Top 16 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Stevia – Its Uses & Side Effects

What Is Stevia?

Stevia is grown in many countries around the world, and China is the main exporter of these products currently. Stevia aids in biodiversity because it requires little land to grow, which helps farmers diversify their crops. Unlike other commodity crops, it is cultivated on smaller plots and gives farmers higher income. Stevia is very sweet, so it often requires only 1/5 of the land and less water to offer the same amount of the sweetness as other normal sweeteners. The leaves of stevia tree contain 8 glycosides that are responsible for its sweetness. These glycosides are rebaudioside A, D, E, C, and F, stevioside, steviolbioside, and dulcoside A. Some of the popular & commercial names for this sweetener are Enliten, Rebaudioside A/Reb A, PureVia, Rebaudioside B, Rebaudioside D, Rebaudioside C, Rebiana, Steviacane, Stevia, SweetLeaf, Steviol Glycosides, Stevia Extract In The Raw, and Stevioside. There are many benefits of stevia on health and beauty. So, if you are looking for these benefits, have a look at this article on the in the line of Superfoods.

What Are The Benefits Of Stevia And Its Uses On Health & Beauty?

According to a lot of studies, stevia is very beneficial in treating many health problems. Stevia contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, and anti-glycemic effects that can aid in treating hypertension (high blood pressure), chronic fatigue, diabetes, indigestion, heartburn, weight loss, upset stomach, cold and flu, tooth decay, gingivitis, cavities, brittle bones, streptococcus, dandruff and hair loss, bacterial infections, candidiasis, and skin issues such as cuts,  rashes, itchiness, wounds, blemishes, seborrhoeic dermatitis, acne, dermatitis, wrinkles, and eczema. It can also enhance energy levels, stimulate the mental activity, and strengthen the immune system. In addition, it may also help to quit alcohol addiction and smoking.

1. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Control Diabetes

One of the most important benefits of stevia on health is to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. Opposed to sucrose present in normal table sugar, stevia makes food sweet in the same way as sugar; however, it consists of a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound called stevioside. When stevioside is broken down, the glucose will be absorbed by the bacteria present in your colon, instead of being absorbed into your bloodstream, affecting the levels of glucose in your body. Stevia is a great substitute for normal sugar for people with diabetes or on carbohydrate-controlled diets, as they may eat sweet foods without worrying about diabetic complications.

Note: People who suffer from low blood sugar should not drink stevia tea because it may result in a drop in the blood sugar levels.

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2. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Improve Cholesterol Levels

According to a study in 2009, stevia extract contains positive & encouraging effects on the cholesterol profiles. In addition, many researchers also found that stevia did not cause any side effect on the health of the subjects participating in this study. Researchers concluded that the stevia extract reduces high serum cholesterol levels, including bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increases good cholesterol.

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3. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Support Weight Loss

Stevia is low in calories, which means that people may eat foods such as cakes, candies, and cookies made with stevia without needing to worry about getting a great number of calories from sugars. Therefore, they will increase their chances of weight loss successfully.

To add stevia to daily cooking, include the leaves or the extract to your daily diet in order to satiate your cravings.

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4. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Treat Gingivitis

Health Benefits Of Stevia

The antibacterial effects of stevia can help to treat gingivitis, cavities, mouth sores, and tooth decay. It can suppress the reproduction and development of infectious organisms present in your teeth and gums, reduce the formation of plaque, and improve your oral health. Those who have often used stevia as a natural mouthwash has reported a notable decrease in gingivitis as well as other mouth infections.

Simply, brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing stevia and gargle with stevia mouthwash. To prepare stevia mouthwash, add 3 or 4 drops of the stevia extract in 1/2 cup of tepid water or steep 1/2 cup of tea with stevia leaves or teabag and then gargle 3 to 4 times daily in the morning & at night. For toothpaste, combine 2 drops of its extract to your toothpaste.

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5. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Regulate Blood Pressure

Stevioside is a kind of glycoside; however, there are also other glycosides present in stevia that may relax the blood vessels, facilitate the removal of sodium from your body, and increase urination. This means that there will be less stress put on your cardiovascular system and there is a drop in your blood pressure, which is great for heart health and can prevent certain problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis.

Drink 1 cup of stevia tea daily to maintain the blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of getting heart disease as well as other health conditions.

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6. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Treat Heartburn & Indigestion

Stevia tea has been used by people in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil to soothe heartburn & upset stomach, improve gastrointestinal function, and treat indigestion. Having a cup of stevia tea after each meal is great for the digestive system and reduces heartburn & stomach pain. To get the benefits of stevia on health, drink 1 cup of tepid stevia tea to treat indigestion or take a cup of cooled stevia tea to combat heartburn!

