Top 12 Effective Home Remedies For Vertigo In Adults That Work 100% Naturally

Vertigo is a type of feeling of dizziness. When you get vertigo, you'll feel everything around you is moving and spinning in a rotational movement like being on a merry go round. And what are the causes of vertigo? Main causes of vertigo are related to problems in your middle ear where your balance center is including infection in the middle ear, when crystals form in the ear which can cause BBPV and a rare disease of the balance center called meniere's disease. Other much rarer causes include brain tumor.

Common other reasons can be due to needing glasses, caffeine, poor vision, the lack of sleep, certain medicines, anemia, tobacco, blood vessel disease, high cholesterol level, alcohol, diabetes, head injuries, or migraine. In addition, when you suffer from vertigo, you can have other symptoms; for example, difficulty in standing or walking, nausea, or pain in ears. In this writing, we will describe top 12 home remedies for vertigo in adults. Continue reading this article to understand more!

Top 12 Effective Home Remedies For Vertigo In Adults

Dr.Julian Nesbitt said: “I would mention that one of the best ways to sort vertigo is vestibular rehab, retraining your brain not to feel this and it includes moving your head in different directions. If you are experiencing this then do see your doctor for a formal diagnosis. Vertigo can sometime be confused with light-headedness which can be caused by a drop in blood pressure.” Here are some helpful home remedies for vertigo using natural ingredients in your kitchen. 

1. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a great Chinese medicine increasing the blood flow to the brain, which may decrease the dizziness effectively. To reduce vertigo symptom fast, you should take 120 to 160 milligrams of ginkgo biloba extract for two or three times a day for at least 3 months. However, before applying this method, you should consult the doctor.

2. Epley Maneuver

The Epley maneuver is also known as the “Canalith” repositioning maneuver, which is the first go-to strategy for lots of people experiencing vertigo. The epley maneuver is used to clear the crystals from the middle ear as mentioned if you have BPPV (benign positional paroxysmal vertigo). Here are some simple steps to reduce vertigo quickly:

  • Firstly, you sit on your bed and put your pillow behind you so that it’s going to be under the shoulders after you lie down.
  • Then, you turn the head 45 degrees to your left hand if this problem comes from your left ear. If vertigo comes from your right ear, you turn right 45 degrees.
  • Now, you lie back with the shoulders on your pillow fast and refine the head on your bed for about 30 seconds.
  • After that, you turn the head 90 degrees to your right hand and wait for about 30 seconds if you do not raise your head.
  • Next, you turn your body 90 degrees to your right hand and keep this position for about 30 seconds while you still keep the head in current position.
  • Now, you sit down slowly and bring the head to the center.
  • You do this procedure for three times per day until you do not suffer from vertigo at least in one day.
  • For the best results, do this procedure in the evening before going to bed.
3. Almond Milk

Almond is very helpful for reducing vertigo symptom in adults, because it is very rich in vitamin E and vitamin B.

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  • Almonds – a few
  • Warm milk – 1 glass


  • Take a few almonds.
  • Let them soak into the clean water for overnight.
  • Make a fine paste by grinding them in the next morning.
  • Put this paste into the glass of warm milk.
  • Drink this milk that can help you to treat your vertigo naturally and immediately.
4. Lemongrass

In the past, lemongrass was used to deal with many conditions including dizziness, vertigo, and nausea. Therefore, following this treatment is a good idea.

  • Wash carefully a lemongrass
  • Cut it into small thin slices
  • Pout them into a cup of water and boil it.
  • Drink this tea whenever you get vertigo in order to receive a relief from it

After applying this remedy, you will fell energetic and refreshed.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is proven to help to relieve some problems such as insomnia, depression, nervous tension, migraines, and vertigo. In addition, it contains antiviral properties, which make it an ideal treatment for vertigo in adults.


  • Water – 1 cup
  • Dried lemon balm leaves – 1 teaspoon


  • Boil the cup of water.
  • Add the dried lemon balm leaves into it.
  • Let it simmer for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Strain the liquid into another cup.
  • Drink this tea for a few times a day.
  • You should continue doing this remedy for a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can inhale lemon balm oil directly but do not inhale this oil for a long time. However, you should ask a doctor for the advice before applying this way.

6. Valerian Root

Valerian helps reduce anxiety and insomnia (one of the conditions leading to vertigo).


  • Dried valerian root – 1 teaspoon
  • Water – 1 cup


  • Put the dried valerian root into the cup of water.
  • Let it steep for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Strain this tea.
  • Drink it slowly.
  • Follow the remedy up to three times per day for at least 2 weeks.

