18 Natural Home Remedies For Bronchitis In Adults & Children

Bronchitis that is a very common respiratory problem makes you feel uneasy while breathing. It is an inflammation, infection, or swelling of the bronchial tubes that are linked between the lungs, nose, and windpipe for air flow. Bronchitis may be caused by bacteria, particles, or virus that irritates the bronchial tubes. If you suffer from bronchitis, you will have the common symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, cough with mucus, nasal congestion, chest pain, fatigue, fever and muscle aches. Bronchitis can be chronic or acute. Many people treat their bronchitis by seeking medical treatments, but you can apply a few natural home remedies for bronchitis that work effectively. Therefore, in this article, EffectiveRemedies.com is going to introduce to you top 18 natural home remedies for bronchitis in adults & children so that you can try applying to heal this health problem faster. Hope they work well for your problem! Ask your doctor before applying any home remedy in case you have allergic symptoms with some natural ingredient.

Top 18 Natural Home Remedies For Bronchitis In Adults & Children

1. Thyme

home remedies for bronchitis

The first remedy I would like introduce in this article is thyme, a herb that can strengthen the lungs to prevent the infection, clear the mucus, and work as an excellent shield against the bacteria and virus to protect your body. Here are two useful methods using thyme that you can choose to treat your bronchitis.

Method 1: Thyme, Honey, And Water


  • Firstly, you take ½ or ¼ tsp of dried thyme to make a tea. (Do not use too much)
  • Next you add the dried thyme to a glass of boiling water.
  • Then stir it well and steep the tea for about five minutes.
  • You can add a little bit of honey to the tea to sweeten it if you like.
  • You should drink this tea regularly once a day to get relief from bronchitis.

Method 2: Thyme Oil, Olive Oil Or Corn Oil

  • Firstly, you need to dilute 1 part of thyme oil into 2 parts of corn oil or olive oil.
  • Next you rub few drops of this mixture on the chest to treat the congestion.
  • Rub or massage gently & regularly your chest to fight against bronchitis and reduce your pain caused by it.

2. Gargle

home remedies for bronchitis

One of effective home remedies for bronchitis is gargling. Gargling will help you relieve the throat inflammation and remove the mucus that irritates or coats your sensitive throat membranes. Here are specific instructions to make a natural gargle.

Method 1: Salt Water

  • Firstly, you mix 1 tsp of salt in a cup of warm water well.
  • You use this mixture to gargle for 4 – 5 times per day.
  • After gargling successfully with the solution, you spit out it.
  • Remember that you do not change the quantity of salt because it may lead to ineffectiveness.
  • You should do this regularly to heal bronchitis quickly.

Method 2: Lemon Juice And Warm Water


  • Firstly, you add 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice to a glass of warm water.
  • Next you stir it well.
  • Then you gargle with this mixture to relieve a sore throat that is caused by cough.
  • You should do this remedy several times a day to get the better result of getting rid of the phlegm.

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3. Ginger Tea

home remedies for bronchitis

The food you keep in your home tells the future of your nutritional success.

Ginger tea is usually used for healing the common cold and also treating bronchitis. It is one of the good potent expectorants that have immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the inflamed, irritated or swollen lungs. Now let’s read below instructions:

Method 1: Ginger, Cinnamon, And Cloves

  • You will need a pinch of cinnamon and ground cloves and ½ tsp of ginger.
  • Next you mix all ingredients in a clean cup of boiling water.
  • You steep it for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Then you drink this mixture to get relief from bronchitis and congestion.
  • You should drink the tea regularly until you see the improvement.

Method 2: Ginger, Honey And Black Pepper Powder


  • Firstly, you mix 1 tsp of ginger powder and 1 tsp of pepper powder well.
  • Next you stir this mixture well in a glass of boiling water and leave it for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • You can add a little bit of honey to the tea.
  • You should drink this tea twice a day to get relief from bronchitis.

4. Onions And Honey

home remedies for bronchitis

Honey is used to soothe the irritated throat when you have a bad cough. Onions are expectorants that not only give the relief from a cough but also help the mucus flow. Now I will give you specific instructions to get rid of a cough that comes from bronchitis.


  • Firstly, you take an onion and then cut it into small slices.
  • Next you put these slices of onion in a clean bowl. You cover it with honey.
  • Now leave it like that for overnight.
  • Next morning, you remove these onion slices and then you take 1 tsp of the liquid for four times a day.
  • You should do this remedy to heal a cough quickly.