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7. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Enhanced Memory

There are some studies that offer little evidence for the stevia's ability to enhance memory & learning. A study in mice found better memory and learning performance in mice used stevia than in other mice that were not.

8. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Treat Upset Stomach

One of other benefits of stevia on health is to treat upset stomach because it contains tonic effects on the stomach. Simply, steep a few stevia leaves in hot water and drink this solution to settle an upset stomach.

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9. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Improve Oral Health

Stevia is very beneficial in reducing the formation of bacteria in the mouth, which makes it a common additive for mouthwashes and toothpaste. In addition, it also aids in preventing gingivitis and cavities.

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10. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Help For Smokers

Some smokers can break their habit by putting some stevia leaves in the mouth and chewing them when having a craving for a tobacco.

11. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Heal Wounds Faster

Stevia can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, which means that it works as a natural aid to healing wounds & minor skin infections. In addition, it also has an ability to reduce pain related to sores and treat athlete’s foot.

To cure athlete’s foot, soak the feet in warm water having a few drops of the extract of stevia. After soaking for 15 minutes, pat your feet dry. Do this process for about 2 weeks to get the desired results.

12. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Treat Osteoporosis

A study carried out on the chicken shows that adding the powder of stevia leaves to chicken feed significantly increased the metabolism of calcium in the chicken and decreased 75% of eggshell breakage. An application for treatment for osteoporosis with stevia suggests that it can help to promote the calcium absorption in the body and improve the bone density.

For this treatment, make alfalfa & stevia tea by steeping 1/2 teaspoon each of alfalfa herb & stevia for 5 to 7 minutes. Drink it 2 to 3 times daily. Or, you may also add vitamin D powder to this tea or take its supplements.

13. Health Benefits Of Stevia – Prevent Cancer

Health Benefits Of Stevia

The antioxidant compounds in stevia make it a great dietary supplement for preventing cancer. Kaempferol, quercetin, and other glycoside compounds present in stevia aid in removing free radicals in your body, thus preventing them from changing cells into cancer cells. In addition, antioxidants also aid in preventing cognitive malfunction, premature aging, and other serious conditions such as heart disease.

14. Beauty Benefits Of Stevia – Remove Wrinkles & Other Skin Conditions

Stevia is used as a natural treatment for many skin disorders. Its antibacterial, antiseptic, & antioxidant activity may aid in removing wrinkles, dermatitis, skin blemishes, eczema, scarring, rashes, acne outbreaks, chapped lips, and itchiness. Applying a little stevia directly to the affected skin can enhance the healing process. To make the wrinkles smoother, apply a paste from crushed stevia leaves or use its liquid to the face evenly and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and pat your face dry. Then, apply some drops of coconut oil to the face and keep it on overnight. To get its skincare benefits, mix stevia extract with your regular face cream and apply it to the skin daily. Or, you can also apply the extract to your face nightly and rinse it off with cool water after 30 minutes.

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15. Beauty Benefits Of Stevia – Improve Skin Health

Thanks to its antibacterial effects, stevia is a useful solution for various skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. It can aid in inhibiting the spread of harmful bacteria while working as a steroid in those situations.

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16. Beauty Benefits Of Stevia – Treat Dandruff & Acne

Beauty Benefits Of Stevia

Stevia extract is beneficial for dandruff, a dry and thin hair, and dry scalp. You may get a stronger, rejuvenated, and dandruff-free hair after using stevia regularly. Simply mix 3 to 4 drops of stevia extract with your regular shampoo and then shampoo as normal. Or, after shampooing, take stevia tea and use it as a conditioner and washing it off after 5 minutes to retain natural hair color & strength.

For removing dandruff, add some drops of stevia extract to your regular shampoo and use it.

For acne, make a paste of its leaves or apply its extract to acne and leave it overnight. Stevia extract will dry out acne and won't leave a scar. Remember to use it regularly to get the desired results.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Stevia?

Stevia is likely safe when taken in moderation. According to the intensive global studies & scientific reports, it is safe for you when using steviol glycosides and its acceptable daily intake is 4 mg/kg of the body weight. Nevertheless, if you are taking medication for hypertension or diabetes, avoid consuming stevia because of its anti-glycemic & anti-hypertensive effects. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, consult your doctor before using stevia.

Where And How To Buy Stevia?

You can buy stevia at herbal food stores and organic grocery in the form of white or green powder, raw dried leaves, granulated or crystalline sugar, sugar tabs, flavored & non-flavored liquids, and concentrate. When buying stevia, remember to look for Stevia rebaudiana as it is the best kind.

Here are a few of benefits of stevia on health and beauty that you should be aware of. We hope that this article can help you know more about this plant as well as its uses. If you know other benefits of stevia on health and beauty, please share with us.


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