Top 14 Must-Know Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves

Guava is a popular type of fruit in most of the Asian countries, but also well-known in Western countries. Everyone who used to taste this pear-shaped fruit all agrees that this is a delicious fruit with both the attractive aroma and the sweet flavor. But, besides a sweet and fragrant fruit, guava is also widely known for its numerous health-boosting properties.

In fact, included in the guava is a huge number of nutrients that have an outstanding impact on people’s health such as vitamin C and vitamin A. In comparison with orange, the content of vitamin C in guava is 4 times higher than that of an orange. In comparison with a lemon, the content of vitamin A in guava is 10 times higher than an average lemon. Additionally, it is packed with full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties along with minerals like vitamin E, K, fiber, calcium, manganese, potassium and no fat. Therefore, guava is highly recommended to you to avoid some normal health problems, at the same time, boost the function of your important body’s system to maintain your strong health all the time.

Like other types of tropical fruit which can be made into jams, tea, or food, guava leaves can too. You can utilize guava leaves to make some tea which will release the healthful qualities to improve your overall body’s health. This is shown by some scientific studies and below are what they have discovered about the health benefits of guava and guava leaves.

Top 14 Must-know Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves

1. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Prevent Oral Problem


Health benefits of guava and guava leaves are tremendous, one of which is the prevention of oral problem. Maintaining the good oral health is always of the most concern to everyone as good oral health will bring to people the certain self-confidence, especially in the occasion that you have to appear in a public place where you have to talk face-to-face with so many other people. But sometimes, you don’t even notice that the dental plaque may cause you some irritating oral problem that gradually loses your confidence. To deal with this problem, you should utilize some guava leaves, let the anti-plaque agents included in the guava leaves attack the harmful bacteria which cause your serious oral health.

It is suggested by most herbalists that you should consume the paste form of guava leaves to allow the anti-inflammatory and the anti-microbial properties to clean up your entire oral system thoroughly, in the end, it can make your breath more fragrant and keep your mouth in fresh condition. Such healthful content in guava leaves is also used to reduce the gum inflammation, cure a toothache, oral ulcers or swollen gum effectively.

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You can chew some clean fresh guava leaves on a daily routine or boil the leaves to make the mouthwash for your mouth. Then you will see that your oral health will be improved significantly. So you can see that the health benefits of guava and guava leaves are obviously stated here, take some of it and get strong oral health now.

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2. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Deal With Diarrhea


People in many countries also believe that with the great health benefits of guava and guava leaves, they can help people deal with diarrhea  perfectly. This is not stated without basing on any scientific evidence but relying on a trustworthy research carried out in 2008 by the Journal of Smooth Muscle. The purpose of this research is to test whether the guava could carry the anti-diarrheal properties and how it affect people’s diarrhea situation by feeding some rats with guava leaves.

And the result was obvious. All the researchers all admit that guava leaves can positively impact on people with diarrhea as the leaves extract delays the spread of staphylococcus aureus bacteria which is the main cause of diarrhea. Specifically, according to this study, researchers agree that the extract of guava leaves could reduce the defecation frequency, decrease the negative symptoms of diarrhea and prevent the castor oil-induced diarrhea. From this base, you can gather enough scientific base to consuming guava leaves without worrying about anything.

So now, you can try drinking guava tea to extenuate the watery stools, mitigate the abdominal pain and enhance the recovery process. Or you can totally try a whole guava fruit to let the anti-inflammatory and fiber in the guava to boost your digestion and prevent some stomach-related health problems.

Now, you can easily catch the amazing health benefits of guava and guava leaves, so you can boil guava leaves with rice flour and drink it daily or absorb an entire guava to get rid of diarrhea thoroughly.

3. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Boost Immune System


When a man's stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor. Euripides.

The immune system is what should be of the most concern for everyone because whether your body is strong enough to fight against harmful inflammation or not depends on whether your immune system is in good condition or not. So keeping it running smoothly will help you stay away from some normal health problems in life. To do this, you can totally rely on the help of guava.