5. Bay Leaf

home remedies for bronchitis

Another natural remedy in the list of home remedies for bronchitis is using bay leaves that works as an excellent expectorant and helps to treat the respiratory problem. There are two methods using bay leaves that you can choose to practice.

Method 1: Bay Leaf Tea

  • Firstly, you tear a dried or fresh bay leaf
  • Next you add this to a glass of boiling water and steep this tea for 3 – 5 minutes.
  • You drink the tea by straining it.
  • You should drink it regularly to relieve the respiratory problems.

Method 2: Poultice

  • Firstly, you soak some bay leaves in hot water.
  • Next you apply these leaves as a poultice to your chest.
  • Then you cover it with a cotton cloth.
  • Remember that you need to make the poultice warm if it gets cool.
  • You should do this for several times to reduce bronchitis.

6. Lemon

home remedies for bronchitis

One of home remedies for bronchitis you should apply to treat the bronchitis is the lemon that helps to clear the mucus and bacteria to clear your respiratory system. Lemon contains a rich source of vitamin C that helps to battle against the respiratory virus.


  • Firstly, you add 1 tsp of lemon rind to a glass of boiling water.
  • Then you stir this liquid well and steep it for five minutes.
  • Now you strain it and drink the lemon tea to get relief from bronchitis.
  • You should apply this solution daily till you see the improvement.

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7. Steam

home remedies for bronchitis

Steam that is considered as one of oldest traditional home remedies for bronchitis helps to soothe and clear the respiratory passages. If you apply this remedies several times, you can treat bronchitis quickly.


  • Firstly, you take a clean bowl and pour hot water in it.
  • Next you take a clean towel and then bend down to it.
  • Then you use the towel to cover your head so that steam cannot escape from anywhere.
  • Now breathe the steam from the bowl by taking deep breaths.
  • You may add few drops of peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, or pine oil to the bowl.
  • You should repeat this remedy regularly to get rid of bronchitis. You had better do this at night to have a better sleep.

8. Mullein Tea

home remedies for bronchitis

You can use mullein to treat bronchitis because mullein contains gelatinous mucilage that helps to soothe the raw mucous membrane along with saponin that helps to loosen the phlegm. Mullein tea is one of the effective traditional folk remedies that help you clear the mucus from your lungs and give relief from other respiratory problems. Here are the instructions to make mullein tea.


  • Firstly, you boil a cup of water for few minutes.
  • After you see the boiling points, take the water off from heat.
  • Next you add 2 tsp of dried mullein leaves to the hot water and steep it for ten minutes.
  • You strain the mullein leaves out before you drink the mullein tea.
  • You should drink 3 cups per day to get relief from bronchitis.

9. Mustard Plaster, Flour And Olive Oil

home remedies for bronchitis

Along with other home remedies for bronchitis, the combination of mustard plaster and flour helps to heal the symptoms of a lot of respiratory problems including bronchitis.


  • Firstly, you mix 1 tbsp of dry mustard with 4 tbsp of flour in a clean bowl.
  • Next you pour water into it to make this mixture like a runny paste.
  • Then you add few drops of olive oil to this paste.
  • You take a clean piece of cloth either gauze or kitchen washcloth or muslin. Then you separate this paste on it.
  • Next you cover this cloth with other one and begin applying this to your chest.
  • Leave it like that till it gets cool. However, remember to check whether it burns your skin or not.
  • You should repeat this remedy daily until you see the improvement.

10. Garlic And Milk

home remedies for bronchitis

Garlic is known as a highly beneficial method to cure bronchitis, especially acute bronchitis because it contains anti-viral and antibiotic properties. You can easily to get garlic to do this remedy at home as below:


  • Firstly, you will need 3 garlic cloves.
  • Next you peel and chop them.
  • Then you put them in a cup of milk and boil it.
  • You drink it at night before you go to bed.
11. Onion

home remedies for bronchitis

Along with garlic, onion is used to give relief from bronchitis. Onions contain expectorant characteristics that help to dissolve the phlegm and mucus. Here are specific instructions you can apply at home.


  • You should take 1 tsp of raw onion juice with your empty stomach every morning.
  • You can use the raw onion in your cooking or salads.
  • The raw onion will help you avoid further formation.
  • You should repeat this solution regularly to relieve bronchitis.
12. Turmeric And Milk

home remedies for bronchitis

In the list of home remedies for bronchitis, I would like introduce turmeric that contains anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat a cough associated with bronchitis.

