels and offered a great treatment for patients who tried everything besides having a surgery. [3]

Another study also suggests that using two drops of the forskolin 1% eye drops three times per day can be a safe substitute for beta blockers in the glaucoma patients to aid in reducing pressure on the eyes.

6. Health Benefits Of Forskolin – Fight Depression

benefits of forskolin

According to a study in the “Journal of Neurotransmission” in 1996, forskolin is beneficial in fighting depression. People having the symptoms of depression often have a reduced level of cyclic AMP, while forskolin may help them by raising the level of cyclic AMP. And there is information that it may aid in elevating mood levels 5. You may take one 250 milligrams capsule of the forskolin a day to treat depression.

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7. Benefits Of Forskolin – Lower Blood Glucose Levels

According to the study of “Effect of Chronic Administration of Forskolin on Glycemia and Oxidative Stress in Rats with and without Experimental Diabetesin”  published in “the International Journal of Medical Sciences” in 2014, regular administration of forskolin (more than 8 weeks) reduced the fasting blood glucose levels. [4] Although this preliminary study also shows that taking the forskolin supplement can help diabetic & pre-diabetic patients, more studies must be done to support its efficacy.

8. Benefits Of Forskolin For Health – Treat Cancer

Forskolin may activate protein phosphatase 2, an enzyme that increases the rates of cell division. According to a 2011 study at the “University of Madrid”, the activation of the protein phosphatase 2 has an anti-tumor impact on the rectal cancer tumors, which stops their growth. The result of this study is that, as per the type of the rectal cancer of a patient, forskolin may offer positive effects on stopping or just slowing tumor growth.

9. Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Eczema

Inflammatory conditions including eczema are often characterized by a decrease in the levels of adenosine 3.5 – monophosphate in the bronchial smooth muscles and skin. By increasing these levels, it helps to soothe and relax the bronchial smooth muscles, and thus it is very beneficial in curing this allergic condition. Several studies have also found that it is as effective as taking traditional medicines in curing eczema.

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10. Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Erectile Dysfunction

According to a study in the “Journal of Urology” in 1997, forskolin may help to improve the sexual function in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

So, taking a 250 milligrams capsule of the forskolin a day may be beneficial for this condition.

11. Health Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Hypothyroidism

According to a study, named “forskolin stimulation of thyroid secretion of T4 and T3“, conducted on dogs in 1984, forskolin does have a significant effect on the thyroid secretion of T4, starting at about 90 minutes, peaking at 120 minutes & dropping off steeply at 150 minutes. [5]

A daily 250 mg capsule of forskolin supplement may be beneficial for treating hypothyroidism.

II. Benefits Of Forskolin For Skin

12. Benefits Of Forskolin – Get A Tan

benefits of forskolin

Many laboratory experiments on animals show that using forskolin on the skin can cause tanning. For example, a mouse-based study in Nature in 2006 found that forskolin can aid in manipulating the skin pigmentation and inducing tanning without exposing to the ultraviolet light. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that using forskolin may promote tanning in human beings.

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13. Benefits Of Forskolin – Remove Cellulite

You just need prepare gotu kola (forskolin) leaves, honey, lemon juice, and hot water to remove cellulite. To get the detailed recipe, click at the Cellulite Remedy No. 9

14. Benefits Of Forskolin – Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused due to an uncontrolled cellular proliferation & division, and an increased level of a cell regulator called cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Forskolin can normalize the balance between cyclic guanosine monophosphate and adenosine 3.5 – monophosphate, thus normalizing the cellular proliferation & division.

So, taking one capsule of the forskolin a day may help to treat the symptoms of psoriasis.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Forskolin?

It is unknown whether taking forskolin by mouth is safe or not because it hasn’t been thoroughly studied. However, some negative reactions to taking forskolin have been reported, including flushing, low blood pressure, and fast heart beats when taken through an intravenous; a cough, tremor, restlessness, and upper respiratory tract irritation when inhaled; a headache, enlargement of the blood vessels present in the eyes and stinging of the eyes.

People taking anti-platelet drugs or blood thinners should avoid taking forskolin. In addition, some high blood pressure drugs such as calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, clonidine, and hydralazine can interact with forskolin. So, avoid taking forskolin when you take such drugs.

The safety of taking forskolin for breastfeeding and pregnant women is unknown, so they should also avoid taking it.

Avoid taking forskolin if you suffer from polycystic kidney disease.

Remember to consult a doctor before taking forskolin or other dietary supplements.

Where To Buy Forskolin?

You may find forskolin at many herbal food stores & online. When buying this supplement, you should choose a product standardized to 10% to 20% of forskolin in 250 milligrams capsules or tablets.

Here is the list of health benefits of forskolin, uses, and side effects that you should not miss. If you want to learn more the benefits of other ingredients, please visit our Superfoods page. In case, you have any comment on this topic, please drop your idea in the bottom of this post.

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