Top 13 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

When talking about coconut, appearing before the eyes of you may be the magnificent scene of the beach mixed with the funny activities of colorful creatures and the vibrant atmosphere of the seashore. For a long time, this kind of tropical fruit has been a symbol of dynamic summer. This is because of the cooling effect that coconut water brings to people as the summer is about to come. As you can see, the coconut water is so popularly used by a large number of people. There must be some reasons. And now, here comes the most outstanding health benefits of coconut water that people who use coconut water on a regular basis can experience. This is what will explain coconut water is so attractive like that. If you are also a coconut addict, then you may be appealed to the following long list of health benefits of coconut water, then it is sure that you will get more apparent reasons to continue drinking water as an effective health aid.

Top 13 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Coconut Water You Must Know

1. Retain Water For Your Body

First of all, you should know some truth about coconut water. It is a refreshing kind of drink, which can fast defeat the tropical summer thirst. It is also enriched with minerals, electrolytes, low sugar whose function is to rehydrate your body perfectly. In case you have practiced heavy activities or suffered from the excess sweating, vomiting and diarrhea making your body lose a large amount of water, drinking coconut water will help to retain the lost water fast. Besides, coconut water is also packed with the high content of carbohydrates, so your energy will be boosted thoroughly if you consume some of it.

This benefit of coconut water is undeniable because the study by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2012 stated that the coconut water takes effect as an energy-boosting drink. So, it is scientific enough for you to consume coconut water to provide yourself with enough water and be fresh all the time.

2. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Protect Your Heart From Heart Disease


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  ~ Hippocrates.”

One of the health benefits of coconut water that offered to you next is the cardio protective benefit. In specific, the fat-free and cholesterol-free properties of the coconut water can help you to detect the bad cholesterol and expel it from your body in time, at the same time boosting the presence of lipoprotein, or so-called good cholesterol. As a result, you can stay away from the risk of heart disease.

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This conclusion is revealed based on a study by the Journal of Medical Food in 2012, coconut water is believed to improve the circulation thanks to the high content of antioxidants, antiplatelet compounds inside this kind of water. Moreover, it also takes a powerful impact on the lipid metabolism to fight against the production of cholesterol. With coconut water, you will never have to worry about the heart attack or heart disease anymore. You should take a relative amount of coconut water on a regular basis to experience its great function on your heart.

3. Be An Effective Headache Treatment

Sometimes you may get a headache not knowing why and also try to put on many methods to reduce it but it is somehow not successful. So the advice for you now is understanding the reason why you have got a headache. It may be from inside or outside your body, but most of the headache cases are caused by the dehydration. To solve this, you will need to apply an effective natural method like coconut oil to help you reduce a headache fast.

If you got a headache, you just need to drink some coconut oil, then the electrolytes will be supplied to your body helping you to deal with the dehydration effectively. Besides, when you decide to drink coconut water, it also means that you are being supplemented with a high content of magnesium, which has been lost during the time you are suffering from a headache. Thanks to the coconut oil, the migraine attack is also mitigated completely. Now, take the coconut drink whenever you have a headache, it is sure your situation will be treated well.

Are you still keeping track with the great health benefits of coconut water? Keep going on with the very beneficial impact that it can put on your health.

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4. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Lower The Level Of Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is somehow a terrifying health problem that receives so much attention from individuals. Many people also have wasted much money on luxurious but not effective medical treatment without taking notice that the natural source of coconut water can also help people with high blood pressure out. In particular, lowering the blood pressure is also one of the most outstanding health benefits of coconut water.

The effect of sodium is negative, and the coconut water can help you treat this issue thoroughly with the aid of potassium plus so many other healthy properties like magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium. Besides, coconut is able to balance the two elements deterioration of electrolytes and high blood pressure, so it is also called a balancing mechanism.

There is a study carried out by the West Indian Medical Journal in 2005 also showed that coconut water can help to control hypertension. So take some coconut drink and feel the change now.

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5. Burn The Fat To Lose Your Weight

Keeping a fit body shape is what most people are yearning for. The fact is that they try practicing every day to lose the excessive fat day by day. If you are among them, fortunately, you can take the health benefits of coconut oil with the function of losing your weight efficiently.

Trying to drink light coke or low-sugar beverage is a good way to reshape your body, but due to some reasons, such refreshments contain chemicals, which may harm your health, so the advice here is the coconut water. It has to be coconut water because it contains a low level of sugar and calories, besides,  it offers bioactive enzymes to facilitate your digestion function and improve the fat metabolism. In addition, as mentioned above, coconut water is a great balancing mechanism, so the excess sodium, which can cause the overweight situation, can be balanced thoroughly to reduce the possibility to get fat and call back the fit body.

You can drink a cup of coconut water 3-4 times per week, then experience the positive change in your weight after that.

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6. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Mitigate The Hangover


If you at least once experienced the feeling of the hangover, you would immediately agree that this is one of the worst feelings you ever had. When getting a hangover, your body is uncontrollable, your mind and your gesture are not in normal style as usual due to the negative effect of alcohol. It can not only extract your hydration but also cause you a headache in the morning.

Every time you drop in this situation, the best advice for you is taking some coconut water to restore the lost water in your body, then the antioxidants properties in the coconut will have no reason not to revitalize your body system and reduce the stress caused by excess alcohol. Thanks to it, your stomach irritated with acid will also be soothed thoroughly.

To take the most effect from the coconut drink, you’d better combine it with mango, lemon juice, and some mint.

7. Balance The Level Of pH

Once again, the coconut water appears to be a perfect balancing mechanism. Besides balancing the sodium level, blood level,…it is well-known for the excellent capability to balance the pH level inside your body.