Gather ingredients:

  • 1 tsp of turmeric
  • 1 glass of lukewarm milk


  • Firstly, you dissolve completely the turmeric powder in the lukewarm milk.
  • Then you drink this concoction about twice or three times a day to relieve the secretion.
  • You have better drink it when having empty stomach so that this remedy will provide better relief.
  • You repeat this method regularly to have the better result.
13. Savory Tea

home remedies for bronchitis

Another natural remedy is using savory, a peppery herb that is used to relieve the mucus in your lung and help in better breathing. Now keep reading to learn instructions.


  • Firstly, you prepare ½ tsp of savory tea.
  • Next you add it to a glass of hot water and stir it well.
  • Then you leave it for several minutes.
  • You drink this tea once a day to get relief from bronchitis.
14. Almonds

home remedies for bronchitis

Do you know that almonds are a very good home remedy for bronchitis? They contain nutrients and vitamins, and they are plentiful in calcium, magnesium, and potassium that will give you a relief from bronchitis.


  • When you have bronchitis, you eat a handful of almonds as snacks.
  • Or you can sliver the almonds and put them to your salads and veggies.
  • You can eat almonds in any form but not in chocolate covered or candy coated.
  • You should intake almonds regularly to have better relief but do not overeat them.
15. Sesame Seeds, Linseed, Honey, And Salt

home remedies for bronchitis

Sesame seeds have the medicinal properties that can cure bronchitis and give you a relief from chest pain associated with it.


  • Firstly, you prepare 1 tsp of sesame seeds, a pinch of salt and 1 tsp of linseed.
  • Mix all ingredients well in a clean bowl and add 1 tsp of honey to the mixture.
  • You eat the mixture every day before you go to bed.
  • Or you can mix ½ tsp of dry sesame seed powder with two tbsp of water well. Then you drink this twice a day to relieve the chest pain.
  • You should do this remedy regularly to speed up the bronchitis healing process.

16. Orange Juice

home remedies for bronchitis

Orange is a rich source of vitamin C that helps you build strong immune system. Orange juice is known as the best natural remedy to treat bronchitis. It not only soothes the inflamed throat but also provides you with vitamins and nutrients.


  • Take a fresh orange and cut it into two parts.
  • Squeeze them to extra the orange juice in a glass.
  • Add 2 tsp of sugar to this glass.
  • You drink the orange juice at night to get fast relief from bronchitis.
17. Holy Basil

home remedies for bronchitis

Holy basil, a most common herb in India, is used to cure the inflammation of the lungs. You should try to add the fresh basil leaves into your meals for healing bronchitis. Or you can drink holy basil tea that is available in the supermarkets. You should do this remedy regularly until you see the improvement.

18. Diet Plan

home remedies for bronchitis

The last remedy in the list of home remedies for bronchitis is planning your diet effectively. Now I will give you some small tips to have a good diet plan.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to get fast relief from bronchitis.
  • Drink a lot of water and fresh liquid such as tea, soup, fruit juices, and so on, that helps you feel better. You had better drink warm fluids in order to get rid of bronchitis, and soothe your irritated throat caused by a cough. All these can help you make the sputum more fluid. Therefore, it is easier to get rid of it to get quick relief from bronchitis.
  • Do not intake the caffeinated drinks that dehydrate your system and can make the mucus tougher.
  • Eat the foods containing hot spicy salsa, chile peppers, or cayenne pepper to relieve the secretion of lungs.

To get more information related to other health problems and effective home remedies, visit our main Home Remedies page. You will feel better within 2-3 hours if you apply all the above home remedies for bronchitis. Nevertheless, if your symptoms become worse for a long time or you have too much cough, you need to see your doctors immediately because it may lead to any allergy or asthma. If you want to discuss and give other useful home remedies for bronchitis in adults & children, or any disease, please leave your comments bellow. We will answer you as soon as possible.


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    1. My grandmother catches bronchitis very regularly. Whenever the weather changes to cold or the weather is too cold, my grandmother will have bronchitis. My grandmother is very sensitive to this disease. When catching bronchitis, she often experiences symptoms such as cough, high fever and difficulty breathing. During these days, my grandmother could not do anything because she was very tired. After asking her I knew she had chronic bronchitis. I do not know if these methods work for my grandmother? If they were helpful to my grandmother, I would advise her to use them. Look forward to your answers soon. Thanks very much.

      Cindy Joon / Reply
      • Hello Cindy Joon! all the home remedies we lít above are for bronchitis so they are exact for your grandma. These methods are very effective so you should advise your grandmother to use them to reduce the difficulty of bronchitis. You should also advise her to pay attention to the prevention of this disease. Thank you.

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