You can also take 1 teaspoon of valerian tincture for one or two times per day on the daily basis. Try following this remedy for 2 or 3 weeks. Always ask a doctor before taking valerian tincture.

7. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a popular cooking ingredient you can easily find in your kitchen. Besides, it has an active agent which is called capsaicin. This element is capable of helping you increase the blood flow in the brain.


  • Cayenne peppers – a few
  • Water – 1 cup


  • Take a few cayenne peppers.
  • Put them into the cup of water.
  • Bring it to a boil.
  • Drink this water whenever you feel vertigo to get rid of the symptoms of vertigo.
8. Coriander Seeds, Gooseberry Powder, And Sugar

The combination of coriander seeds, gooseberry powder, and sugar can be helpful for dealing with vertigo attacks. So when you try using this way to relieve vertigo symptom, you can follow the detailed instructions below:


  • Coriander seeds – 1 tablespoon
  • Gooseberry powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar – 1/2 tablespoon


  • Take coriander seeds along with gooseberry powder.
  • Soak them into the clean water for overnight.
  • Strain the liquid in the next morning.
  • Add the sugar into it.
  • Drink this water whenever you suffer from vertigo. It will provide you with an instant relief.
9. Lemon, Salt, And Black Pepper

If you want to reduce vertigo fast at home, you can try the mixture of lemon, salt, and black pepper. This mixture will help you to get rid of vertigo symptom fast.


  • Lemon – 1/2
  • Warm water – 1 glass
  • Black pepper
  • Salt – 1 pinch


  • Squeeze 1/2 lemon into the glass of warm water.
  • Add black pepper and salt into this glass.
  • Mix them well.
  • Drink this water when you suffer from vertigo.
10. Ginger, Boiling Water, And Honey
home remedies for vertigo - ginger, boiling water, and honey

In order to treat vertigo, ginger is one of the easiest home remedies to apply. This easy remedy can help to relieve nausea and promote the blood circulation to your brain.


  • Ginger – 1 teaspoon
  • Boiling water – 1 cup
  • Honey – a little


  • Steep the ginger into the cup of boiling water for about 5 minutes.
  • Strain the liquid into another cup.
  • Add a little honey into this tea.
  • Consume this tea for about twice per day on the daily basis.
  • You should repeat this method for a few weeks.

You can also have a ginger piece when vertigo attacks you. Another option is to take ginger supplements. However, remember that you have to consult your doctor before taking them.

11. Garlic And Sesame Oil
home remedies for vertigo - garlic and sesame oil

Both sesame oil and garlic are using as an excellent solution for vertigo. So when you want to use this combination, you should follow the following steps:


  • Medium-sized garlic cloves – 2
  • Sesame oil – 2 teaspoons


  • Take the medium-sized garlic cloves and sesame oil.
  • Crush the garlic cloves.
  • Fry the garlic paste in sesame oil until it turns into brown.
  • Strain this mixture out of sesame oil.
  • Let this oil cool down.
  • Pour 2 or 3 drops of this oil in one ear and allow the oil to stay in there for one minute.
  • Turn your head to drain this oil out.
  • Repeat this process for another ear.
  • Do this way for once per day on the daily basis to relieve vertigo effectively and naturally.
12. Almond, Butter, Milk, Pumpkin Seeds, Wheat, And Poppy Seeds

If you want to relieve vertigo attacks as quickly as possible, you should use the mixture of almond, butter, milk, cloves, pumpkin seed, wheat, and poppy seeds.


  • Almonds – a few
  • Poppy seeds – 1 tablespoon
  • Pumpkin seeds – 1 tablespoon
  • Wheat – 3 tablespoons
  • Butter – 1 teaspoon
  • Cloves – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Milk – 1 glass
  • Water


  • Soak the almonds, pumpkin seeds, wheat, and poppy seeds into the clean water for overnight.
  • Fry cloves with butter in the next morning.
  • Take the mixture almonds, poppy seeds, almonds, wheat, and pumpkin seeds out of the water.
  • Crush this mixture to create a fine paste.
  • Boil the glass of milk and then add the fried cloves and the paste into it.
  • Drink this milk for once per day.

If you want to know more about natural home remedies for other diseases and conditions go to our mainHome Remedies page. After reading the article of top 12 natural home remedies for vertigo in adults, I hope that it can help you find out the best solution for treating vertigo symptom fast. However, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your doctor to get advice before applying any natural home remedy. If you have any question, or you know other natural home remedies for vertigo, please leave them below.


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