There is a truth you may not know that just 1 guava each day can help you prevent up to 90% of your chance of getting cough or flu. Or in another way, you can think of another way to consume guava like making smoothie or salad to make it more digestible for you. You can also drink guava tea from dried guava leaves if you don’t want to eat the whole hard guava.

But be calm that both guava and guava leaves can have the same impact on your health. You may know that guava is a rich source of vitamin C, the amount of vitamin C in guava is so many times higher than that in orange, so it is enough to make you believe that guava can help to prevent the attack of infections and pathogens on your body. Besides, with the existence of inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins in guava, it can totally take effect as an excellent remedy to boost the function of immune system thoroughly. Thanks to the amazing health benefits of guava and guava leaves, your immune system can be improved completely.

4. Health Benefits Of Guava – Improve The Cognitive Function

Health Benefits Of Guava

Your brain is the most important part in your body, so it’s your mission to protect it from harmful effect from outside environment and provide it with enough nutrients to make sure its function is always in good condition because once it is provided with enough energy, your body will stay strong all the time.

One of the most impactful sources for your brain is guava with the high content of vitamin B3, B6 which will take strong effect on your brain, promoting the blood circulation to your brain, which improved your cognitive function and increases your concentration ability. Besides, to maintain the good health of your brain as well as improve the ability to think and recall capacity, you can take some guavas and let its powerful antioxidants and vitamin C content help you nurture your brain along with the mental function.

In general, including some guavas in your diet will help you to provide enough energy for your brain, therefore, you can stay focused and dynamic in all situations.

5. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Mitigate The Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most popular diseases in the elderly. It is caused by the imbalance in the blood glucose level, usually the high level or the disorder of metabolism. Diabetes emerges when your body can not provide enough insulin or not able to use insulin efficiently.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is the utilization of the health benefits of guava and guava leaves. As guava does not contain much sugar, if you can absorb it usually, its high fiber content will help to control and slow down the absorption of sugar into your body, thereby preventing the chance you may catch diabetes. According to the traditional remedy from China, guava was widely used as a great treatment for diabetes. Moreover, in a modern study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, researchers also found out that the hypoglycemic effect in the guava juice could help people to stay away from and deal with the diabetes  mellitus. So you can eat the whole guava to maintain your healthy blood sugar level making you avoid diabetes completely.

You can utilize the health benefits of guava and guava leaves. If above you can consume guava fruit, now, you can also utilize the tea that is made from guava leaves in providing you the best shelter to save you from diabetes. As stated in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism in 2010, the guava leaves tea can prevent 2 types of diabetes. Thanks to the low glycemic index in the leaves extract, now just dry them and crush the leaves to get powder and make some tea from this powder, you can feel relieved from the feeling of getting diabetes thoroughly. It is the truth about the great health benefits of guava and guava leaves, so you should really utilize this remedy for your strong health.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Gastric Cancer And Prostate


There are various health benefits of guava and guava leaves, one of which is the ability to reduce the risk of cancer. In guava, researchers found out a great number of antitumor and anticancer compounds such as vitamin C, polyphenol, quercetin, lycopene whose main function is to eliminate the direct free-radical damage that causes cancer.

In general, utilizing guava on a regular basis can prevent the development of cancer, but it is best at fighting against the prostate cancer and gastric cancer.

Firstly is about prostate cancer. This disease is widely thought to be caused by obesity, unwise diet plan, lack of exercise, age, ethnic group…Though there are not exact reasons, this is still considered one of the most concerning health problems. If you are about to get this, practice some preventing action like consuming guava. From guava, your body will be provided with the high content of lycopene plus the cancer-fighting properties along with vitamin C, A and antioxidants. Therefore, you can stay away from prostate cancer as well as other types of cancer as well, according to the study released by the Journal Cancer Prevention Research.