As you may know, the living style has a really profound impact on your health. Just a bad habit or some stress in daily routine may lead to the unwanted health problem or even the increase in the pH level. For instance, the overuse of fast foods, the overeating of acidic food, or being stressed are seen to be the main causes of the high pH level. As a result, you may get the risk of some health problems like diabetes, osteoporosis, immune deficiency and liver function deficiency. So anytime you are in this situation, you should really change your way of living, at the same time, drink some coconut water because with the alkalizing effect in it, the healthy pH inside your body will be restored perfectly, bringing to you the more healthy body.

8. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Balance The Blood Sugar

Health benefits of coconut water are undeniable, one of them is the ability to balance the blood sugar. You may not believe that but in fact, coconut water is a great balancing mechanism to help keep your blood sugar at a stable level. This statement is shown basing on the study of the journal Food and Function in 2012. In particularly, coconut water was proved to be rich in dietary fiber and amino acids which are able to boost the sensitivity of insulin and balance the blood sugar level effectively.

The therapeutic impact of the coconut water is obvious, you can absorb it in suitable proportion to make sure that its effect can help to reduce the oxidative stress as well as the blood glucose. From this base, the health benefit of coconut water can be extended to the ability to limit your risk of getting diabetes, which is a threatening disease happening to most of the elderly, or the risk of feet numbness and atherosclerosis. Thanks to its high benefit, you will stay away from such diseases from high blood level.

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9. Reduce The Process Of Aging


As you may know, coconut water is also considered a wonderful ingredient in nourishing your skin. Thanks to the soothing effect and the high oil content of coconut water, your skin can retain the bright and shining color, at the same time, smooth and soft texture. More than that, besides the direct effect of coconut water on your skin, it can help to slow down the aging process from inside your body if you can drink it several times.

In the coconut water, many researchers can see the cytokinins which have a positive impact on the tissues and cells, thereby reducing the possibility to catch age-related diseases. Coconut water, as mentioned above, contains nutritious properties beneficial for skin, so if you can make a paste from coconut water and sandalwood powder and then apply to your skin. It will obviously boost the health of your skin making you look younger than others who not use it.  So take some of the coconut water to stay healthy and youthful all the time.

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10. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Improve The Digestion System

Besides the great health benefits of coconut water mentioned above, it also contains a special benefit, which is the improvement in the digestion system. Sometimes you may get stuck in digesting some spicy or flavored foods, taking some coconut water is highly recommended to you now.

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in your body, once it is harmed with toxins or disorders, it will give you the irritation and the difficulty in absorbing the food. Such foods with high level of acids are the rival of your digestion system, which can cause you the symptom of lethargy or brain fog. If you can use coconut water, the negative problems in your digestion will be solved completely as it will remove the toxins and the body waste, helping to boost the strength of your digestion system well.

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11. Be A Natural Diuretic Good For Kidneys

With the health benefits of coconut water mentioned above, you may feel overwhelmed but keep continuing as coconut water still contains so many secrets, one of which is the ability to cleanse your kidneys. In fact, it is considered a fantastic natural diuretic substance, therefore, your kidneys will maintain the good health and other function like urine flow will be improved thoroughly. In case you seem to get some urinary problem, it’s time you should consume some coconut water to flush all the toxins from your kidneys system to prevent urinary tract from attacking you several times.

You can try mixing the coconut water with some salt and drink it 1-2 times per day, then the antibacterial properties of coconut water will help you to treat bladder. In addition, the potassium content of coconut water can impact on your kidneys to remove the toxins out of your body and boost the function of your kidneys perfectly.

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12. Mitigate The Depression


Health benefits of coconut water may contain the ability to mitigate the depression. It may sound strange but the truth is coconut water is packed with a high content of magnesium and this factor is believed to offer the medical treatment to control your depression. Thanks to such content of magnesium in coconut water, it is also very good if you can drink it several times to always keep the peace in mind and a well-functioned brain. It may have no extraordinary effect on your mind, but it somehow can boost your mood naturally. So coconut is recommended to you when you have to face with depression and you don’t need to take much of medical treatment, but just a cup of coconut water taken on a regular basis, then your depression will be quickly turned to be the delightful feeling.

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13. Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Cleanse Your Liver Thoroughly

One of the most outstanding health benefits of coconut water, besides a balancing mechanism, is the capability to detoxifying any part of your body, including the liver waste. With the moderate absorption of coconut water, you can experience the detoxification of it and the energy-boosting effect without taking any chemical medical treatment or overdosed drug.

Besides, the anti-bacterial elements inside the coconut water also help to release the toxins out of your body, result in the sluggish liver and backup the bloodstream. But be sure that you maintain the healthy lifestyle, stay away from alcohol, chemical foods during the time you use coconut water to help you get the best liver’s health.

Sometimes, you may want to get natural detox for your body, so it is suggested that you should keep coconut butter in your home and mix it with some natural sources like berries, ice, spinach, hemp, lemon,…to get its detoxifying effect to keep good liver’s health.

Above is the most amazing list of health benefits of coconut water. Have you found out yourself is becoming more attracted to it? If yes, come and get some coconut water to experience the powerful strength that it convey to you so after a short time, your body may maintain the best health condition. Coconut water is good, but remember that a relative amount of it is beneficial, but the excess amount is not suggestible. The ideal amount each one should consume per day is not stated, but according to the advice of Mayo Clinic, since each cup of coconut water is equal 45-60 calories, you should combine drinking it with the healthy lifestyle. And remember to be smart to find the best ways to utilize coconut water effectively.

Hopefully, this article would show you the fullest health benefits of coconut water towards your health. If you have any comment or opinion about this topic, please leave them in the comment box.

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