Secondly is about gastric cancer. In the event you are really worried about the future you have to live with gastric cancer, you should really utilize the positive effect from guava leaves extract. In a study revealed in 2011 by the Journal Food Chemistry, the guava appeared to be really ideal for dealing with gastric cancer as it could offer an enormous number of healthy properties like lycopene, vitamin C, antioxidants, and anticancer. One more thing, the guava oil is also a great anti-cancer source for you to treat this type of cancer well. It is proved that with the high content of beta bisabolene, aromadendrene, tannins, triterpenoids, nerolidol, guava oil is extremely effective in lowering the risk of gastric cancer.

7. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Improve The Eyesight


The eyes are an important part of your body and everyone all needs to protect them from seeing the colorful world the clearest. Unfortunately, some people have got some problems relating to the eyes such as the short-sighted or long-sighted situation which causes them a really irritated feeling. There are many ways for you protect your eyes, but it would be better if you can utilize a natural source like guava fruit instead of  abusing too many kinds of chemical medical products.

As mentioned above, the amount of vitamin A in guava is so impressive, so it will be the main booster for your eye’s health. Vitamin A in the guava can help to clear the cornea thoroughly and protect your eyes’ cells well. Actually, besides the ability to prevent degraded eyesight, guava can also help to improve your vision thoroughly thanks to the aid of vitamin C inside the guava which plays an important part in stimulating the healthy capillaries and maintaining the strong health of retinal cells.

You should really utilize guava if you wish to maintain a good eyes’ health and stay away from problems caused by age. Remember to include guava or guava juice in your daily diet for a bright future.

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8. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Aid In Digestion


There is a truth you should know that guava is also a great source to help you avoid the digestion deficiency. With the production of the digestive enzyme, guava leaves tea is an ideal method for you to maintain a strong digestion system.

Firstly, in the guava, there is a high amount of fiber, even higher than another kind of fruits. Just with 1 guava, you can be supplied up to 12% of your daily fiber intake. So it is very helpful for your digestive health.

Secondly, included in guava is the antibacterial agents, so you can stay away from some diseases caused by harmful bacteria such as gut or proliferation, or some problems relating to your digestion system like constipation. Moreover, in case you have got food poisoning, it will be greatest for you to consume guava leaves because they keep soothing effect to help you avoid nausea, or vomiting effectively. One more thing, with great health benefits of guava and guava leaves, if you are suffering from the stomachache which is also a serious problem caused by digestion system deficiency, you should boil some guava leaves with hot water and drink it and you will see your situation will be improved thoroughly.

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9. Control The Health Of Thyroid

Health Benefits Of Guava

To maintain the good health of thyroid, do you know which is the main factor of it? It is the high source of copper. And one of the copper-rich sources to help people control the health of thyroid is guava. The science proves that guava does not contain much iodine, but just copper which plays an important part in maintaining the thyroid metabolism, especially in hormone ingestion and production.

Moreover, inside the guava is a great number of potassium and anti-inflammatory agents which will help to stimulate the thyroid function thoroughly. Therefore, you should prepare guava and guava juice in your daily routine to help you avoid the deficiency in thyroid system and keep it always in good condition to make you feel comfortable in life.

10. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Keep Strong Skin


Skin seems to be a part that receives less attention from the owner than other, but in fact, the skin’s strength is one of the concerning factors that determine partially your current health situation. Just with a look on your skin’s color, texture…also presents something that people can base on to predict or diagnose the possible health problems that may happen to them. So keeping a strong healthy skin is what you should care about to maintain a good health from inside out.

To help you maintain healthy skin, it’s suggestible that you should consume guava because it is packed with a high content of antioxidant properties whose function is to neutralize the free radicals having bad impact on your body. The result of this situation is quite considerable: your skin may get wrinkled, dehydrated, dull,…It is sure that no one wants his/her skin to be ugly like that. So why don’t you let the vitamin C in guava help you out? Believe me, just some guava when being used in the right way will be the most efficient remedy to help you own desirable, elastic and firm skin. One more thing, take notice of unripe guava also as the astringents in it is so admirable, so it will help to protect your skin from harmful sunray and keep it strong all the time.

Now, longing for strong, firm, elastic skin? Take a little guava or guava juice now.

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11. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Deal With Obesity


You may not believe it but this is the truth. Nowadays, so many have consumed guava and considered it a feasible way to treat obesity – a disease that causes so much trouble to people. The fact is that included in the pink guava puree is a great anti-obesity effect. This fact is stated basing on a scientific study published in the National library of Medicine, US. After the researchers have the high-fat diet-induced-obese rats treated with pink guava puree, the resulted appeared to be noticeable that the pink guava could decrease the body’s weight thoroughly. The blood glucose level in such rats was also decreased completely.

So basing on this plus the obvious fact that guava is rich with the high amount of fiber and the low glycemic index, it is believed to be a perfect remedy for anyone who wishes to lose weight quickly. You can utilize both guava and guava leaves extract because both of them contain the compounds, which can burn sugar metabolized by the liver turned into fat after that. So you should really use guava today for a healthy future without being irritated with obesity.

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12. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Mitigate The Dengue Fever


Dengue fever seems to be a popular health problem in life and is considered one of the most life-threatening syndromes that are mostly caused by the infected mosquito. There are many methods to treat this disease and people feel quite overwhelmed by them, but there is a quite simple remedy that you can easily take which is taking use of the natural fruit around you. And here, this article suggest that you should take advantage of guava.

You should use guava leaves extract to let it increase the number of platelets in the blood, and it is also not toxic. So to deal with dengue fever, you should prepare 9 pieces of guava leaves and boil it with 5 cups of water for a long time. After straining it, serve yourself 3 times per day with this kind of tea and the dengue fever will be away from you all the times.

13. Health Benefits Of Guava And Guava Leaves – Boost The Heart Health


Whether your heart’s health is good or not depends on whether you supply enough nutrients to nurture the strength of your heart. It is proved that the intense situation and the high level of blood pressure are the main reasons leading to so many life-threatening diseases like heart disease, heart attack, breaststroke,…So there should be a natural method that helps people control the blood pressure without causing a chemical effect on people’s body, and the greatest method here is the use of guava fruit.

You may not know that in the study of the Journal of Human Hypertension released in 1993, the researchers also showed an evidence to prove that guava fruit can help you lower the blood pressure and blood lipids optimally. Moreover, they also found that guava is packed with so many healthful properties like vitamin C, fiber, potassium along with a high number of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory content, which play an important role in maintaining your stable heartbeat and boosting the health of blood vessels well.

You can try the health benefits of guava and guava leaves to deal with the health problems relating to the heart health. For instance, you can brew some dried guava leaves to make enjoyable tea fight against low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol, and triglycerides. You can also try eating pink-flushed guava to let the lycopene involved in it help you lower the risk of cardiovascular. Try them all and you will feel your  super strong heart’s health.

14. Treat The Gum Disease, Sore Throat, And Toothaches

Health Benefits Of Guava

All of these problems are caused by the inflammatory effect from outside environment and partially by the deficiency inside your body. It is quite hard to control such effect, so the best advice for you now is taking use of the health benefits of guava and guava leaves. It is guava leaves that you should take now because the guava leaves to keep the soothing effect, so it is believed to soothe a sore throat and mouth throat effectively. Besides, it can also mitigate a toothache and heal gum thoroughly thanks to the antibacterial compound. And it is also not strange that you can use guava leaves to make toothpaste and mouthwash for yourself. Just take some guava leaves and try turning them into the healthy remedy, you will certainly see the positive result and the big change in your situation.

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Above is all about the fantastic health benefits of guava and guava leaves. If you consider guava a favorite fruit of you, it is really good to know that and you can possibly continue keeping the habit of absorbing guava if you can because the benefits of it are tremendous and undeniable. There is just one important you should remember that the consumption of guava leaves tea may be of high frequency, but with a whole guava, you should take notice to use it in a suitable routine with moderate frequency as the abuse of it may cause you the upset stomach sometimes and some trouble with the digestion. This means that you can absorb guava daily but not too much. All in all, guava and guava leaves possess so many outstanding health benefits, so it is highly suggestible for you to consume it daily to keep fresh body and good health.

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